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  1. If it’s the commercial I’m thinking of, the actor (Johnny Wactor) is a regular on General Hospital and is pretty wooden, both physically and verbally, on there too. The voice also doesn’t sound exactly like his so could be a voiceover or somehow altered. Conversely to this, there are a couple of pharma commercials (one for asthma and the other for psoriasis or eczema) with guys displaying shaved pits. I don’t find that objectionable or anything but it’s…noticeable. A current ad that annoys is with Laurie Hernandez and her dad, for a diabetes medication. I didn’t think much of i
  2. We’ve been on the barge for a couple of months now (with everything you cite a reason why) so it’s ironic that we saw today’s full “worth watching” episode. Based on that we may have thought things had moved along, but alas we caught a few minutes yesterday to know that Nixon Falls and all things Wiley are still going strong. Spencer/Nik/Ava and the Peter mystery (sans, of course, Peter himself) seem to have some promise. I’d like to see Ava and Trina team up to figure out Spencer’s shadiness, but then I’d like a lot of things from this show….
  3. The stupid of the break-in at Elijah’s office just hurts, and to what end? The writers have foreshadowed enough that Elijah is the big bad, so I guess for Amnesia!Mike to be the hero? I’m assuming this is some sort of vanity project for MB, but this has been going on for FOUR MONTHS. Unless there’s some secret/retconned sex and a resultant WTD we don’t know about, we’re surely due for a tock on Sasha’s baby. The writers have tried (in my view unsuccessfully) for a while to give us a compelling reason to really get engaged with the Sasha character, and I don’t see a baby as it.
  4. This all sums up exactly how I felt watching. I thought the specific dialog choices sounded really stilted, as if they’d look OK on paper but didn’t work as well on the screen. It looked a couple of times like BNH (Jordan) was reading off of cue cards. While the teen traffic stop was (I think) a retcon, I thought the discussion between Trina and Cam was more natural and WL in particular portrayed having his eyes opened to Trina’s perspective really well. We were narrating snark and observing the inanimate objects (moss, apples) over the Carly/Joss “deep” conversation; it doesn’t so
  5. I can definitely see that; I think the writing/camera work got me roped in to the “will he pull the trigger!?!?” drama. And yes, that was some of the quickest and generally most competent police work we’ve seen in ages. We’ll see where the mystery shooter case goes.... The writers have really seemed to have doubled down on this recently with the Joss/Cam conflict. I’m hopeful they go somewhere with the college thing, like Joss having an epiphany that she won’t always get what she wants, or maybe even battling depression (cheery, I know). No matter how well-acted, I just don’t find snot
  6. Sign me up (along with @perkie1968 and @Asp Burger). Wishful thinking probably, but in the final scene where Carly was reflecting on the meeting, I swear I felt like LW played it as “I really enjoyed running the show.” They’re really stretching to meet KeMo’s minimums, aren’t they? And I guess Jordan is planning to just let the whole “pointing a loaded gun at the police commissioner” thing go?
  7. So small that Mac apparently hired Dante as a freelance officer on the spot? So many 🙄 for that...I guess the writers’ way to get the character some reason to engage with more of the cast. Indeed they were. So much so that when the five families scene started with the close-up on her shoes, I said “oh my God, they sent Ava!” Not sure why this didn’t dawn on me until now, but was that a customer’s car that they steamed up the windows in? I hope Brando had it heavily detailed before returning it (yes, I thought of @Winston Wolfe). Did I miss something, or did the writers?
  8. Thank you for posting that, as I’d not seen it. I didn’t think I could like JE any more than I already did but that was great stuff. Today’s episode, minus Nixon Falls, was pretty damn good. The Windermere scenes featured more talented veteran performers than we’ve seen in single scenes in a very long time. I’m hopeful the spaghetti sauce will be the catalyst to get that storyline rolling. I do fear that actually showing a jar will trigger Pickle Lila-related PTSD, though. Mike talking about all the questions in his head about his identity when he’s trying to sleep? Does he mean all
  9. See...this is a storyline that might be interesting! Instead I fear the sum total of the “drama” is where she’ll go to college, with multiple daily nods to the actress’ real life passion. Does Carly have a single non-toxic, functional relationship with any other female character? I think she and Olivia did at one time, but the whole co-own/run the Metro Court thing seems to have been forgotten. Jason is remarkably well-coiffed and clean shaven for being hospitalized and a prisoner.
  10. I surely can’t. I foolishly thought Wiley would be Donna’d once the custody thing was resolved, but alas not. It’s the only thing (well, I guess besides the mind-blowing sex) that Willow and Michael have in common. I kept searching for the point of the scenes, as they were mostly there to rehash history - I guess maybe the brief hand holding/flirtation? My mind kept drifting off to things like Sam falling down the ravine and my wondering if wardrobe has ever put KeMo in sleeves shorter than her knuckles. I think it’s extra bad because of the fake-out with Jax being there but
  11. Perhaps she could have tried out for the Nixon Falls University volleyball team? This whole Nixon Falls storyline feels like such a black hole. CW is starting to get a little of that KeMo affect, where it just seems that she’s exhausted saying her lines. She and Nina usually have more spark than that. Even the Phyllis and Lenny portrayers seem to be phoning it in. It’s been a while since a storyline has wrapped up almost the entire cast, but the Cyrus/Peter, etc. one has just about managed that.
  12. I don’t think the writers know. I recall passing mentions to checking the market price of the stock but then we know all 100% is accounted for with the extended and ex family. And of course shares can get created or reallocated as the plot requires....
  13. Sabastian Roche (Jerry) played a small-town sheriff on the spring premiere of Big Sky this week. Looks like he might be back in future episodes.
  14. The conversation with Dante was just so...weird. Michael came off as a starry-eyed teen who’d just gotten a date for the prom. CD gets that “gee whiz” look a lot and that didn’t help. Hoping that Dante would get his detective job back so that he could “be there” for Chase. 🙄 See, this will teach me not to multitask and read here while on a conference call. I cannot like this enough! I also cannot muster up interest in the college acceptance storyline. I know it’s the actress’ passion (and apparently she’s very talented) but “volleyball” has become my new drinking game.
  15. It seems like Phyllis has become (or maybe was always intended as) a human plot point, a character there only to advance the preposterousness of an out-there storyline. I guess we have Jax potentially breaking into it, but the Tan-O scene has been incredibly disconnected, feeling like the scenes are cutaways or filler. It’s almost like MB and CW are off shooting something else somewhere so the writers created this to accommodate their schedules. It has/had potential but I’ve just about lost interest.
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