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  1. Annnnnnd I'm out. I was hoping this was financial. Not this.
  2. I want the lot of them to go down. The entire extended fundie universe. Guess I have to settle for Smugs right now.
  3. Well well well... One of these fundie assholes is finally getting their comeuppance?
  4. But does that help the people who were doing "all the right things" and still get COVID anyway? It may be cathartic to yell into the internet void about COVIDiots but it's not quite changing things in the real world. I TA'd for a prof my very first year of grad school who could be a bit overzealous about policing language but there was a specific incident in her class within the first two weeks that sticks out in my mind. A student said that something was impossible to get rid of, just like herpes and laughed. Oh my goodness. That prof turned it up to an ELEVEN. She went on a tirade about
  5. You have to make sure you have a GOOD lawyer on your side though. Family friend canceled her wedding and had an elopement instead. She had every clause known to man listed in all the contracts because she was so wishy washy about the whole big white wedding thing. The venue steadfastly refuses to refund her. She will be taking legal action shortly. If there's no orders in place or the orders are loosely worded in that weddings aren't explicitly banned, the couple has to make a choice. Go ahead or cancel and lose a lot of money. There was a huge deal because one of the luxury venues where
  6. Let's be fair. No one knew Justin existed until now so no one noticed he was in Texas all this time.
  7. Justin accidentally leaked the courtship earlier this year. So... Uhhh. Ok. Also that was back in January. My goodness 2020 has been too long of a year.
  8. Sam.has the best facial expressions out of the grandDuggars. I remember watching the whole Izzy's first day of school video and Sam's expression as he was throwing the underwear at Jill was hilarious. He reminds me of a real life Stewie Griffin. "WOMAN! I am tired of these diapers! It is big boy underwear from now on!" He's probably quite the little imp in real life.
  9. Yeah that's just my paranoia talking. A few of my acquaintances that were inadvertently exposed to chickenpox and had it as infants got shingles in their 20s and 30s. My mom had shingles in her 30s and has permanent damage from it. So I'm very wary. Maybe treating it has come a long way since she had it. All I remember is she was sick for a very long time and my dad had no idea how to take care of my sister and I. My deal breaker if I ever have kids is that the father has to know how to brush hair and at least do a proper ponytail if it's a girl. *shudder*
  10. Yeah scripted programming is more strict from what I've heard second hand. Most of the scripted shows are working on tight timelines and can't afford to have one of the leads take time off to isolate. I know the new show Cecily Strong is on had to work fast, especially Cecily had to get back to SNL by a certain time. Granted it seems like we've moved to talk shows and reality shows because $$$. Between her crush on Justin, being starstruck by the D-list Duggars, and thirst she's the most entertaining Duggar adjacent. The rest are just THE SAME. If she remains this thirsty I
  11. I would have to look up what was going on but everyone was speculating the Kardashians were going off TeeVee because of Kanye but the industry insiders were saying Kris and co were asking way way way too much. It's always fascinating to watch how this goes. My mom was asking if Lip Sync Battle was canceled because she loved that show. Nope. Turns out The Paramount Network is being rebranded as a movie channel and LSB is being moved to a different channel under CBS Viacom. I never thought I would see the day that the Spike Network became a channel that showed movies with gay lead cha
  12. I've been begging for the vaccine for the past several years because I had chickenpox when I was 5-6 months old. Since I'm nowhere near 50 I've been told no since they have no idea the efficacy of it of those under 50. My generation was the start of varicella vaccinations which may reduce the risk of shingles anyway. I was told to hug people with chickenpox. I asked where do I find these mythical people with chickenpox?
  13. A lot of it depends on the jurisdiction you're filming in and abiding by their requirements. Also depends on the network so YMMV. Whatever Arkansas has mandated under their laws is what the filming crew has to follow. I imagine they were filming the engagement party in Texas (if Mrs. Spivey is to be believed) so whatever was allowed under Texas law, they had to follow. And I looked up the Texas orders, they're pretty loose to say the least. I don't know about industry-wide but most production staff on scripted TV shows are tested regularly. If they can refuse work, probably. But the
  14. Didn't they sign a deal with Hulu or one of the other streaming services? The rumor mill is that Kardashians were asking way more than what E! was willing to pay when they were negotiating. E! is in a sorry state as it is, although a lot of TV channels are in the process of rebranding right now. My point in the Claire and Justin thread is every network has their limit and every reality TV family will either have to make concessions or walk.
  15. Justin is just an interchangeable J'boy. The only thing most people would remember him for is that he was the last Duggar kiddo that wasn't featured on a birth special. If that. He would have been the wee tot when Jackson was born. He may also be remembered for making sure Jordyn had some breakfast. It'll be telling once the Howlers get married how their lives play out. From Joy on down they were "parented" by their respective sister-moms (some more than others). Do they follow the script or go off key? Who knows. Justin might have a leg up on his brothers with regards for working for th
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