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  1. I was expecting a sexed up version of the original Mickey Mouse Club with Tyra in glitter across her boobs.
  2. That was my favorite performance for JoJo and Jenna. I don't like either of them, but for the first time this felt like they were dancing as partners and not just next to each other in similar costumes. They played Lion King music for her runway strut out so that's my guess.
  3. Agreed. I realize there are exceptions to rules and certainly when she first tested positive I was supportive of him getting a fair shot by dancing with someone else and using that practice footage that particular week. And if there was a way to do it I am all for that. However, there seems to be a lot of jumping through hoops to get him to compete. Most of the pairs had styles of a tango or cha cha. He got jazz, which could be done more easily in separate spaces. This just becomes quite problematic in the long run. On another note, some of the stars were really reaching for their Spea
  4. I agree. I was a bit unsure when he tested positive too given some past "rules." However, they both tested positive and say they feel up to doing it. So no issue from me.
  5. They've had nights before that focused on one artist. There was Stevie Wonder night for example. There was also a half of a night (one round) with music by Michael Jackson. There may be others, but it isn't really a new idea. Britany's got some good music though and enough of a catalog to offer a night of dancing. Her issues with mental illness have been seen in other artists and should not preclude her music from being featured. Slave 4 U is the one that seems the most problematic though.
  6. I always appreciated Tyra as a model because she had a woman's body. She had boobs and a butt. She wasn't overly conceited as a model and actually had some skill and talent as an actress. With more training she could have been a really good actress and maybe even better than good. As a host on ANTM she went from mentor and good foil to Janice Dickenson's antics. Then it went downhill. She became gimmick after gimmick. Instead of mentor and teacher she was belittling others and painting herself as this queen and expert. I believe it was the "all star" season where she started promoting he
  7. There were a few more mitigating factors in Kim's issue. First, she had a stroke and was hospitalized for 3 days. So that would have put her release at Thursday. She had not, according to her partner, learned the entire dance even after a marathon rehearsal in Atlanta that Saturday. If I remember correctly, crews didn't film her rehearsal in Atlanta and the only footage was of parts of the dance recorded on a phone. Doctors had not cleared her to fly and she was not scheduled to receive that clearance for a few days more. So it really left the show with not much of a choice since it was not kn
  8. I get it. I know how the rules should work. But it's a big leap to say they do work all the time. Privacy breaks are not uncommon. I've been the victim of that more than once during hospital stays. But I'm not trying to argue with you. I am simply saying that I do think security and privacy does play into some decisions that some of the girls make. Erin and Whitney seem to have no issue with an audience of dozens when they give birth. We learned with Josie when she was pregnant with Willow that she seemed to want a more private experience and did not even have it filmed for the show. Unl
  9. I'm not saying there isn't a deal with US. However, depending on the timing of the birth yesterday, US could have already had things ready to go then and not wait for today. I just think a bit of security plays into it. Some of the girls have been a little savvier than others. No, they aren't J-Lo or even Kardashian level celebrities. However, they are known and do have some strange fans. They also don't have security teams. A former friend of mine is semi-known for her former acting gigs. She is a sister of a celebrity. A lot of people wouldn't know her but if she had a camera crew fol
  10. It does occur to me that some of the Bates and other reality tv families might delay announcing by a day or two for security reasons. You wouldn't want a crazy follower or fan showing up to meet you, bring a gift, etc. So it might be a strategic thing of announcing right as mom and baby are released. I seem to remember something about they limited who was in the delivery room still but afterwards they could have more visitors. I don't know the timing on Jadon's O2 dropping but it could be that they were planning to be there when they were admitted to a room and then things happened.
  11. I give the married daughters a little pass on their decorating. Most of us did our own experimenting with decor. We had dorm rooms in college or first apartments that were filled with hand me downs and rejects. I remember being so proud of my couch that I bought with my own money. It was white with splotches of pastels (hello 1990s). I had it for years until I was watching 16 & Pregnant and one of the parents of the teen mom had the same couch in her run down crack house looking trailer. I knew I had to get a new couch then. To me it speaks to this idea that these girls go from daugh
  12. I don't recall him criticizing Josie or Carlin. However, he did say the stuff about Tori's hair plans and was rude while Michaela was shopping for her dress...calling one of the ones that she liked a Grandma dress.
  13. In Season 9 Episode 1, Josie gives birth to Willow. They were doing their couch interview about the experience. At one point Josie was struggling and passed out. She said that she woke up to Kelton crying/bawling. The nurses, etc. encouraged Josie to get an epidural, use pitocin, or have them break the water at that point because she was having such a rough time and it was lasting so long (36 hours at that point). She and Kelton (per Kelly Jo) asked for time to discuss it. Then Kelton does part of the interview and says, "The epidural was one of the scariest parts for me because that is one of
  14. I can confirm that UP is truly a struggling channel. Their income statements are not pretty. While the Bates are a great source of income for them and they do pay the family, it is not on the level that many reality people get paid. There are other perks they get. For example, the show will buy them phones and pay for those plans so that A) they can record some calls for the show and B) they can ask for footage/video shot on the phones. I know there is always talk about maybe UP pays for trips or for the weddings. I don't know the exact numbers, but I do know a few people on a professional
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