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  1. Well her feet do look better than her face.
  2. Thank you LETUSPROCEASTINATE. Very interesting information in that article.
  3. In the video shot on the boat Ant had on the jacket with nothing in the pocket. In the picture posted after lunch with the ice cream, the cigarette carton was clearly visible in the pocket of the same jacket. It would seem someone put the carton in the pocket between the 2 pictures so either they are Ant's cigarettes or she is keeping them for someone else. Does smoking organic cigarettes cause the tongue to turn white? Honest question since I have never smoked.
  4. Oh I agree. It is time TPTB saw everything since it's obvious that nobody in management watches her shows in real time.
  5. I actually watched and enjoyed the Denim and Co show.
  6. It might be if Caro would size up a couple of sizes. After all, the microphone pack doesn't take up that much room.
  7. Personally, I don't think she deserves any QVC spot.
  8. Feet on the couch even then. Almost laying down too.
  9. Well Skunk scored on both counts. Her outfit is neither fashionable nor flattering.
  10. For electronics, it really is you get what you pay for.
  11. She wear as xxs like another host does. Size up Mama G.
  12. @AuntCarol Happy Birthday to you and best wishes for a good year ahead. Dinner sounds great though next time get the cobbler with ice cream! Nothing better than good Southern cooking. Sounds like you are enjoying Tennessee.
  13. Sending my prayers and healing thoughts to you. Rehab isn't fun but you will gain health and mobility. Someone is always on here so we can be your rehab group to chat.
  14. I don't think you screwed up at all. I for one knew exactly what you meant with your post.
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