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  1. theshelledpea

    S06.E06: The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get

    This episode felt so weird. Maybe it was the music, but it just felt like a different show. Or like the director has never seen another episode of the show before. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it all just felt off.
  2. Are we the same person? I gave up on all of these shows around the same time for the same reasons. Although I went back to Lost for the last two seasons, there's a big chunk in there I'm missing. I don't even remember which season(s). It doesn't matter. Also, Glee (I think the last one I saw was prom? Or the one before prom.) HIMYM. Heroes. Revenge. OuaT.
  3. theshelledpea

    S01.E21: The Battle of New Orleans

    This dress? I may try and catch up over the summer, but with the way TVD is going, I probably shouldn't even bother.
  4. theshelledpea

    ABC Divorces Another (Trophy) Wife

    Bert was the best kid on TV! Boo, abc, boo. I'll really miss this show. I guess sweet doesn't sell.
  5. theshelledpea

    S05.E20: What Lies Beneath

    I'm beating a dead horse, but this shit is wack. The most egregious thing is that after nearly drowning, Elena has perfectly curled hair in the next scene. And why doesn't Stefan or anyone point out that Damon killed Lexi? I want this season to be over.
  6. theshelledpea

    S05.E17: Rescue Me

    Marcos? I think.
  7. theshelledpea

    Elena Gilbert: The Love Of Everyone's Life

    I'm trying not to think logically about doppelgangers or anything on this show, but, technically, should Stefan and Katherine have been the loves of each others' lives? Meaning, Tom and Elena would be the same? Imagine if human Elena and human Tom had met and had a totally normal, boring life. Probably impossible, but it would have been nice to at least see them meet.