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  1. I know no one wants to, but if you look closely at her belly area, you can see her belly button outline through the dress. I. Loathe. Her. Completely.
  2. Not only does it make no difference, it actually turns me off. I want to see products presented professionally, not families, stupid questions of the day or other ridiculous time fillers.
  3. David in my garden would be creepy.
  4. I hope I get to see her get canned. Part of me feels bad about saying this, but just a tiny part.
  5. A cheer for The Unwashed One.
  6. Ant's boat has been renamed the Sperenza and is indeed the boat they bought in NC.
  7. IMHO, Ms. Skunky K is more repulsive than the runner up by a million times. For me, that is former host Stevie B.
  8. She would be 74 in 2021. So she was either 73 or 74 depending on her birthday.
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