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  1. Interesting. I never checked the Little Couple ratings and I'm actually surprised that they are holding that high.
  2. Cheap to produce. TLC hasn't found another reality show franchise that has the same steady followers as the Duggars. I think only the 90 Day Fiance franchise is getting more viewers than Counting On at the moment. I know a lot of people stopped following the Busbys from OutDaughtered now that it is more scripted and the parents are all about $$$. People stopped watching The Little Couple after Will and Zoey started to get older and their behavior stopped being cute. The fact the Duggars have lasted this long is very interesting. Is it because they are so bland and boring or what?
  3. Dullard posts inflammatory rhetoric that is 280 characters or less and this is why I think we notice it more. Books tends to drone on. I didn't even click on one of his recent sermons. GET TO THE POINT JEREMY. Your voice isn't that attractive! Get. To. The. Point.
  4. Started courting May 21st, 2016 and were married November 5th of the same year. Then Jinger moved to Laredo shortly afterwards. The only thing going for them is that Jinger didn't get knocked up immediately. It was all new and exciting. The sheen has likely worn off by now. The Duggars don't think of long term consequences when they marry their offspring off. It is all short term gain. Marry in haste, repent at leisure.
  5. This is around the time photographers and videographers send out the polished photos and videos. Probably released to remind the public these two exist. I'm not the only one who noticed how awkward those kisses were, am I? Not Duggar level but pretty close. And Books is terrible at what he does. Get a better minister next time you get married Gabby.
  6. Wait. Lauren posted something cheerful? Not about how being a mom is hard? I'm shocked. I just wish they would knock it off with the bows. We know. She's a girl. No ornaments necessary. The bald fuzzy head is adorable.
  7. The J'Slaves (and Josh) were prominently featured and people were able to assign personalities to them, even if they were one dimensional. Kind of like the Spice Girls. Jana was CinderJana, Jill was the snitch, Jessa was the beauty/vain one, Jinger was the rebel, and Joy was the tomboy. TLC was able to create personalities for them even if they didn't have them.
  8. The Bateses are the same way. Although those men seem to have egos bigger than Russia and China combined. I'm pretty sure a Duggar male couldn't spell "ego".
  9. I posted this in the latest episode thread. The public at large doesn't care all that much about the sons. It is all on the daughters and daughters in law. For a cult as patriarchal as theirs, they rely on the women to do the heavy lifting. And no, I don't mean just pregnancy wise. The Lonely Js thread (up until Jed! 2020) should have been renamed Jana Duggar featuring the Lonely Js for as much discussion as the other unmarried sons generated. Really strange how women are all of a sudden an asset when the public is more interested in them then the men.
  10. I'm calling it that the firstborn daughter will be named Jill. Or some variant thereof.
  11. I often wonder if Jinger would be friends with Satan himself if it meant not going back to the compound. Above all, Jeremy was a means to an end for Jinger. Yes she may be in love with him but look at the world she has gotten to experience versus her siblings. She's certainly gotten the experiences she wouldn't have gotten had she married someone like her sisters did or married into families like her sister-in-laws came from. And for all the talk that she is "tofu" she did seem to want the pants, the fashion, the city living, and being far away from her family. The question comes up if Jing would willingly ditch all of that for her beliefs.
  12. Or it's quite possible they've never been exposed to it? You don't see the JRods and Michelle Duggars of this world in my neck of the woods. Where I grew up? Sure. But here? Nah. I will be brutally honest, the people who I have encountered that are not Christian don't have the foggiest idea of what this all means. Is it problematic? That's a discussion for a different thread. But it's really presumptuous to assume people know. This sort of knowledge can only be gained by seeking it out themselves. Do you want to know how many times I got sent that frigging "angel pocket eggs" thing on Facebook with people asking if it was real? I wanted to scream. I actually didn't understand why yoga wasn't allowed in a fair amount of Christian circles until I started reading the theology the Yoga Alliance has in their curriculum for teachers. Then it clicked. No one could adequately explain to me why it wasn't allowed until I did the research myself. It's not even being willfully naive. The world works on "using your words" now. Short of saying it straight out, people are going to take things at face value. Which is why the Vuolos are the most dangerous type of fundies. They never explicitly say what they mean but they are just like us regular folk! Look at Jinger in pants. Felicity isn't constrained by skirts only. They only have one kid rather than parading a litter down the street! Jeremy says wine is ok. They're just like us! I'd argue that most of the Duggar offspring and married-ins are actually halfway decent at appealing to a mainstream audience. The Vuolos are just trying the hardest. If we want to make sure these people slink back into their hole, it's time those of us with the knowledge stand up to the companies they partner with. Which is what happened with Fonuts.
  13. The twin trope coming up often always makes me wonder how much longer until one of them caves in and gets Clomid to better their chances at multiples.
  14. Follow the money and see what you can get for free?
  15. Pris is only two years older than Anna. The largest gap Pris and Pecan have had was between Davia and Phillip I believe. They seem to be making up for lost time now. Which reminds me, gotta go check up on the Shraders.
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