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  1. Either would be more believable than my first thought of trying to pass WR off as MB’s body double. It’ll be a real test for the directing and editing teams, for sure.
  2. Our local station had him on an afternoon program and it was disarming (in a good way) to hear MEK’s voice. The accent is so awful we’ve been fast forwarding him. It’s not like it’s necessary for the plot lines so yeah, have it as fake or do a Dev. Hell, just have it go away without attempting to explain - not like it would be in the top 10 leaps of faith the writers ask us to take. Good point on TV vs movie, and bigger (or any) budget for dialect coaches. And the Peter Reckell mention brought the Ronan O’Reilly memories back...ugh.
  3. I think it was 2014. I clicked on the description but of course have since forgotten. Loved seeing KG at her campy best. She’s one of the few performers on there who consistently gives it her all AND looks like she’s having a blast doing it. I’d blocked the kiddie triangle out of my mind....ugh.
  4. While I’m not liking Michael and Willow as front burner, this would be great. A non-traditional WTD, for sure. I failed to comment on a memorable line from a couple of weeks back. Sonny: “remember when we got married so you wouldn’t have to testify against me?” Carly: “Which time?” This was during the Davis scenes so the writers must’ve been at happy hour when they scripted those episodes.
  5. Disappointed as well at the definition of “classic,” particularly as I catch a few minutes here and there of Y&R. But looking on the bright side, 2014 means we get KA’s Kiki and of course Nurse Santiago and several iterations of Magic Milo!!! 🙄 I wonder if using fairly recent episodes is the producers’ way of trying to get the greatest number of current actors a paycheck? On a similar note, I’ll bet LH is on more episodes in these three weeks than in a typical year.
  6. Jessica Tuck (Cassandra Pierce) showed up on 9-1-1 this week. I saw her name in the credits but didn’t recognize her easily: she played a surgeon in full surgery garb.
  7. As usual, this board has all the answers - thank you! We deleted after the opening sequence thinking we’d either already watched or our channel was airing a repeat. The Chase/Finn scenes were great, both in content and chemistry, and it was nice to see Chase away from his three typical cohorts. Same for Alexis/Valentin and Alexis/Jax (finally!). I kept getting distracted in the Jax/Nina scenes by a ripped seam in the sleeve of his suit jacket so I guess I was bored by them. Speaking of distracted, is the letter O in the Crimson sign intended to be slightly crooked? Too attentive to details here. Or again, bored by the scene. We were loving Brando’s WTF look and truth-telling to Sam. Are TIIC going to make them a pairing (as many of those seem to start with animosity...) or are they just finding people other than Jason for her scenes?
  8. At least as the Mike story heads to what looks like wrapping up, it’s moving to be just a little bit about...Mike instead of Sonny. And about a real issue, to boot. I appreciate the writers letting Becky/Elizabeth out of her usual orbit. And AS is much better used in those scenes than her Lulu bickering. JS is emerging as by far the best of the quad, though the storyline is bordering on FF-worthy for me. If it doesn’t get more interesting I hope they just do the storyline equivalent of SORAS if there’s a hiatus. I certainly didn’t see the Valentin change of heart coming so actually looking forward to see how that plays out.
  9. RF!S was the highlight of the day with this triple takedown of Spinelli: “you little rodent,” and “you’re a loose cannon. And a kook.” This whole Wiley-related quadrangle is so preposterous that I’m hoping a sensible judge calls BS and asks them all if they’ve lost their damn minds. In the GH in my head, Wanda Sykes plays the judge. I feel weird saying the Charlotte-as-sociopath story has promise, even if “Ma Petite” still makes my skin crawl.
  10. Yeah, it’s like their maturity and honesty with each other is completely thrown out of the window for this ridiculous marriage/custody story. I keep getting the sense that TIIC are trying to position Michael/CD as a lead or successor to one of the big four, and am not sure the character or the actor is well-positioned for that (though...not a high bar). As retcons go, Sonny taking to Spencer every night wasn’t a huge stretch but god if it didn’t insert Sonny right into another SL. And with a bonus whisper scream/threat too. That’s what it’s felt like since the flashbacks have started, as I think this is the second time we’ve gotten a pair of episodes focused on the same set of characters. My first cynical thought was “child extras much be a lot cheaper than adult extras,” but I like your explanation a lot better! I’m mixed on how I feel about the flashbacks. There are so many that I can’t help but be annoyed, but then we get a few thrown in that are cool (Dante) or amusing (Peter’s various hair styles). Flashing back to the same GH day is a little much, though.
  11. Ugh. That’ll save me 40-ish minutes. Even a nurses’s ball (minus Sabrina, of course) would be better. I could even handle a Carly-centric one if it was the episode with all three of the actresses. Y&R is showing Victor and Nikki’s wedding from 1984 and the top Lauren is wearing looks a lot like the pink sweater Joss had on last week.
  12. I never thought of that, but it seems entirely plausible. It’s not like either one is a compulsive rule- or law-follower, so it’s been surprising to me to see so few scenes of them together during all of this. I’ve been fully expecting safehouse meetups complete with “their song,” but with the Delores story apparently coming to a close maybe they’ll really be apart for a while. Their lack of chemistry (both romantic and otherwise) is...wow. I pretty much zoned out during Sonny’s soliloquy. I kept wondering if Mike’s room and the various physician’s offices are all the same set with different wall facades. And why Mike appears to be on a gurney and not in a proper hospital bed. Haven’t seen Thursday yet, but looking forward to the Ava/Trina scenes. Those two actresses are great anyway, and really shine in their scenes together.
  13. I was hoping the long-needed Wiley reveal would draw that story to a close, but alas it looks like it will drag on further with this custody thing. Monica and Bobbie’s smugness at violating ethics, policy, and (I assume) the law in their professional capacities is beyond rage-inducing.
  14. I remember thinking when the character first came on, “a little of this is going to go a long way,” and a long way it surely has. Cringeworthy. I made the mistake of reading comments on another social media platform and am convinced that’s exactly the side we’re supposed to be on. Sooooo glad to have the sanity over here in these parts.... BTW, all I could think of when I I saw Sam’s outfit was “did she dress for GH or an Argentine Tango on DWTS?” We’re a bit behind here, but 4-5 episodes back I think there was a reference to her being hired because GH needed a new GP. So, yeah, she’ll probably do Wiley’s heart surgery (but only if Finn’s not available). Show could have saved a good 20 minutes had Nina cut off Carly’s two-scene rant with “I’m playing a game with Nelle, because we all know how well that always works out,” and had Nelle shut down the scenes in the hospital with “I want a second opinion from a doctor who is NOT RELATED TO THE PATIENT.”
  15. Clickbait headline suggested KA was returning but alas it was only for a visit to the set. No filming. https://www.soapcentral.com/gh/news/2020/0312-kristen_alderson_back_at_gh.php
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