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  1. That sounds way more winning than a vanity project like Walker. The promos look horrible.
  2. And what is amazing is he did it I a season in which there were erasing his character and giving him nothing to do. This win was all Jensen.
  3. Sam does apologize to Dean in the s 11 episode... Love Hurts I think. I think Kripke AND gamble's goggles are why Carver focused his story arcs the way he did. He deliberately had Sam make similar mistakes as fully human and then admit his mistakes and atone for them still fully human. This left Dean with the supernatural arcs which was fun even if the character growth was largely about Sam admitting he made a mistake, treated Dean badly, caused an Apocalypse. We saw Sam feel guilty! We saw Sam apologize! We saw that Sam was shi#$ to his imaginary friend and he finally apologized to Sully too! IMO Carver was smashing the previous showrunners' Sam goggles. Then Dabb came along and was terrible starting with Red Meat.
  4. The acting on The Boys is very top notch. It's a hit premiere streaming show. Jensen earned the role.
  5. That Osiris episode in s 7 still gives me chills. Dean blames himself for people dying in the Apocalypse yet Sam who released Lucifer by draining a living human body dry to do so and betraying his brother at the same time... Sam feels no remorse because he himself suffered in the cage.
  6. I thought Justified was one of the best written shows I have ever seen. It had one weak-ish season when it focused too much on the Crowe family ... I thought it's last season was especially strong. It had strong arcs, strong characters. There was growth. And they managed to pull off a Shakespearean Neo-Western by way of Kentucky masterfully. Now the story is based on Elmore Leonard who is Brilliant at delivering Richly developed stories in every aspect with amazing characters. Timothy Olyphant and Walter Goggins were pitch perfect. Supernatural was a different show however there was a time when the writing was Rich and complex too. It became a critical darling in season 4 when they wrote for both brothers.
  7. He was jealous because he wasn't there for Dean and Benny was. Sam let Dean down and didn't look for him and Benny was the one that saved him. It reminded Sam of how he didn't save Dean from hell either which influences his speech in Sacrifice in which he asks Dean whom he will turn to the next time Sam let's him down... another angel or vampire. Well... it turned out to be a demon...lol... Dean and his pansexual bromances. Dean did nothing wrong in regards to Amy... Sam was wrong. She was killing humans. Sam was also wrong in regards to Benny... Benny wasn't killing. Sam's actions got Martin killed, terrorized Elizabeth and destroyed Benny's stable environment making it impossible for him to function. I was heartbroken that he sacrificed himself to save Sam. I would much rather Dean have had Benny on his side. He was truly the better brother.
  8. Chuck did not write everything as in he types it and it happens. He told Amara his methodology in Unity. He arranges things so everything falls into place and certain people can be influenced more like Angel's, etc. I imagine that he actually had them cursed with bad luck in Hunters Journey which is why the goddess of fortune was able to restore them. If it was Chuck's writing that would not have worked. He wrote about them. He wrote their gospels as Chuck the prophet. He did not literally write them. He did manipulate their lives for his amusement.
  9. Yes. And this is more or less what Chuck describes to Amara in Unity. It is not like he is Dabb and writes a script and every word is followed. He is pretty good at manipulating things to go his way in the end usually with most beings in most universes.
  10. Hmm... I just scrolled a bit through that Adam guy's twitter. He is like a cat battling mice around. Misha can act when the writing is there. Jared typically can too Jensen carries the writing and fills in the holes.
  11. Bob singer has a grudge. That wig is not only awful... it just screams that Jared is losing his hair.
  12. There should have been a Dean and Baby getting down and dirty. A car repair montage is how Dean mourns
  13. https://m.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/saddest-television-deaths
  14. Yes. If the writers cared about this iconic character and series backstory and canon. Since Ouroboros it has been definitely demonstrated that they do not. They deconstructed nearly everything about Dean except Destiel... maybe. I hope somebody leaks it someday. And not just Amara and Cas... Crowley.!! Ketch. Benny. It was not just Cas that was changed. These changes impacted how things played out. Gadreel saved Sam because of Dean. Now Metatron corrupted him later... Dean used to be so pivotal and it was not because Chuck wrote it that way. Chuck's interest in Dean is because Dean goes off script. That's been said in script by Chuck in multiple seasons. I just do not understand these writers. I guess they 1. Backdoor pilot to the Jack Show 2. Pimped Sam for Walkee 3. There is a grudge
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