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  1. Just to get the word out, both seasons are currently on Netflix. I'm starting to get a fresh perspective with Season 1, now that it's gone fallow without months of ads promoting the best bits. I still believe the Singing Monks were an opportunity wasted with a one-and-done musical number. And I SUPER Believe in Tad Cooper!
  2. Since this is the last "new" episode, I expect they will wrap up storylines like crazy, including the custody battle, Nina's daughter, and the Ava/Nik marriage. They won't leave us with ALL the storylines solved. As the judge is ready to decide custody, Nina spies Nelle with the necklace and screams, "Oh. My. God. YOU'RE MY DAUGH---" Suddenly, Cyrus enters the courtroom, with an animated Mike, fully healthy, wearing Kitchen Moss on his head. Cyrus explains his long game has been using Moss to infiltrate Port Charles. Moss, as part of an alien species, is ready to invoke a vegetable uprising, where Cyrus takes over the world. Cyrus commands Moss Mike to kill Sonny. Sonny weeps and pleads Mike not to do it. Suddenly, we see Jason whip out his gun (in a courthouse, mind you) and aim. Cut to black. Sound of gunshot. Caption: "To Be Continued".
  3. WE JUST HAD A STORYLINE ABOUT THE CONSEQUENCES OF MANUFACTURING EVIDENCE... oh, wait, it's Our Heroine. Everything Works Out. There are no consequences. I was too, it would have been a sweet ending. Even as a Red Sox fan, that would have been perfect. (Although, I would not be able to resist to snark that the Yankees killed Mike.) It was truthbombing like it was Dresden, 1945. Idle thoughts: Colonel Tad is the Real Valentin Cassadine, Cyrus is Nelle's biodad (and Wiley his biogranddad), and is Frank Benson, unrecognized by Carly. Also, Liz has been on and off painting for decades. When she does retire from nursing, painting will be her Second Act.
  4. "We have to take out Jason Morgan." Cyrus, let me tell you about Cesar Faison, and a paperclip.... And if Lucy didn't find that empty pill bottle, Jason wouldn't be here, so stop with the Cause and Effect, Sonny.
  5. "The bitch of it is that you probably did the right thing. But you did it in the wrong way. In the inconvenient way. Now you have to pay the penalty for that. I know it stinks, but that's the way it is." -- President Susanna Luchenko, Babylon 5:"Rising Star" "Says you. I'm the fucking heroine of this show. The only ones who had to pay a penalty were my ex for saving our daughter with a kidney on the black market, and a teenager who had to go through probation for being forced to buy marijuana for a dying friend. Did I mention that Ava killed Connie Falconeri?" -- Carly Corinthos, General Hospital, "TFGH"
  6. Show was too eager in showing that Sonny can hurt Cyrus by having Jason go GiJoeCartoon!Violence in having the death count in blowing up the warehouse be less than rescuing Cam and Trina, and only having the contents worth millions be the only casualty. Now we have Sonny and Jason going all "We CAN'T retaliate or hurt Cyrus or even kidnap him and put him on a meat hook!" It makes them look impotent (pun intended for Sonny) all of a sudden, rather than have Cyrus be all-powerful, and THEN have Sonny/Jason find a weakness. I'm also cribbing that Spinelli is being held to do Cyrus' dirty work because Cyrus has threatened Ellie.
  7. Jordan: "I would never work with Sonny or his mob." Me: "Dawn of Day? Ryan Chamberlain? Hello?" Carly finding a bullet in Casa Cornithos is like finding a coffee bean in a Starbucks.
  8. It's one thing when TFGH disputes reality and substitutes its own rational rules and laws. It's Bartlett-banging-his-head-on-the-desk frustrating when Show refuses to follow its own logic. I suspect 90% of the time, the writers figure it would end storylines too soon.
  9. I'm already bored by Sonny's strikeback at Cyrus. It will be the Most Perfect Non-Military Operation Evah, those who did on Cyrus' behalf will have shot first, have bad aim, and choose to die even those Jason gave them a way out. Sonny will have other mobsters go after Cyrus because it was so expensive to go through Port Charles and Sonny's territory. I'm going off to watch a Peanuts cartoon, where Lucy promises to hold the football for Charlie Brown. There's more suspense there.
  10. In The Bad Seed, the original sociopathic child movie, the character was 8 years old (Patty McCormack playing her was 10). Trivia: Patty McCormack played Monica 2 years ago when LC was off.) Anthony Fremont, played by Billy Mumy in the Twilight Zone episode, "It's a Good Life", was six. (I think Anthony would be the ONLY adversary which Sonny and Jason could not defeat.... within 30 seconds. It would have to be a full two minutes).
  11. They haven't exactly portrayed U.S. law as competent either. The WSB: Saved the world from being frozen 30 years ago. Now exists only to prop Sonny and Jason and their much-more-technologically advanced spy and security outfit (thanks to Spinelli and ESPN Guy). Originally, Sonny just paid off Gladys to play along and keep her mouth shut. They reconned her into demanding money.
  12. So, we haven't gotten to Oh, how I wished there was a crossover with Brooklyn 99 when Jason was taken to the station. Put him in a room with Hitchcock and Scully for 10 minutes and he'll emerge blubbering like a baby, more emotional than a Sarah MacLachlan song.
  13. Not-to-distant-future: ABC: We decided to show the episode originally scheduled for today, but you can catch up on ABC On Demand or on Hulu. Me (watching): Boy, they must have had a backlog. When did Spencer and Emma decide to get married, and when did Rocco become the Commissioner?
  14. Original ending to this past episode: Final bid goes to Laura, portrait goes up in flames...... …..cue music to "Bonanza" with intro title, "Wyndemere!" Five figures ride into camera shot on horseback, then one at a time: Mikkos, Valentin, Stavros, Stefan, and Alexis. Nik stands up, screaming at his tablet: "No! NOOOOOO!!!! I was watching 'The Mandalorian'! Where's Baby Yoda?!?!"
  15. I'd rather see her spinoff series on BritBox where Auntie Stella solves crimes in the English countryside, heads the Ladies Department at Grace Bros,, deals with the Royal Family, and succeeds John Bercow as Speaker of the House of Commons.
  16. Re: the new header: I see what you did there/I understood that reference. :) Re:JaSam: With all the whining about Sam going to the Other Soap Within a Soap for "two years", she sounds like she's being banish-ed to Mantua.
  17. Really, they need to get Gilbert in the Jax/Stupid!Nik scenes.
  18. Charlotte was right where she was suppose to be at Kelly's, at the counter, when Cassandra came up to her and told her to keep quiet or else Nina would go to jail, so she was intimidated from the start. She made up the story because she didn't want anyone else at the police station to know, which is why she told Valentin and Nina while at Wyndermyde.
  19. I heard about this as a Canadian spoiler, and checked outside to see if pigs were flying. I really think this was MB exerting himself in the storyline (which is very good!), especially with his new book on being bipolar out and about. I'll give kudos where they are, and I'll take Sonny being a thoughtful human to Ava, without calling Diane to bar Ava from every seeing Avery, anyday. "Mommy!" Sonny let Avery call Ava "Mommy!" So that we could see Hayden in a manshirt? ;)
  20. Oh, Stupid!Nik, just broadcast on Social Media to the world that you're alive. It's the same as letting Carly know. And, Carly, we know you fuck with danger by being with Sonny, but not everyone has his unlimited wealth and power (and impunity with the writers) not to get loved ones killed. Maybe that's a reason why to stay dead.
  21. Charlotte: (cheering Jason): Take that, loser! Me: Oh, and Disney+ made one more change to the Han/Greedo scene in Star Wars/Episode IV/A New Hope. This time, Jason beats up Greedo and Han cheers him. (Did I mention Sonny saving the Princess, Carly and Sam defeating Darth Vader, and Spinelli hacking and blowing up the Death Star?)
  22. Tell me more! Tell me more! "Did she kick someone's ass?" "Tell me more! Tell me more!" "Did she bring the show some much-needed class?" "Ah huh, ah huh, ah huh, ah huh...…" (Sorry.... :))
  23. Jerry would be horrified at how inept a schemer his daughter turned out to be, darling. Nikolas Cassadine, grandson of the Evil Madman Who Froze Port Charles: "Hold my beer."
  24. I think the implication is that Nelle married Shiloh, and there's all that EEEEEVUUUUHHHLLL ill-gotten money to be had. My money's has been, for a long time, that Nelle is Jerry Jax' daughter. Oh, and there's speculation from Haus Nutmeg that Sasha is a Cassadine with Obrecht as mother.
  25. Calling it. That 'dead' rat isn't quite dead, and it will be implanted with the memories of Franco. We're seeing more plant-based actors to go with the plant-based acting.
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