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  1. Hey writers, a belated piece of advice... when considering a name for a community, for goodness sake, avoid pilfering from the Fallout video game series... why bring attention to the fact that the Fallout storyline is superior to anything you have come up with....
  2. No, Maggie will go to another god awful Network television series...
  3. So I guess, specifically, the red swatches of Rootin Tootin Raspberry juice that destroyed the Martian ship at the end, is the same entity that destroyed the Boo Berry civilization that Miller was part of. So the final season is a showdown with Big Boss Rootin while the children known as Earthers, Martians and Belters squabble not realizing they will be stepped on like ants. This entire series always produced a shadow of Babylon 5 in my murky mind while I watched it and we shall see if Holden is treading a path that was forged by John Sheridan.
  4. I guess the last movie the old man with the shopping cart saw was BOXING HELENA. It never occurred to me that this movie was actually a survivalist guide..
  5. Maggie will implement the Glen tactic and crawl under the dumpster, uh, train...at least the redundancy is kept in the family...
  6. You are right, it did seem she was written as older, which made Teddy basically pawing at her, and using creative double speak all the more creepier since she actually was not.
  7. Nothing will make me watch World Beyond... nothing!
  8. So, have we brought together a storyline which might tie Walking and Fear together with the helicopter being the rope?
  9. I think she was just knocked unconscious, so it might be wishful thinking on your part...besides she probably will need to become a Walker first before being killed, otherwise, next season, we would have to endure endless guilt trip scenes from the character who blatantly murders a kid, no matter the justification for doing so.
  10. I wonder if there is another season, we will have the after effects of all ten warheads wiping the cast out and Season Seven's title will be "ALICIA'S BUNKER PLACE"?
  11. You make a good point but still, they are treating this sub like it is an Alka-Seltzer fueled bathtub toy.....
  12. Um..I guess they already know that the beached sub can be powered up and all of the complicated electronics needed to operate it works? Or do they just turn keys in a dead control panel and this will cause............wait, what kind of fool am I to go down such a rabbit hole?!
  13. Wow! Talk about coincidences! No, I do not mean what transpired on the show, but Carradine's Hickok was shot by Dillahunt's McCall on Deadwood and now they be Father and Son....
  14. I cannot recall the last time I was actually becoming angry watching an episode of a television show...What a contrived mess of hot garbage! Think about how Morgan was reluctant to hand over the key even though there was a gun pointed at a pregnant woman. He had to be convinced by Grace, not because her and her baby's lives were threatened, but because she visited the wonderful world of zOz and knew all would be allright. I was actually happy to watch commercial breaks.
  15. So I think this is the third or possibly fourth time Reuben Blades seemed to have exited the show. I wonder if this is finally it?
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