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  1. Is it wrong of me to wish that both Ashley AND Landon would come back in the same season? I would be so hooked on that drama.
  2. I would agree, if it weren't for all the other little things we saw where Jeannette was concerned - the obsession with the scrunchy, the smile at the news Kate was missing, the smile when she realized Kate was locked in the basement, even the constant coming and going from Martin's house anytime she pleased. Maybe the writers didn't want to come out and say the word, but I do think they were implying an awful lot for a purpose, and they gave the character of Jeannette's dad the onus of calling her what they were getting at. That's just how I see it, though.
  3. Don't forget, Jeannette's own father commented to his girlfriend something along the lines of "My daughter is a sociopath." And this was maybe halfway through the season. So there are indications that Jeannette is, in fact, a bit more complicated than "misguided."
  4. I kind of wondered about Kate sitting with the body all night and calling the police the next day, as well as why she didn't seem to remember who Annabelle was, but then I realized that may well have been shock and trauma. Her subconscious may have kicked in at some point during the night and "protected" her by suppressing the memory of killing him, which would explain her calling the police next day with - presumably - no explanation to the rest of the world as to how a dead body ended up in the house, hence the - still sort of weak - "killed in a shootout" story. I do have a problem wi
  5. Hmm. I'm not sure how I feel about the finale. I'm in the group that has never been a Mallory fan, simply because the actress portraying her has never seemed to fit the character, so Mallory and Kate becoming friends always felt forced to me. As such, I was disappointed that they kissed - again, because they've never seemed to match in the first place, let alone as a romantic couple. But following those lines, I could see season 2 taking the path of "Mallory thought it was real [because it did seem as though Mallory had romantic feelings for Kate] but, for Kate, it was merely an exuber
  6. Did anyone else recognize the scrunchie looped over the bathtub faucet when Kate was singing "Beautiful Dreamer" in the shower and Martin was making his way into the bathroom before closing the doors? I thought the scrunchie was still on Jeannette at that point. Or maybe it was a different scrunchie, to show how comfortable and settled in Kate was in the house? I tend to think that Jeannette recognized the music on the answering machine and bolted to get the snow globe from Mallory purely to save herself - if anyone else heard/recognized that music and noticed the snow globe out in the
  7. Wild thought here, but could it all come down to Mallory being the villain, and wanting to get back at Kate for ruining her friendship with Jeannette by proxy? Maybe Mallory was the one who saw Kate in the house when she snuck in to get the snow globe, put two and together and got five, and then called Jamie and played the snow globe and did some heavy breathing to 1) make him think Kate was having sex with 2) Martin, because the snow globe was the clue to try to guide him to Martin's house? And Jeannette knows it and is trying to protect Mallory by taking the snow globe and getting rid of i
  8. I did, too - at first. But then I thought about the way Martin said it - "Don't worry, THIS PART will be over soon." As though this was just one step in a longer process. So it no longer seems like an assault to me. Plus, Martin would probably not want to think of it as being "over soon," given the extent he's gone to to finally have Kate in the palm of his hand. He'd want to think of it in a romantic context and make it last as long as possible.
  9. Remember the grilled cheese she ate that was obviously drugged? She was slumped against the wall, and Martin came in and told her, "Don't worry, this part will be over soon." I've always wondered what he meant by that. Did Martin assault her? Did Annabelle assault her? God forbid, was there some sort of film made of her? Something completely different?
  10. Count me in with those who thought the roller rink scene would end differently than it did. Taken by itself, it wouldn't have bothered me, but within the context of the entire story, it would have felt like jumping the shark. I'm still not liking Mallory, but I think it's because I'm not fond of the actress portraying her. She just doesn't seem to fit the role, in my own opinion. Did anyone else have the thought that Annabelle might be the girl from Widow Falls? Kate was so vehemently NOT in favor of her that I wondered if she might have experienced a bit of Stockholm Syndrome wit
  11. Teresa used to be adorable, both in looks and in personality (well, except for the table flip). Now she looks, to me, like someone with whom life and unpleasant reality caught up. I do sympathize with her regarding the loss of her parents; it doesn't matter who you are or what you've done, losing a parent is heartbreaking and a deep loss. I have to say, I loved Marge's hair. I think it's a good look for her.
  12. I noticed that Jeannette was wearing Kate's scrunchie when she went to Martin's house and hid in the closet. And while I liked the scene with Angela and Cindy, something about it made me distrustful of Cindy. I was humorously relieved when I saw Angela drinking out of a bottle because I had the thought that Cindy would spike her drink and try to kill her. Beyond that, I don't feel like we're any closer to knowing for certain what happened. How many episodes left? Four? They have a LOT to cram into four episodes!
  13. I believe Jeannette definitely kept the scrunchy as part of her idolization of Kate - "I have something that belongs to my idol!" And I believe Jeannette definitely had a crush on Martin in 1994, which would lead to her going in and out of his house whenever she feels like it to feel "close" to him. Which makes me wonder: 1) Does she see Kate in Martin's house and get jealous that Kate gets all the "great" guys, and just run off because she feels hurt? 2) Does she feel betrayed by Kate somehow before the kidnapping and somehow orchestrate things so she essentially delivers
  14. Could Ashley also have been abducted at some time? Or have had a boyfriend of her mother's take an inappropriate interest in her at some point? Maybe she can relate better to Kate now?
  15. I'd thought at first that Annabelle might have been a split personality of either Kate's or Martin's - but the way Kate looked directly at her mother when beginning the "ghost story" and saying that it was about a little girl named Annabelle who was the victim of everything her parents did to her, I'm wondering if Annabelle actually has something to do with Kate's mom. I also caught Kate's explanation at the end that she was the only person who knew what happened to her - "the other person didn't make it out alive." Not "HE/MARTIN didn't make it out alive," or "he/Martin was killed," but
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