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  1. So what you're saying is he needs to throw some HBO money out there for charity and Chrishell will have the mirrorball trophy? I re-watched Skai's dance. She clearly didn't have time to practice this week. I barely listen to the filler pieces before the dances. She said she's going to college right now? If so, she's going to struggle to put the time in some weeks more than others.
  2. John Oliver endorsed Chrishell this week on his show. I'm doubtful he has the "Colbert bump" but hey.
  3. It looked pre-taped. It's always fun watching Cheryl dance when she throws herself into it. The lack of practice time is getting more and more apparent. Nelly is the only one who is going to have a growth arc this season, much like Ty Murray did. Britt, in what world was that a salsa???
  4. A bit. They talk about the secrecy in retrieving the bodies as not to contradict the narrative that the astronauts died immediately and there was no suffering. It's the same narrative that was used when Iran accidentally shot down the Ukrainian airliner earlier this year. That everyone was killed immediately and no one suffered. Yeah... Not the case. Someone pointed out that was earlier this year, alongside the Australian wildfires, Kobe dying, and a bunch of other stuff. Those two and a half months of 2020 feel like they were years ago, not months ago.
  5. It's a bit unsettling he's 27 and she's 20. His family is uber fundie so he's probably on the same maturity level, so the age difference probably doesn't matter. I'm always surprised these people make huge deals out of when their offspring get engaged only to say "Uh... She loves the Lord...?" This person is about to marry into your family and all you can say about her is that?!?!?!?!
  6. That ends up being the overarching theme of the podcast. I mean, the Soviet space program was built on national pride and beating the Americans to space. Valentina Tereshkova ended up being the first woman in space because the Soviets were gung ho about beating the Americans on everything. Tereshkova and Gagarin ended up being huge public figures across the world during the 60s. Gagarin was a bit too cocky though once he achieved that fame. NASA had invested way too much into Challenger to call it off. The interviews with those that knew about the o-rings and how they blamed themselves are heartbreaking. Wasn't born at the time but I have been learning more through podcasts and documentaries about it. Now we know the nitty gritty, 😬.
  7. derailing this a bit. The Swindled podcast did a great episode on the Challenger explosion recently. The mini episode was about Vladimir Komarov who died on a doomed mission into space as well. Yuri Gagarin was supposed to be the one to go but Komarov knew that Gagarin as a "hero" couldn't be sacrificed. It's all really eye opening. So many people blamed themselves for Challenger but it wasn't their fault.
  8. This is about as personal as a Duggar birthday greeting. Dude sounds like the Great Value version of Jeremy Vuolo. 😬
  9. I'm surprised. I was sure they were going to tie her down for a few more years as a sister-mom before letting her marry.
  10. I noticed that as well. Someone on Reddit took a picture with Justin and Claire at a restaurant in Texas. Yeah. Justin didn't leave much room for Jesus. Meanwhile he's doing a stereotypical teenage thing... While we all know he will soon be married.
  11. Tasket was pretty funny though. I like the Mixed-ish cast so I didn't mind.
  12. The people I know IRL have an idea of the Duggars but only because "that's the large family where the brother assaulted his sisters." Thank you grocery tabloids!
  13. It's a screencap from someone who has their IG settings in Polish. The Spiveys are really moving on up in this world aren't they?
  14. Yep and with some companies looking to make work from home a permanent option for those who want it, people are moving to areas where the cost of living is lower. If you don't need to commute, why live in a shoebox?
  15. Ok this cracked me up. I was just so taken aback because one has profound hearing loss and I was deliberately standing several feet away. I had to take off my mask so she could read my lips. One of them snapped at me for having my mask off! I was like, wait. I'm quite a distance away from you and we're outdoors. I gave them the benefit of a doubt because I think we've all done and said insensitive things during this time. My mom tells me I am way too forgiving and compassionate. She would have snapped. I just didn't want hostility in what is my "safe space".
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