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  1. Show is really trying hard to make Marshall happen but I’m not feeling it. During the chapel scenes all I could focus on were the floral budget (calla lilies) and the fact that his hat is too small for his head. Are we shaping up to have a derivative of the NF storyline, where “Sonny” was gone but still drove dialog and plot, except this time with Jason?
  2. I’m all for a recast if the character is expanded outside the Corinthos orbit; a recast would I assume also open back up the Jax/Alexis friendship. Petty observation on yesterday’s show: the lighting on the chapel set is awful. Maxie’s face had multiple shadows and at one angle, looked like she had a mustache.
  3. Yep, I thought the same with the mention of his childhood illness. And assume they’re building to the same for Claudette.
  4. I came into this season liking Melora - and still do - but yeah, she got a bit grating the last few weeks. I figured she’d be one of the two eliminated last night, and after the judges’ commentary on her second dance (~”you’ve done great this season”) knew it was coming. I was hoping Cody would be the second elimination but knew that was unlikely. Iman’s and JoJo’s freestyles ought to be really memorable. And again with Carrie Ann and the lifts. Amanda’s second foot coming up was pretty obvious so I’ve got to believe the other three judges saw it too but just ignored it. I have
  5. Was this week the first time Olivia explicitly mentioned one of her parents? The tie to her dad’s appearance in the Janet Jackson video was logical, but then led to the whole package being about him - when they ripped that Band-Aid off, they went all in. I hand-waved all of the clip package drama with Amanda and Melora as we typically get a handful of those per season. Unanimous 10s following those weren’t much of a surprise. Tyra’s “I’m so nervous that there’s a double elimination” might have had more impact if she’d not read it with zero inflection directly from the cue card. Despi
  6. Just saw Rif Hutton (ex-Lenny) in a small role in this season of American Horror Story. He played a town councilman and had maybe 3-4 lines. I IMDB’d him and wow, he’s got a lot of credits.
  7. I’m still white-knuckled from Iman’s dance. I had to watch it a couple more times to appreciate the performance/character he put into it as well. That sort of amazing and, well, unexpected performance is what makes weeding through some of the show’s occasional nonsense worth it. I initially felt like Melora was underscored, but realized after watching the whole show that I honestly didn’t remember much of it. Glad she’s sticking around, though. Huge thumbs up to make up and wardrobe tonight. And to Derek’s choreography and performance. It’s annoying that the last few minutes con
  8. We’re back to watching on recurring status, so this might’ve been addressed before: they added a lot of new sets for the “Greece” scenes, didn’t they? I think the interrogation room is a re-purposing of a patient room at Mercy or one of the mental institutions, but the set people are at least busy at work. Glad to see the veterans (Finola, JPS, RF!S) + CS getting good screen time. The writing isn’t always good, but they all consistently bring their A games. Add vindictive/calculating to emotions that CD can’t believably play.
  9. This was my favorite theme week in a while, starting with the opening pro number and continuing through an evening of really good dances. Kenya seemed to have a breakthrough performance tonight and I was really glad to not see her in the bottom two. Two non-dancing highlights were (1) the cue card writer penning a succinct explanation of the final judges’ voting process and (2) how damn good Olivia Newton-John looked. Minor quibble/drinking game: Derek’s use of “man,” “dude,” “bro,” and “brother” with the male celebs.
  10. Awesome. It looks like we’ll miss out on tearjerker week (“my most memorable year”).
  11. I always 🙄 at that one but I think the cue card writers mean than the last couple to be called safe isn’t necessarily the third-to-last in the overall placements (i.e. not almost in the bottom two).
  12. I’m still impressed at the quality of the dancing this early in the season; I thought the judges might even break out the 9s this week, but alas it’s still early. Olivia and Jojo are the big surprises for me so far. The AT and costuming for Jojo I think worked really well. I was also glad to see a couple of quick shots of Kate Flannery in the audience, I assume there supporting Melora. I thought for a moment that CA’s left breast nearly popping out would be the judging low-light of the evening, then Bruno fell off of his chair (which I know CA typically does at least once a season)
  13. Yep, we thought it a strange choice, particularly with as many competitors as they have left (i.e. 14 songs by one artist). Wondering if Disney/ABC have a comeback special in the works that they’ll use this to promote?
  14. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen prior reference to this one here, but I just saw for the first time and had to mention: the digestive health product that likens bad bathroom visits to “(something, I think “pooping”) a pineapple” and “pinching off a porcupine.” I’m not sure I was angered or annoyed but am still thinking “wow…that’s on TV?”
  15. I haven’t seen an episode for a while, so didn’t recognize Gladys until she spoke; I though her wardrobe and hair favored CW/Nina just a bit. Jason’s and Carly’s (or SBu/LW - not sure if direction or acting choices) facial expressions as she began walking down the aisle were really, really strange…couldn’t tell if Jason was doing his usual blank stare or he was puzzled, or bored, or what. It will never not bother me that a guy (Michael) will don a suit or formalwear and not bother to shave. To be best man at his mother’s wedding. There’s no way Sonny can show up and stop the we
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