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  1. Does Buddy have any ambition at all? Sitting around and complaining about his crappy life seems to be the only thing he does best. Ugh, what a mouth breathing slacker. The twerking guy? Just another random You Tuber who will do anything for more exposure. Although he did show up camera ready, make up and all. Whit actually seem unsure about her twerking skills which was surprising because of her overinflated, "I can do anything" attitude. I think Heather is still uncomfortable about the supposed Buddy/Whitney saga. Her body language seemed really tense, and I hope she didn't really
  2. Oh God, can you imagine her on the chairlift? Those things scare the shit out of me because I'm always afraid I'll slide righ off.
  3. I feel the same way. My ex used to love riding quads, but couldn't understand why I thought blasting through the woods wearing a full face helmet, wasn't my idea of enjoying the outdoors.
  4. That's awesome! I would love to do that!
  5. She really does get off on other people's unhappiness. That's why I really enjoyed her pouting when Glen and Babs were so underwhelmed with Whit-a-thon. I think her disregard to heed the trail advice is a set up for an upcoming injury. We should expect lots of weepy speeches about how she "gave it her all" and "tried to keep going through all of the pain". You know, the usual bullshit.
  6. That trail is beautiful and looks like a lot of fun. It's a shame that Twit just barrels along completely disregarding the beauty and her companion. I really do think Jessica is over Twit's bullshit drama. I'd love to hear what she really thinks of this whole charade.
  7. I'm the same way. My weight was perfectly normal when I was younger but I always felt 10 lbs. too heavy. Now, for some reason (denial?), I imagine myself lighter than I am. I hate being photographed now.
  8. For the love of God, put your tits away and wear a bra while you ignore your trainers during your "work outs".
  9. She gained 3 lbs. it made me wonder if she'd gained more weight on previous weigh ins. I would think she'd be shedding more water weight at 300+ lbs.
  10. I would have LOVED to have seen the horrified expressions of Buddy's parents when he dropped that little bombshell.
  11. I got the feeling Jessica is kind of over listening to Whitney's whining and delusional "challenges". Loved her comment to her as Whit and Babs headed over to the stationary bikes "...the big seat is for you, Whitney". For someone who is training 4 times a week, she was pretty out of breath with the warm up. Especially when compared to her 70 year old, post stroke mother!
  12. What was up with good bye scene after dinner? The hug, then the awkward kiss.
  13. Are we sure it was sweat? Oh, and what was Chelsea referring to when she said she had "swamp ass"? Buddy found a real lady with that one. How many of us want to see Whitney rock climb in Alaska? I went rock climbing once and it was hard, I was a lot younger and in good physical shape too, but it still kicked my ass.
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