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    I admit, I sympathize more with Cassie over the tension with her father. It seems to me that his really rather recent girlfriend is taking advantage. I could understand him leaving her something, but not everything. The honorable thing to do would be to consult the entire family about what part she (girlfriend) will play in his care and how they can all help each other. I find encouraging estrangement from his family at the end of his life despicable.
  2. Gary’s video was awful!!! I’m so sick of vacuous inspirational quotes & his video was incredibly excessive. I hated it!
  3. Poor Kate hit another iceberg ...or iceberg-sized shark. No lifeboats this time.
  4. I prefer my predicted ending where a giant meteor hits the fishing camp. It’s actually more believable.
  5. This ending was so ridiculous it actually made me angry. Absolutely preposterous. Just my opinion. Zabel died in vain.
  6. We’re gonna need a bigger boat. 😤
  7. I hope Ryan isn’t the killer. If he is, I get to say “We’re gonna need a bigger boat”. Evil Knievel couldn’t jump a shark that gigantic. Ryan is still really young. What on earth would a boy his age be doing running around in the middle of the night, much less meeting a prostitute in a park? If he was with his father, why on earth would John take his fairly young son with him to meet his teenage cousin/aspiring prostitute/statutory rape victim/possible baby momma/possible blackmailer in some park in the middle of the night ...with a gun? Why would his mother not even notice he’s gone? I could
  8. I sort of agree. Mare shouldn’t have been there at all, but it was Colin’s job to interview those people. It would have been an incredible dereliction of duty, almost a firing offense, not to do so. He should have taken another armed officer with him. My hope, now, is that Mare has a flat tire on the way to the cabin, the “fishing trip” turns into an impromptu Ross family reunion (complete with Kenny, who breaks out of jail), Dylan party crashes, and they’re hit by a giant meteor - solving many of Easttown’s problems in one fell swoop. I also think that Zabel is secretly alive. He and Mar
  9. Mare’s therapist asked why she’s still living in that house. Good question! I see Mare of Easttown, Season 2 as a haunted house miniseries. I now accept that Guy Pearce just likes working with Kate Winslet and was willing to play a small part as her relatively sane love interest. Who can blame him? I hope Mare jumps in Richard’s car and they escape for parts unknown - never to be heard from again until Richard’s new true crime book makes them millions.
  10. I’m beginning to think that the casting of Guy Pearce was the ultimate red herring. I couldn’t believe he would just be a minor character - a love interest for Mare, but it’s looking that way. Oh well. We see him packing his car. I envision Mare screaming “Help! Take me with you” and driving off into the sunset with Richard.
  11. As much as I loved Zabel, it was his job to question the owners of those vans. He was the officer in charge of the investigation, not Mare. He’s the one who called in and got a list of vans matching the partial license plate, because that was his job. Mare was on leave and had no authority. He could have and should have requested that another officer accompany him. He should have called for backup. HIs death was heartbreaking, but not Mare’s fault.
  12. Frank isn’t the father. They checked his DNA. Same with Dylan.
  13. I think he was growing on her. They were fairly honest with each other - mainly at his insistence. At the end, they were confiding things that they didn’t share with others. The look on her face after the kiss suggested mild surprise - not giddiness, but a slight re-evaluation.
  14. I think we got the answer this week. Frank’s DNA test came back negative. If his son were the father, Frank’s test would have shown that a close relative was the father. Unless Kevin was adopted, that rules him out.
  15. I was trying to notice the hair at the back of his neck. I didn’t think it quite matched Zabel’s & I thought the hands were too beefy, but I could be wrong. It definitely wasn’t Richard, any of the bearded guys, or Mare’s cousin.
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