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  1. My take on it was that she can't or couldn't seem to hack it with the people at the real estate firm in terms of bringing in new clients to either buy or sell. Most likely this was due to her schedule and lack of commitment, as people in real estate tend to have to work more than a few hours a day to get someone to list with them or trust them to find a house. Undoubtedly, she has a lot of family with Zach, but none of them are even buying (except at this point Josie and Kelton). One can assume her only other easy outlet would be people from church. However, that is only easy if she is the only realtor there. I did a leadership program through the local chamber of commerce. I was the only person there employed by the government. In a class of 25, there were about 15 real estate people wanting to network and 6 financial planners or banking people. I hated the bus rides to the different locations for our leadership days because without fail someone was sitting next to me wanting to know my housing or financial goals. People who aren't good at cold calling or networking can do well in the office waiting for a walk in or better still by getting assigned to make calls to anyone who submits an online query. I seriously doubt her coworkers would pass such leads off to her since they want to get paid too.
  2. Just speculation, but I don't know that Kelly Jo and Gil are supportive of anything more than the application process. It gave a new storyline that I can almost guarantee will result in a changed mind or redirection. Note the lack of discussion of it on the official Bates social media before this episode. If he was applying and serious about it, we would have heard from Kelly Jo about how proud she was at the time (earlier this year) instead of waiting for the subject to drop on the show. That says to me that this was producer driven to answer critics who say none of the boys are doing anything other than living at Mom and Dad's house and wandering around working for Chad or going on mission trips. If he were to join, I'd be all for it. It is a great way to live and serve. He'd be more legitimate than his pompous brothers and have more opportunities. It just seems too secular for the Bates who still do follow IBLP ways of life, including the rule that you don't work for or with people who are not of the same faith. If he goes through with it, it would be a big leap for the Bates children who so far have only spread their wings so far as to have the wedding dress of their choice with Kelly Jo's input and sometimes wear pants off camera. Sorry, that comment was meant to be about Bobby and Kelton.
  3. I don't know, but this is apparently post Valentine's Day and pre-pandemic shut down in March. Tori was still pregnant and she gave birth in March. So I'm guessing late February. Interestingly, this is the second time Jackson has been on television talking about ALERT. They have the smaller ALERT Cadet trainings at Big Sandy. When Nightline did a feature on them a few years ago they filmed at Big Sandy. I have the episode on Amazon Prime from when I was working on a paper about the portrayal of religion in reality television. He was maybe 9ish or so? He was shown rappelling down a wall with ALERT painted on it. He said, "Cadet teaches me how to obey and do right." Then Kelly Jo says how he is smart and the thinker in the family. Compares him to a 30 year old with his deep thoughts. Next we see Jackson standing next to a shelf with hiking boots and fatigues on it. He says, "It's not like the Army, Army. US Army. It (ALERT) is like the Army of God." Then we cut to the reporter asking Kelly Jo if the girls want to ever do those same kinds of physical things. Kelly Jo says that is a good suggestion and that they probably do.
  4. Josie's business partner did not look interested at all when the client began showing pics in that made for television moment. I thought for a second they weren't paying her to talk at all and she was going to remain silent the whole time. Josie seems excited and was smiling in a genuine way, which I haven't seen since she got married. So that was nice to see. Kelton is a creeper, but he seems to have better business sense than most of those people. Bobby seems willing to learn, but I have to wonder if he is really okay with not being in ministry like he wanted. I'll give him credit for being in a profitable and steady field. Travis looks so young. I seriously started wondering if he even has to shave yet. The indoor skydiving was...well, it just was. I guess we should give them credit for taking Ellie and Addallee along this time since they normally leave them out of anything physical. But I felt bad for Addallee because she truly didn't seem to want to do it. Has this girl ever gotten her own birthday? She had to share a party months later with Ellie one year. Now she is having to be scared while her brothers have a blast. Then they go to dinner/lunch and the conversation is more about Jackson and his wanting to be in the Marines. Kelly Jo's conversation with Addallee was to ask her about her goals. WTH? Was that a birthday or an interview for a job? Their praises for her were that she never gets angry or shows frustration? We hope you are with us a long time...really? The Bates get kind of creepy when it comes to birthdays. Anyone want to take a bet on what excuse they will use for Jackson not joining the military? You know that's not going to happen. I just can't wait to hear what excuse they use about God calling him to do something else.
  5. I couldn't make it through the pediatrician visit video. Couple of things: 1. I now dislike them worse because they use Comic Sans font for the "Stewart Fam" title. 2. Poor baby is not able to sleep so let's video ourselves talking loudly and laughing while she tries to sleep. 3. Carlin talks about breathing issues, but has the baby's face close to her chest and sweater. As the mother of a (now not baby) girl with severe allergies, her breathing was worse when she was near clothes or sheets, etc. that I washed in a certain detergent. Probably not a great idea to keep Layla's head pressed with your hand holding her in place only an inch so away from fabric that could aggravate or cause the breathing issues to be worse. 4. While I will never understand their desire to film every single thing, especially what could possibly be a medical emergency, they not only filmed their decision making, but had to call the pediatrician office, discuss whether to call the doctor, discuss whether to go, discuss whether to film, and then even put a bow on the kid's head so that nobody would mistake her for a boy? And no doubt Carlin put on extra make up and Evan spruced up to film.
  6. If 4 is a girl, she'll put a crib in the girl's room (maybe after having the baby in the master bedroom for a while). The "school room" is not a serious remodel. Everything was pretty modular so I doubt it is that big of a deal to tear it down or reconfigure. She was heavily hinting about wanting to close in and make a room out of the enclosed patio. Depending on how the roof is done, that could be an easy and cheap process. The most expensive part (aside from a roof) is the HVAC and she has a husband who does that. If we get an episode of them there at Thanksgiving, you know Jane will say something.
  7. Don't forget about Kelly Jo flying down to sit in a waiting room at the birthing center. She'll snap a couple of pics and show no signs of cooking for the couple, watching their other kids, or cleaning up so that Alyssa doesn't have to deal with such things post partum. She'll arrive a day or two early (probably directly from I Love You Day) to take Alyssa to get a manicure. Meanwhile she'll talk about the drama of planning the I Love You Day extravaganza and waiting on the new baby to arrive.
  8. Maybe someone should write notes to her about things she should know and place them on the mirror or on the phone next to the lens. That may be the only way to reach her.
  9. This is what I refer to her as her willful ignorance. I shared a memory at the funeral of my aunt a few weeks ago that she used to hand me her infant son with a bottle and say feed him. I was so lost with a baby at 7 years old, as I was an only child. I didn't know how to feed a baby. I had never even held a baby. He moved, unlike my dolls. And don't get me started on trying to change a diaper. There was no youtube or Google back then. But I didn't grow up in a family of 19 kids. I didn't have that constant bombardment of babies everywhere and a mom always pregnant. Carlin and the other girls to some extent had to go out of their way to not know things about children at all. I get that Michaela took on a lot of those assignments of cooking, cleaning, and raising babies, but I promise there were moments where Carlin could have done that. If not, what about after Michaela got married and there were nieces and nephews about. I promise that Whitney or Erin would have welcomed Carlin, Josie, Katie, and Tori over to babysit at any time. Tori, Carlin, and Josie laugh about how they can't cook. Did they bother to ask for guidance beyond the made for tv moments where Kelly Jo taught them how to make fried chicken? Did they bother to pick up a book to read? Heck, did they ever read the outside of a prepackaged can or box of food? With Tori, Josie, and Erin (not including Alyssa or Michaela who seem to manage every day tasks well), they at least display talents in some areas where they concentrate their time. Tori is comfortable with babies and children (though not at teaching it would seem) and music. Josie has some talent and skill in hair styling, etc. It might not be my style, but she is competent at it. Erin has her music and seems to have picked up skills in cooking. But what is it that Carlin does that takes her time away from learning how to be an adult? She sings and does some musical things, but not on the same scale as some of her siblings. She dabbles in doing people's hair, but not like Josie or Katie. She is actively pushing away any knowledge of anything, but I can't figure out what she replaces that with instead.
  10. I agree. The starting the new business venture is pretty standard for the Bates and Duggars, but his seems to be a legit business with equipment, branding, truck, etc. As someone who just had to get quotes and pricing on a new truck wrap for two box trucks...it ain't cheap.
  11. As with most careers, it is made of what you put into it. If you want to make it in real estate, you have to get out there and hustle. You have to find listings, find clients, sell, know the areas, etc. I know plenty of women who are successful in real estate with a family, but multi-tasking and prioritizing aren't really Bates family strengths. My bet is that she would be the agent for Chad if he went into the flipping business. The problem is that I don't see how Chad would ever have the money to buy and renovate houses if he is acting as the free help for Erin's family and the sole source of income for several of the Bates sons. Even that one episode where he was apprenticing (their word for following around and working for free) for someone flipping a house was incredibly staged for television. The guy was basically placating Erin as she tried to go all Joanna Gaines and talk about blowing out walls and the wood accents. Like Chad, Whitney gets walked all over by Kelly Jo and the girls. Notice that it was her living room and kitchen that were used for the staging of the dresses that had to be shipped. Because she and Zach are the two owning their home and land compared to Erin and Carlin renting, they ended up with the metal building in the backyard for the business. I would hope she would get a higher percentage of the profits (such as they are for selling cheap dresses) than Erin or Carlin for just the logistics of it all, but I doubt it. Yet she seems to defer to Erin for decisions while Carlin seems to complain that they had this idea while she was planning a wedding and pregnant with her first child. I'm having shades of group projects back in school. Whitney is a people pleaser. I hope that when some of the other boys get married she doesn't feel as much pressure being the only daughter-in-law.
  12. Whitney said on social media when asked a few months ago that she is "only doing real estate for friends and family."
  13. It was the video from UP where one of the parents talks, not the actual one long paragraph tribute. https://www.instagram.com/p/CDYtwivFAma/
  14. For the second year in a row, Gil has wished Callie a happy birthday (11th birthday this time) with the statement that she will be a great mother someday. While one would hope that if her future includes children, she would be a great mother, I would hope that a parent could and would have other things to say about a child of 11 years old. We have seen her playing the piano beautifully. She seems quite articulate and with some intelligence not exhibited by all of her other siblings. One could even mention that she is a big fan of many of her older siblings and tries hard to emulate them. We have seen that she has fears but works to overcome them.
  15. Crown's version of student teaching (which can be hell to try to teach 25+ kids while being observed nonstop) is a two week observation in a church school classroom and teaching one lesson that is developed in conjunction with the teacher. It is so different to teach one lesson that you have worked on for weeks compared to teaching multiple lessons per day and having to adjust on the fly to such things as a fire drill, supplies not being available, illness, an assembly, children losing their minds, etc. Much of teaching is both providing educational information, but also listening to students to see if they are absorbing it or if they are struggling. It is making adjustments and not being married to a certain method. It's being flexible and able to juggle. Tori doesn't really display that ability to me, but maybe she has that in private. That said, Crown's program is acceptable in church run preschool programs where there is a curriculum that comes with lessons already created and more rigidity. However, I would bet that 95% of Crown's Bachelor of Biblical Education graduates simply want to get married and help their children with their homework or do homeschool teaching with them. They aren't looking to actually become licensed teachers. As my mother used to say, they are going for their MRS degree.
  16. Logistics and common sense do not seem to be big features of these people. I am a working woman. I am happy to see and support women owned businesses and endeavors. I'm a firm believer that children need consistency and tend to thrive, learn and grow when they have that in their lives. Tori spoke about how she does "school" while Kade sleeps. So what is the plan now that she has two children and her list of students is surely growing? Do Whitney and Erin teach Bradley and Carson at home other days or do they just get an hour or so with Tori twice a week? The sneak video shows Kaci and Brooklyn painting sun catcher things as a craft and Carson reading with Tori out of a book. Bradley proceeds to "scare" the girls over and over. Kaci reacts but Brooklyn is clearly over it. Did Tori give something to Bradley to do? Was he supposed to look at a book? Build with blocks? Color letter pictures? If she assigned him nothing to do, why is she surprised that he interrupted the girls? I get that Kaci and Brooklyn are slightly younger and maybe in their homeschool curriculum aren't ready for reading or sight words. But the way Tori speaks about the "crafts" she has them doing, it sounds as though she is degrading their abilities. When speaking to them, she should say that the girls are going to work on colors, patterns, etc. Give them some sense of accomplishment rather than looking at it as busy work while the boys do the real learning. One of my favorite activities I did when working with kindergarten and pre-k students was prediction pictures. The older students would take turns reading a story aloud. Then I would have those students and the pre-readers draw a picture of what they thought would happen next in the story. It helped with reading comprehension and allowed more interaction than simply reading or listening. The child who was closest to accurately predicting the actual end of the story got some sort of prize or privilege. I also used books that had splash pages of pictures. That way the readers could take turns reading and the pre-readers could have a turn on the splash pages explaining what they saw in the pictures related to the story.
  17. Carlin referred to the girl in the background as Katelyn. I found their discussion of it being more than a business and something akin to a mission to be very silly and fake. They are selling cheap dresses and using Instagram statements that don't relate to that idea at all. Just like they aren't doing the whole leave it up to God thing that is supposedly central to their belief system, they need to quit reconciling their decisions and actions and admit that they want a ton of kids and to run a clothing business.
  18. She seems to go for the more neutral tones within the boho theme (some exceptions), which I can get behind. I like chunky knits and beiges, tans, and off white. I like wood tones and natural elements. It just kills the vibe to see these big blocks of unfinished wood in between sheetrock. I'm assuming it is intentional because they did not paint it when they painted the rest and still have it that way in more recent photos. Seriously, I would not be surprised if Katie answered the door for Travis's next visit wearing one of her sisters' wedding dresses and throwing bird seed at herself. ~~~~ Looking at the Bates Family Blog website I am seeing that we are getting more of Tori "teaching" soon via an UP sneak peek video. Apparently she tries to teach one on one and is surprised and annoyed that the other kids don't do things like she wants while she is not paying attention to them. Her narration is that she teaches Carson and Bradley while letting Kaci and Brooklyn do crafts/play. So many things wrong with this from an education standpoint.
  19. I am an only child, but come from a large extended family. I agree that it is hard to develop any sort of real relationship with a bunch of people whose only bond with you is some DNA. I can't see that the Duggars have all that much in common other than shared experiences and a mutual weird relationship with their parents. They sound like Michelle when they attempt to describe each other, stumbling over frequently used phrases like servant's heart, diligent, and dedicated to the Lord. The buddies might know each other a little better, but still it is awkward and strained.
  20. Thoughts from last night's show: 1. Tori's lipstick was seriously dark and not really needed for an ultrasound. She reminded me of Michelle Duggar and how she used to wear that bright red lipstick for her ultrasounds in the early specials. That said, it was nice to see her smiling and not so sullen and actually asking questions unlike Carlin. She is not the sharpest cheddar on the cracker (something a friend said the other day), but she didn't come off as a complete idiot or willfully ignorant. 2. Katie's voice may get to the dog whistle level if he doesn't put a ring on her finger soon. She gets higher and higher pitched as she talks about him or to him. Note Travis saying, "Katie's bugged me the most about being official..." 3. I am a fan of little brick ranch houses. They are my go to housing style. But when I see Josie and Kelton's with the exposed wood supports between the living room and kitchen, I immediately think unfinished. They either need to stain them darker or paint them. It looks like they just quit remodeling part way through. I would have replaced the metal railing on the front porch with wood though. 4. Gotta love that Katie and Travis had to have a chaperone to get to double date night with Josie and Kelton. So now there were 5 on a double date (six if you count Willow). 5. The way Erin's dress fit during the talking head interviews was distracting. And, Erin, you are not a clothing designer. You and your sisters buy cheap dresses from China and sell them on a website. It's like a redneck, fundy version of the Kardashians. That was a wonderful idea for all of you to schedule your pregnancies together. Way to leave it up to God and run a business. 6. I have no comments on Lawson other than I still don't quite believe him. There is just something fishy about his whole trip. I did laugh at the last photo they showed. It is the one that was clearly photoshopped, as her legs are missing from the pic that he and Kelly Jo posted. The producers cropped the photo so as to avoid showing that flaw.
  21. Just saw last week's episode for a moment as I was flipping channels. Why was Kelly Jo answering for Carlin about the baby's movements. I know she's all up in everyone's business, but Dr. Vick needed to hear from Carlin not Kelly Jo.
  22. The most interesting part was watching that SOTDRT math show its ugly head with a lack of memory about their family. If they are going to bore us with competition shows, can we get an academic bowl? The smoke coming out of their ears as they try to think would be worth it.
  23. No evidence, but I have a feeling Trace didn't even bother to ask Chaney why she wanted to break up or dump him. Given that he is the same distance from her as when they started their relationship, I'm doubting it was truly the distance. I think he is only interested in having a girlfriend to appease his parents desire to marry off some of the boys quickly. But like a middle school kid at his first dance, he had no idea what to do with her. That was clear from the episode where he left her with his mother and sisters to model for the boutique. Sorry, but if my boyfriend did that to me and left me to fend for myself against his peer pressure family, I would dump him before he came back to pick me up. I'd be in the Uber and on the way to the airport. Every on camera date seemed to consist of them doing something competitive and him being embarrassed at being beaten by her. Throw in a few thinly veiled sexist comments about how she was good at something despite being a woman and this was bound to fail for any woman who has an ounce of respect. She is a typical fundy/fundy-lite kind of girl who is looking for a man with the potential to provide and maturity to be a man. Trace, though less distasteful than some of his brothers, still doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up and has yet to stand up to his mother and sisters.
  24. Good comparison. They are simply unprepared for life in general. She claimed to have read things, but somehow I doubt it was more than a comment or two on social media. There is no way she actually took the time to learn anything. She, Tori, and Erin drive me insane (still) with putting baby in front of the name. Was anyone else confused that Layla was the baby? Was Carlin expecting a baby or a country singer to pop out?
  25. I honestly fell asleep during the episode so I had to go back and watch the "I Love You Day" party. Some observations: 1. Erin and her decorating need a few more notes. It's always the same look. 2. Carlin should have been an ice dancer. She has the perfect orgasm expression (most ice dancers make that same expression and it is a running joke among followers that we wonder where the partner's hand is to have her making that face). I felt like she spent most of her labor time looking for camera angles. Her willful ignorance about things was driving me crazy. Your mother has given birth 19 times. You have been present for more than half of your 12 nieces and nephews (at that time) and even taken video or pics for most of them. Your best friend has had one baby. You are seeing an OB/GYN in for months prior to the birth and were in labor for hours with nurses coming in and out of the room. It never occurred to her to ask about how to push prior to being told it was time to push? Stupid isn't cute, Carlin. 3. Alyssa seriously has RBF in most of the scenes of the party. She looked sullen and put out. I've seen the same thing at the vow renewal, weddings, etc. 4. I'm proud of Josie and Michaela for not joining in on the Ya-Ya Birth Cheerleaders brigade. 5. I feel bad that Trace had to play out his break up on television, but dang...it was clear from his social media posts, etc. that it was completely Chaney's idea to break up. At least Nathan spun his failed courtship as a mutual decision that they didn't feel could be worked out. I hope he doesn't become bitter about women like Nathan can be in his talking heads. 6. Did you know this was the first time Katie had a guy at Valentine's Day and his name is Travis? 7. They have moved so far away from their original intent of Valentine's Day it isn't even funny. No more buying a less than $10 gift for a family member. Instead it is an orgy of greed. No more of the parents serving food they cooked. Now it is a catered affair.
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