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  1. I had the same thought!! It made me wonder if they were actually doing that as a bit...
  2. Yes!! I'd forgotten some things about the original run of this show, including how much I hated Hildi always running around in ridiculous heels. I'm sorry, but that screams, "I don't do any real work."
  3. Something I noticed from (excessive) rewatching is that in Mel's first episode, she has a picture of her son on her desk. The son is old enough for Niles to assume he could be a boyfriend. He is never mentioned again.
  4. That's funny because I see Amanda as someone who is actually kind of shy and insecure but it comes off as smug....maybe I just see her that way because I know people like that. God, I'd hate to go on TV, I don't think I could stand to read about what people thought of me!
  5. I agree, annewithaneee, its like they were trying to come up with a way to make an unhealthy lifestyle even MORE unhealthy!
  6. As soon as I heard those 2 tools repeat the word biohacker and saw how they spelled their company name, I turned the TV off and went to bed. Ridiculous.
  7. Andrea Martin is the star of everything!! I'm not from New York and I love this show. But I'm happy to watch a show even if I don't understand all the references, and sometimes I take the time to look them up.
  8. I adored the PBS/NPR basketball game.
  9. Hmm, having never tried to collect urine from my cats I'm now wondering how they would respond. I guess I could give it a try while they're healthy in case I have to do it one day.... **Heads to dollar store for ladle I'm surprised there isn't more of a market for blinged out headphones overseas, only because so many of my Asian friends trip over themselves to buy things like that. I buy headphones/earbuds at the dollar store so I'm clearly not the target demographic.
  10. Maybe you use your dead cell phone to whack away at the lock?Also,busyOctober, I love your People Popsicle Pod. But you missed a golden opportunity.... People-sicles!
  11. Sworkit!! This is the first time I've actually had the product before it came on the show! I like it, be interesting to see if they get a deal.
  12. I wander off for a little bit, I come back and Mulder is line dancing to Achy Breaky Heart. You task me, show...you task me. ETA: Dear showrunners, I love Lauren Ambrose, but I have no desire to see her and action-figure-boy in a Junior X-files reboot/spinoff. Don't go getting any ideas.
  13. Loved it like a tween girl loves her emoji. Not only do I want to watch that episode again, this made me want to hop on Netflix and watch some of the original shows again. And I haven't wanted to do that in ages, since about the time the movies sucked. Does anyone think the dog's name has some weird meaning? there was lots of subtext in this show and in-jokes, so I was just wondering. ETA: I have total faith in Scully's ability to kick ass (all hail Scully) but maaaaybe if she didn't turn her back on the suspected killer, she wouldn't have had to? just a thought, Dana.
  14. Loved it. & next week looks cute. I'm on board. Hi Sandman! **waves back**
  15. I was one of those rabid fans during the original run, but I actually have low expectations for this reboot. I'm happy to watch this like a reunion show of people who feel like old friends, and just enjoy David and Gillian hanging out again. I even laughed to myself before I saw it, thinking, well, at least I won't feel the need to nitpick every element of this show on the internet! Being an x-files fan was exhausting in the 90s!! But then they had to go and set the thing in Low Moor. I'm from Virginia, and I have a special hatred for Low Moor. It is a hole in the middle of nowhere.
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