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  1. Michael Che from SNL was in the news when his grandmother died from COVID. Although it barely made a blip when he paid a month of rent for every tenant that lived in her building in her memory. He deletes his stuff so you can't find it but he name dropped a bunch of rich celebrities, including Diddy, to SAVE US. He does talk about the importance of testing because he's still doing gigs, albeit in the back of pick up trucks.
  2. Yep. You are supposed to wash your hands prior to putting on the mask. Then you are supposed to wash your hands immediately after taking off the mask and disposing of it.
  3. This is where we reeeeeeeally failed with the social distancing versus physical distancing message. You think we would have learned from that disaster. I worry that this will end up being a huge issue if people don't correct their mask wearing habits. If we can get people wearing masks properly we may have a shot at slowing this down. I'm doubtful, I think 'rona is going to end up burning through the population at this rate and destroy the economy. Woo!
  4. It's a delicate balancing act with all the protests about muh freedoms. I see why politicians are remaining cautious. The problem is I don't see many educational programs on how to properly wear a face covering. I will freely admit I haven't been wearing one because I have panic attacks if my face is covered but I don't go out much. I'm working on desensitization so I can start going places. I tried yesterday for a short period of time and I was the only person who had their nose and mouth covered that I encountered. Everyone else had medical ones just covering their mouths or pulled around their chin. If they went to talk they would pull it off completely and then put it back on! Defeats the purpose! I got a pack of disposable medical masks this week from a local company and they came with explicit instructions about how to wear, how to wash your hands, and to not touch the mask once it is on unless it is to take it off to dispose of it. The population is hopeless. I normally would give a sticker for trying but if you're buying disposable medical masks in the middle of a pandemic, maaaaaaybe look up how to wear them properly?
  5. Josiah seems to be in a better place since Bsa came along. He seems absolutely smitten with his daughter. I'm still iffy on if Lauren has matured any. The light may fade out once Csa, Dsa, Esa, Fsa, Gsa, Hsa, Isa, and Jsa are begging for attention though.
  6. You get as much effort as you put in and the Duggars were taught half assing it is the way to go (see: Smuggar and FRC). That being said, she clearly wouldn't be hanging on Lolli and Pops for dear life if money isn't the be all and end all.
  7. Fuck off Jessa. She worships the Altar of the Mighty Dollar just as her father does.
  8. Not every night but a few times a week. It is fucking annoying. Bad enough there have been several drive by shootings when there hasn't been a shooting in years here apparently. I initially thought one of the shootings was another idiot setting off fireworks.
  9. My condolences. It's hard to lose a beloved pet. Especially right now. 😞
  10. I'm thinking about the public health ramifications after this. We as a population weren't exactly the pinnacles of health prior to the pandemic. There's a variety of reasons for that. We don't know what is/isn't permanent. If they can't find a viable treatment or vaccine soon-ish, this could easily turn into the next polio for the under 40 crowd. Will you suffer lingering effects? Will you not? Will the side effects resurface in late adulthood? No one knows. But just remember no universal health care for you if you do have lingering side effects! I do struggle with the mental health ramifications. I think that is a very valuable thing to add to the discussion. But there are some things you can do without, reduce the spread, and still have stable mental health. I think that's what is missing from the equation when people say about mental health. The gym I get for instance (although the responsible gyms are a constant reminder there is still a pandemic). The club? Oh hell naw. This is amazing news!!!
  11. I'm increasingly annoyed by the nurses and physicians my age. "I caught it, it wasn't so bad!" And spreading those anecdotes around to the general public. The older ones seem to be more cautious and less cocky. Yeah well, Prince Charles still hasn't regained the ability to smell and taste things. I get he's in his 70s so whatever. He's old. But we don't know if that is permanent. Who wants that sort of thing for the next 50-60 years of their lives? My great-granddad lost his sense of smell and taste when he was a teen. He lived with that for over 60 years. Yes the goal was to not overwhelm the hospitals and ICUs but some states are coming dangerously close. Nevermind the medical bills from an extended hospital stay. I'm still trying to figure out the balance myself. This is so tricky. I find the people I come into contact with generally take this seriously but I'm wary of a lot of people my age. I want to scream "IT SUCKS BUT YOU CAN GO ONE SUMMER WITHOUT HITTING UP THE CLUB. THEY WENT SEVERAL SUMMERS WITHOUT HITTING UP THE CLUB DURING WORLD WAR II."
  12. They're seeing a rise in cases for people in their 20s. I've been hearing stories of organized pub crawls (???? During a pandemic, really???) and large numbers of bars and pubs having to close temporarily and test their entire staff. That's going to fix the economy. 100%. Having to shut down your pub/bar for extended periods of time to do a deep clean because Patient Zero was out partying. Now we know that it is less lethal for that age group but we don't know the long term effects. Austin Matthews caught it allegedly while partying in Arizona. He's only a few years into his pro career. What happens if he ends up with permanent lung damage? That's likely the end of his hockey career. More players are quietly opposing the move to start the playoffs. I'm doubtful the NBA will restart and signing the exclusive deal with Disney to play all games in Florida was a boneheaded move. Thank you everyone. I will go through and like all the posts. I can't quote everyone but I really appreciate it. Yoga is one of the few times my head and heart slow down. Problem is my neighbors are having marital issues and start screaming at each other randomly. Obviously very relaxing. I think it is going to take COVID being over to fully start the healing process but I have all the time in the world to heal and grow. There's no point in rushing.
  13. It seems to be pretty common. We mock a lot of the reality TV show acts for jumping between Big Brother, The Challenge, Ex on the Beach, etc. but we see the same on these talent shows. I think the talent scouts and production are just lazy. It's easier to invite a YouTuber or Instagrammer than actually go through the process of cattle calls. If they've already been featured somewhere else, all the better! I've noticed a few dancers I follow claiming to have been on AGT. I looked up their videos and it was maybe a 15-30 second snippet. Granted whatever gets you exposure I suppose.
  14. Duggar Data has M7 for October 2021. I could see Anna attempting to speed it up if there are more pregnancies than Joy and Jinger's though. Can't miss out on those photo shoots!
  15. I've gotten to the point this is background noise. I looked up last week and saw Heidi wasn't there. She may have been missing for half the episode. I wouldn't have noticed either way. I'm very surprised they didn't rush in a celebrity replacement earlier. As soon as Eric Stonestreet was there I paid some attention.
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