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  1. Maybe she has a Gomer Pyle thing going on. And maybe not.
  2. She will pout her lips and roll her eyes and the Muslims will forget 1500 years of tradition.
  3. Yes. A poster upthread got a clear screencap of them. They also confirmed Bigfoot.
  4. Luis will tend bar at your party. Pao will do most anything. Danyeel will give a dramatic reading of her most recent court filings, complete with sobs and cries. Nicole will attempt a new fry eating record. Brother Molly will put a 4" lift kit on your pickup. Annie will entertain all offers. David Pour will let you throw water on him.
  5. That's so sad. A horrible childhood memory. However, melting army men with a magnifying glass was high entertainment.
  6. Birthday... Another year closer to death.
  7. Or as the old saying goes, Fifteen will get you twenty.
  8. So 4 out of 5 have a job. He should join the majority and get a job.
  9. Annie wants to have kids so the son can support her or she can sell the daughter for buffalo in her dotage. It's her retirement plan.
  10. I can't give you a like for that because I want to grab a baseball bat. At what age do most brats quit the eye rolling? I'm thinking 12 or 13.
  11. (Eye roll) "Like, education, you know, never like, you know, did like, anything for, you know, like me, so... "
  12. Not Happy Gilmore's boss with a nail in his head? Or a famous chef?
  13. Are gloves required protective equipment to touch it?
  14. Haven't you heard? She always puts her kids first.
  15. It's like a Bigfoot sighting. Produce a clear photo for proof.
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