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  1. Elise Ivy was on Q2 Saturday afternoon doing a D and C show with Gary, and I was pleasantly surprised! I’ve only seen her a handful of times before, but she is very professional and does a great job. She said she tried on every item in the show backstage before the show, (unlike the hosts who change during the show, putting clothes over clothes) and had a very good perspective in describing the items because of it. She asked great questions and allowed Gary to answer without being interrupted. This is how home shopping should be done.
  2. Why did they leave on Father’s Day? Joe has 3 kids! Her pictures on Instagram are of her and Joe…no kids. I guess if she wanted to leave on Sunday, it didn’t matter that it was Father’s Day. And what’s with the ”row home kid” description?
  3. Did anyone hear Shawn try to preview the upcoming TSV? She said Issac will be coming up at midnight with insulated totes…oh wait, it’s not Issac? Oh, California Innovation totes. She didn’t know it wasn‘t Issac? Really?
  4. Does anyone know if Leah will be on with her “Cheers” partner tonight? I wonder if Skunky saw the comment from Leah about the storm passing. Could be icy between the two of them if they’re together.
  5. Couldn’t she have run a comb through her hair before she started recording?
  6. Thanks,Thumper. I thought maybe they got tired of the chickens and got rid of them.
  7. Why is she buying eggs? I thought that’s why she got the chickens.
  8. Oh my! Where was that posted? I’ve been on her FB and Youtube and did not see that. That is unbelievable! Something else I didn’t see mentioned here... Not that long ago, on one of her videos she let her “Bookers” know that she was going to take their advice and not stay on the boat for the chemo treatments. She was going to use the $ from the GoFundMe and stay in a hotel, thanks to them. Well, a few people posted on FB that she should have been contacted by her hospital co-ordinator, because there is a place called Hope Lodge outside of Phil. that is free for cancer patients and their f
  9. She used the word "sick" to describe GILI items at least 5 times in the first few minutes. I abhor that phrase. She is just so edgy, mad cool.
  10. I don't think Rick has ever been a hugger; the Frau either.
  11. Agreed 100%. Also, I remember as a kid, the whole family being glued to the tv for the Olympics. We didn't have 500+ channels to choose from--- the Olympics were so special. Now I just pick and choose the few events I'm interested in.
  12. Surprisingly, Skunky got a lot of flack from her minions on Instagram about QVC taking away sales from small, American businesses on Etsy in exchange for their mass produced Chinese qrap.
  13. I think I remember her saying she lost 40 lbs. Love the "weighters" comment.
  14. Thanks for the info DTS. I have the same size foot as you, with a high arch, so I always need a shoe with great support. I wear Birkenstock most of the time, but I'm going to check these out right now.
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