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  1. Maybe she has a Gomer Pyle thing going on. And maybe not.
  2. She will pout her lips and roll her eyes and the Muslims will forget 1500 years of tradition.
  3. Yes. A poster upthread got a clear screencap of them. They also confirmed Bigfoot.
  4. Luis will tend bar at your party. Pao will do most anything. Danyeel will give a dramatic reading of her most recent court filings, complete with sobs and cries. Nicole will attempt a new fry eating record. Brother Molly will put a 4" lift kit on your pickup. Annie will entertain all offers. David Pour will let you throw water on him.
  5. That's so sad. A horrible childhood memory. However, melting army men with a magnifying glass was high entertainment.
  6. Birthday... Another year closer to death.
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