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  1. Responding to discussion in Speculation About Spoilers Regarding Upcoming Titles one of which mentions "Truth"... LMAO. Did I imagine that Ruby said SAM KILLED HER!!! which never happened. Did I imagine the retcon of Ruby and Jo working together even though Ruby was terrified of Angel's and Jo fame to Earth after Metatron and Cas caused the Fall... What truth can one possibly expect from writers that have no respect for the history of the show or its canon. What satisfactory ending do you envision for the Winchesters? There is a walking, talking sparkly deus ex machina that the writing props up and canon and the truth be damned.
  2. Taking my response to BvJ.
  3. Self-Isolating Group Activities: Favorite movie: A tie between Fargo and Oh Brother Where Art Thou Movie that makes you remember your childhood: Dark Shadows... the original Favorite Tom Hanks movie: Saving Private Ryan Movie that makes you cry: The Wizard of Oz Favorite 80’s movie: The Evil Dead Favorite comedy: The Royal Tannenbaums Favorite sports movie: Bend it Like Beckham Favorite horror movie: Sinister Most overrated movie: Titanic Favorite gangster movie: Miller's Crossing Movie you can watch over and over: Pumpkinhead Movie with the best soundtrack: Repo Man
  4. Yep. It took on Cas' form in its first appearance for instance.
  5. Obviously the plan is for Death and the Empty to take over. Dean is keeping his cards to his chest however the writing is letting him be his best in this episode: strategizing, reading people, and getting down and stabby. It was unlike him to fall for Jo's con so easily.... Death isn't Chuck. She's smarter. If she needs Dean to play a specific role... that could get interesting.
  6. Well maybe now we will get an ending that Supernatural deserves that Jensen has a say in that is created by a dream team he assembles which does not include Dabb et al. and especially the heinous nepotism duo.
  7. All good points. I have no problem with Chuck being evil. I have never seen him as "good" and I found his behavior in s 11 problematic. The writing strongly hinted then that he wasn't the good guy. Jack is exactly the same as he was when he killed Mary. Cas is exactly the same as he was after he was brainwashed by fetus Jack. Dean and Sam can only trust each other. Death can read the books and understand the exact path to someone's fate. She knows exactly what has to he done to get Chuck's fate to end with his death. Since she is also about the natural order one assumes that she knows the one way this will be preserved. However, she was markedly different in this appearance. I did like the callback to season 5 and Death's conversation with Dean about realing God. The Winchesters are involved because that is what the books say. Chuck's death book says this much like Sam was the agent of Rowena's demise in all of her books. The bad rubber suit effects were a problem with the WS concept as well as the writing and plotting and the unstable vagina rift that Jack created.
  8. Jack did touch "MW" on the table and look constipated.
  9. Maybe she was a wood nymph and just blended into all of the woodwork. Dabbler and Hacks have no understanding of ongoing mytharc or character arcs so it's throw everything at the wall.
  10. The photos suggest this scenario. Somehow I assumed that the Empty would come for him
  11. Mark Pellegrino is in the Big Lebowski. He is one of the two guys that show up to Lebowski's place in the beginning and get the ball rolling.
  12. And Crowley, Lucifer and Kentucky Fried Demon Prince never said Boo about this. Sorry but the "antichrist" child only had powers after Lucifer was risen. No Lucifer... no Apocalypse... no powerful child. That was the canon. Oh wait. The Nepotism duo just makes stuff up. ???
  13. He essentially killed himself in Love Hurts and he wanted to be the one to.do The Trials in season 8 because he knew they meant certain death. It's established that he is the one that sacrifices himself because he believes he should be the one to die. It happens with alarming frequency. I would argue that he understood exactly what the process in HJ for losing probably was before it was revealed which is why he insisted that he was doing it. He plays dumb however he misses nothing
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