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  1. So she didn't announce at Michelle's birthday after all. They quite like to fudge timelines. I always find this one so strange that they were able to keep under wraps for filming. The Duggars can't keep a secret to save their lives. I think had they said something earlier it would have humanized Lauren more and people would be feeling more sympathy for her. She would have gotten away with a lot more if people had the "she's a kid who just had a miscarriage. Let's give her a break." in the back of their minds. Instead she comes off incredibly insufferable and people have no issue commenting on how insufferable she is. Wonder if it is a part of the end game. Better to be hated and on TV than loved and not on TV?
  2. I posted about this in the Tell All thread but the baby was born July 3rd. If we do a rough estimate that means Tiffany and Daniel were there for sure in late September/early October and supposedly there for 90 days according to the show. So who knows what was happening with Daniel and school.
  3. I had in my post about the timelines of the babies if people want to be spoiled. I'm still confused about the ultrasound. I'm no doctor but that "first" ultrasound looked further along than a standard ultrasound. If Tiffany was only there 90 days and got pregnant on the first try, it puts her at most 15 weeks when she left. Robbin' Ronald must have the same "super sperm" Jihoon has.
  4. Do we have the timelines for when each couple were together? Tiffany and Ronald under the spoiler as well as Paul/Karine (although I don't know if it counts).
  5. Jihoon is unintentionally hilarious. "I have super sperm" No wonder Deavan got pregnant on the first try. Jihoon's sperm is like Mighty Mouse! The rest? Meh. Evelyn was smirking the entire time. We know her end game. Laura and Aladdin, meh. We know their end game. Tiffany and Robbin' Ronald, meh. Poor Daniel. That poor little boy. I hope he has someone stable to guide him through life.
  6. I want to like her. I truly do. It is just really painful to watch. There's way too much going on for a half hour show. They're trying to compress an hour long show into a half hour. It feels very rushed and her interview skills need some work. The interview with Mindy Kaling showed some promise but she needs to tone down the Jimmy Fallon-esque fawning over the guest. If they're taping the rest of the episodes right away, yikes. She's not going to find her footing. They need to decide what direction they're taking this in. Is this for YouTube clips or is this to set her up as a legit host? Right now it is very disorganized.
  7. That would outdo the ratings for Benessa's wedding special and Jessa's head would explode. Jeremy would lose his shit as no one would care about him and Prop. This would keep the gravy train going though.
  8. One of the former Big Brother hamsters (Vanessa from BB17) is pregnant with twins. Her wife is also pregnant (with a singleton) and they are due fairly close together. I'd actually watch the show if that were to happen with Laura and Jana. But since it won't, nope.
  9. I was shocked when SYTTD moved to Saturdays but it stands to reason. They show the same freaking Pnina Tornai dresses over and over again. It is the same dress but different bride every damn time. That being said don't they have a bunch of shows about families with small children right now? OutDaughtered, Sweet Home Sextuplets, The Little Couple, etc. I don't think that is the sole reason the Duggars keep going. I think if more of the 90DF couples manage to stay together and get pregnant we will see a spin off about them. My bets are on Deavan and Jihoon since they already have an extremely cute baby and are fairly likeable.
  10. The Sex Pest is only useful for two or three things to Anna. One is impregnanting her as often as possible. He isn't there to take care of them once they're born.
  11. The Sex Pest being back on the show would be the death knell for those who hate watch. I'm actually curious who is watching. The only thing they've kept under wraps before it aired (recently) was Lauren's miscarriage. You can follow their lives on social media. It can't be because TLC is some Godly network. I mean, they openly talk about sex on 90 Day Fiance. One woman had her vibrator out for taping ffs. Eventually it has to give, right? I mean, the Family Chantal got a spin off from 90 Day Fiance. I'm fully expecting at least one of the other families to get a spin off.
  12. I wonder if the sheen has worn off as the girls are so close in age. I can see there being quite a bit of a gap between Zoey and a potential Webster4. Alyssa strikes me as someone who loves her daughters but would also just love to ship them off to school for 8 hours to do her own thing without three tiny people wanting her attention all the time. Yep. The Duggar women are #blessed in the hair department for the most part. They still need to get a trim tho. Their brothers' hairlines died so their hair could live. I would not be the least bit surprised if the Bates' daughters had extensions for thickness. It is becoming almost like a necessity these days. Josie would probably have the proper education to do the sew-in and glue ones so they would only be shelling out money for the hair extensions themselves. I'm doubtful they would pay for ethically sourced ones though.
  13. B for effort. The Daily Mail coined the term "sex pest" for Josh. The least they could do is include it in the headline.
  14. I looked at the trends of Layla and I am very surprised it has taken the past 5-7 years for it to catch on in the western world. The original release in the 1970s and Claptons unplugged release in the early 90s should have made it more popular than what it was. Granted it is was about Patti Boyd who was George Harrison's wife at the time. Yeah though. I never thought I would see the day that these people would use a very distinctly Arabic name. It isn't like Asema or Aisha with religious connotations but wow. I was expecting Izabellah or something with this crowd.
  15. Layla? Never thought I would see an ay-rab name from this crowd. I know it is trendy at the moment as an alternative to Lila but Layla/Leyla/Laila is all pseudonym of belly dancers for me.
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