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  1. Yes and I think it's even been philosophically pastured that whether or not Sisyphus is in eternal torment or a testament to human accomplishment it's just that. The mindset of the man who was always roll the boulder up the hill. Especially as when you get right down to it that's mortality in human life. You roll things up and then the sun sets and before you know it you've got to start it all over again. I knew challenge or a fresh new tragedy having to do things again and again. So ultimately who's the winner the gods right because they get to set the challenge and nothing you do can wet. Or is it in the mind of Sisyphus the man who realizes that challenge brings with it a new opportunity to succeed or to Simply maintain their personal sense of value an accomplishment by always being able to do it. There is after all a joy or a sense of accomplishment and a Daily Grind job well done. In some ways seeing as they're both place off of nerdy archetypes this is perhaps the better don't be a mean nerd message that I heard in pop culture in the last 10 years. 1 there are some very real negative issues surrounding so while yeah they are sometimes being sexist it's not so much they hate women so much as they have often been mistreated by life or underestimated or rejected so they have very understandable insecurities and not ha ha he thinks his penis is small so much as they patch it to find themselves either by struggle or by anticipating problems to avoid being overwhelmed or undermined by them. Chidi has to learn how to put Faith in a person and the feelings that he's having and being willing to even suffer the possibility of failure and how to degree he's being a little arrogant. Michael has to see himself Beyond his job and his struggle as well as placing people in boxes of this person's an ass-whole which I must always fight and I am the person who is always struggling to do the right thing and instead just take circumstances as is. Even when they can see someone can take an idea that they put so much just to make it happen and someone else can do it better. That is enormously difficult to do for characterization on fallo ability of the male psyche I can't help but feel as if that's much more meaningful than yet another round of I'm going to take a bunch of political straw man concentrated on the character and signal to the audience how they're such an a****** as if that's somehow meaningful it's also felt like a interesting turn around on Jason and in my opinion a bit more believable than his amazing empathy Powers with regards to Janet or his entire relationship to Janet to be honest. we know that he's given to deception and scheming as well as anticipating a problem and responding to it with dramatic gestures. And this case one of his schemes were and he was able to do it by kind of getting a person but without necessarily being too harmful. It's something that uses impulsiveness but didn't deny it because he immediately made use of both his referent Tatian and his quick-wittedness in Orosi an angle and push on it. Not least of which I don't think he was faking it entirely. Obviously he has some doubts about him and Janet. But by needling for support from a father figure or at least someone who is his friend he was able to get the reinforcement that he needed in a way that he knew that he could push back to them and because he knows how their relationship works it becomes mutually supportive. Which incidentally indicates that there is a positive version or aspect of donkey Doug parenting he really has become his best self without necessarily becoming what someone would want him to be. Eleanor she's kind of been done pretty much two seasons ago almost all of her stumbling blocks have been circumstantial sure her insecurities of flared up but they were so situational that unless she was really that childish I don't think she's majorly self-destruct. Part of it is that being the protagonist she doesn't really have her efforts undermined as much. As an example one of her biggest issues was needing control and Independence while being able to satisfy herself or risking intimacy and companionship. For the most part tahani stopped dunking on her. obviously she's no less than Jason. And she's been lapping Chidi for the practicals for quite some time. it's not satisfying television to actually do the Sisyphus thing. So what they've been doing is usually flipping the board so technically we're watching The Rock start from zero but it's also way of progressing to the next level. even when chidi technically had his amnesia it was another form of progression. He got to see new relationships form out as well as get a lot more time in his personal private idealic heaven. Even the challenges were a lot less extreme in this case Jason was supposed to push Chidi. he wasn't actually a liability so there was less Direct panic in the overall situation for instance Jason knew what not to do or did not do something when he knew he wasn't supposed to do it for the necessity of a plan I guess I'm just rambling right now anyway this was a neat little tie it up in a bow episode. Though if you told me that the next episode was about how the system that they just invented was the one they were always doing and you don't know whether or not their actions have consequences or that's what or how they originally made and trust us that the system because of Jeremy bearimy then what Ave
  2. So true. Face it she's the Paulo of this season about to her credit she's not just a romantic obstacle. But almost everything she's done or been a part of has been to be a sort of road cone or block or speed bump. It's really annoying because I think it could have been interesting seeing someone who was so devoted to science and cognition see that there is in fact a new life after death and her in person how that goes forth. But instead she's there to be sort of well like I said the Paulo or whatever you call the nice but ultimately inconsequential existing love interests who's going to eventually in a clutch show this or that flaw so it's okay for the guy that you want or the girl that you want or whoever it is to break up with them
  3. First I want to apologize I didn't mean to cut and run I'm not really regularly browsing this place and I really only came back for the newest episode and then missed all the responses. To clarify of what I'm saying it's dismissal that's the issue not sticking up for yourself or judgment Again in terms of things that rent does everyone from Eleanor to Simone has done the same or similar. In terms of classes looking down and pushing or treating someone like a sexual object hell in terms of treating tahani as a sexual object many other characters are guilty of this And like I was pointing out there were ways to assert themselves or even help him when he was asking for help though in a very rude and inconsiderate way without its spiraling into an attack. This is why I say it comes not from a place of self-confidence or watched correct or even defense but a place of envy or at least scorn That's why I pointed out how Simone treated people in the good place as if they weren't real. John's job with socially belittling others the fact that it was actual work for which he got money for it doesn't make it better. And I'm certainly not going to attribute Brent greater virtue than he's actually earned. But is hating on him an act of Justice or is it an act of well A lot of people here are former Television Without Pity readers correct? In the original Charmed series there was an episode where they try to explore the concept of Karma. And the reviewer for that show pointed out that at the very least if not the type that's actually practiced by native and traditional Hindi then the one that people love bringing up inspired by that is actually kind of awful in Min. That is to say it's fun to imagine that the guy who cut you off in traffic is going to get theirs but it's awful to think that the person who is dying of cancer is suffering because of what a prick they are. For entertainment purposes Brent makes perfect sense. he's meant to inspire that sense of I hope that guy who cut me off in traffic gets his. But the fact that you think that is also tied into its natural conclusion - to you deserve to die of cancer. This is where the mediation on morality runs in to the Entertain the audience conflict And this is what I think is off about sjws or at least how they conduct themselves when they're interacting in fandom spaces. And at the very least when I see something that panders to them and entertainment like Brent. He's not in mediation on how people can be racist or Prejudiced and use that to cause harm because we've literally had nothing but characters who had certain privileges are favoritism and use that cause harm or be inconsiderate or perpetuate wrongness in the world. In fact the early season was pretty unflinching on how someone even from a poor background like Eleanor is still at fault for her horrible attitude even with poor input. But making him rich and Powerful means that the things that he desires are the ones that we desire because the good place is constantly been presented to us as a well-off urban neighborhood that just happens to be filled with these larger-than-life good people who are completely non offencive in nice. The Twist is that what we often think of as worthy of such admiration doesn't necessarily translate into Rewards or can hide inherent corruption But I never feel like the show really followed through on that afterwards. With plenty of perving on tahani and mocking of Jason and Eleanor's class culture and background. I mean where does the to lifelong academics get off looking down and being offended at someone who lives a privileged existence where they don't have to do anything it gets a judge everyone else? At least she desperately tried to be inoffensive even though that turned out to not be the way to go. In fact I'd say all of the for experiment subjects were all judgmental Pricks who believed that the world was against them and use what privilege and power they could to push people down. Simone actually isn't all that bad at least in life. But in death She's Like the straw scientist that I absolutely hate and television. This is not help with well the next episode but I'll go to that thread for my thoughts that regards that information
  4. It's not even non toxic Morty. I mean Morty is not a virgin anymore so it seems weird that he's doing the pine for the dream girl thing rather than holding her in some sort of perspective. Even more so when his Jessica was mutated into a crazy bug person. Heck the tiny Rick episode you seemed happy to be with her but he wasn't obsessed about her And people say that show kind of got more mainstream in a bit Dumber it's bits like this that I think they're pointing to. Well obviously not every tiny little my new detail needs to be the same character continuity is probably the most important we are talking about a show where you check at. You can reset some character development and drama But if you're feeling like the character isn't making sense you're running on that track to I believe they're called the five deadly words of fiction? I don't care what happens to these characters. No I think it's 8 anyway once that thought or what it represents is in the audience's head you lose them and they might keep going on inertia but it's only the slightest rip up and before you know it they're going to drop you like a bad habit or tear you apart or worse Toxic employee native fans are all fascists? I kind of had difficulty watching the stream around that point so I stopped watching. Is this episode worth completing? Does it seem like the shows going to go in a real Direction versus another Gerry & The Wolf situation? I Do by that Beth isn't the Clone now that she's actually put her foot down on her father's Behavior. Rest before she just sort of accepted him as is which seemed completely unrealistic.
  5. Actually I find it ironic that Simone is the one complaining about Brent treating other people as if they're not real and that's how she treated others in the good place the first few days that she was there. she even assaulted people. That's I think the problem I and people like me that oppose who we call sjws. It's not that the things that they point out aren't issues. its that the unforgivableNess of sins are based on the identity of the person that they're targeting. Despite the profession of this or that virtue or standard of behavior it's a sin when this kind of person does it for pretty much the same reasons and attitudes that another person does it. And that's a non-starter in terms of trying to get people to change. As an example of the people who brought complaints or had complaints about Brett's particular issues I bet if you look back there probably just as guilty of the same. I particularly loved how they said that passage was so exploitive of tahani I'm like oh my God he wrote having to take awhile to take her in? That was too sexist? Though they did have a point about how forcing people who are victims in order to be ideal to those who victimize them basically allows those who take advantage of them to continue doing so. However it's more about you need to assert yourself in a effective way. We don't really get this despite the fact that they could just give him straight up good advice for being a better writer in how what he does and how it doesn't work. And how he can't demand that they endorse his book if they don't want to. But it goes from asserting who they are and sticking up for themselves to beating down on Britt. And I think it's because their judgment doesn't come from a place of dignity or morals but of envy. They don't hate Brent because Brent is bad to people and they're good to people. It's because they have to be good to Brent and they wish that people had to be as good as brent thinks he's supposed to be treated and often does get treated
  6. Brent is basically Eleanor only without being female and without the supposed justification of the Brents of the world existing in order to make it so Eleanor thinks she should act the way she does. It doesn't help that he lacks the self-awareness though part of the issue is that he's never been attributed something that he knows he didn't do. It doesn't help that he went from being effectively one of the more envied and admired people in a Social Circle two men getting rewarded with heaven. There have been hints that he has issues his inability to accept failure his line about his father in his book as well as his want to be reunited with his friends. And honestly he's no worse than Jason or tahani in that regard also if I made the weird classism that underlined the good place the show as a whole kind of comes to a head with a character. After all he's effectively getting Less in death than he did in life. You already lived a life of idle material non scarcity. Only now he has less social privilege and less friends and he's expected to act even better and accomplish more outside of what he's already done. And when we might look our noses down on him inheriting well that doesn't change the fact that it's true that's did in fact work for a living you do actually have to work to maintain a business even for marginal gains. Moreover there was plenty of criticism that they could give that would have actually helped him and improve as a writer without taking the fact that they actually read the book and make it all about that. For instance if they had just insisted that him booking them for consistent positive praise without letting them make their own judgments that would have been one thing. But as it is seems the reason we're supposed to you him evil is because all of them Envy what he had in life. Which is just the reason he would need to ignore anything that they advise
  7. Of ALL the returns from the dead Declan would have been so damned easy it disgusts me DAVID CLARKE managed it (Lydia was nice, Victoria needs a female foil and they burned Croyden as a possible partner, seriously the entire clan minus charlotte passed her around.. which was the issue with both characters) "Well we secreted him away for testimony, turned out they cleaned their tracks but observing them tripped them up" Preventing character development S3... I think that was intentional Emily didn't realize half her problems would resolve themselves if she didn't force her scheme for this one perfect situation... and then it fell apart due to the one thing that kept signalling it was an issue. Not to mention her continuous descent into Victoria's own footsteps, even having scenes screaming Emily and Daniel are being victoria and Conrad must have been.
  8. I got into this due to Revengecast , a spinoff from the falling Fast Karate For the Gentlemen Podcast. One half of that duo and his long term lover/wife Graziella love the show. They love mocking Daniel It seems people keep going "his character is inconsistent" I'd say.. no. His character is VERY consistent. He is torn between a faux innoecent feel sorry dillentante who avoid actual guilt and responsibility to please the woman in his life OR a warped emulation of his father. When we OPEN he's whining how innoecent and deep he is while sleeping in a mansion dodging a DUI with a full accident. Each reinvention has, oddly to me, fit more than any expanded plot twist or parental revelation. I'm only up to the opening of S4 though just caught the finale. Ultimately his evolution into jerkass felt right, he had a choice to make but it was always his capacity to be hurtful he just retreated to nice. As such the "reinventions" have always made sense to me and be likeable.
  9. That was incredibly stupid of Wells. After getting himself OFF the suspect list he threatens with a timing that does nothing but make him one The ONLY thing that has changed in the WEEKS Joe (and years before with Barry) investigating the case is confronting Wells and the guy is observing him enough to threaten his daughter means its either a spy or, likely, someone he knows. That leaves Wells OR Thawne. And Thawne doesn't know or interact with Joe at all.
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