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  1. viamber

    S01.E03: Part Three

    Can anybody explain what Nancy was talking about when Kinnear was off to visit his friend? The wife wasn't gonna be there so that made it easier for him to visit. But then Grace asked "why is that?" and Nancy gave some explanation about someone being sent off somewhere. Who was she talking about? Thanks.
  2. viamber

    S01.E10: The Toll

    A quick question for you torture aficionados: does pulling off toenails really inflict that much pain? Is there blood loss? I noticed Marty was walking around normally afterwards, no limp or anything. I must say I was expecting worse when I saw those evil looking pliers.
  3. viamber

    S01.E09: Coffee, Black

    Also, on the one hand, I was so relieved when the Dying Guy Downstairs (no clue on his name) removed the ammunition but as I haven't seen the finale yet, I'm nervous as hell for what kind of predicament it will put them all in. His name is BUDDY.
  4. viamber

    S01.E08: Kaleidoscope

    Yeah me too! Was she feeling guilty? Or had she been depressed before the crash? Seemed a bit much for her to be in the bed leaving her kids alone outside, you know?
  5. viamber

    S01.E07: Nest Box

    The lemonade trick can work as long as no one's left alive to remember it the next time, lol! Question: what happened to Sam, the realtor? Did the funeral for his Mom happen? Then what?
  6. viamber

    S01.E10: The Toll

    Just wanna say a few things: 1) OZARK really reminded me of BLOODLINE in terms of the atmospheric music and mood. That ominous music was SPOT ON!! CREEPY at times!! 2) Loved the family tensions and relationships. 3) Loved the multilayered Russ and genuinely felt sorry for him when Petty betrayed him. Ouch. 4) As far as Rachel and the money....she didn't take that much. She can deposit up to $10,000 in a bank. She can use the cash for groceries, gas and renting a condo or apartment, right? It's not like it's bank robbery money. She can go to Canada or Mexico and stay for years depending on how much she took. I don't see her coming back to town. Didn't Kathleen Turner flee the country after she snookered William Hurt and got a bunch of cash? She (Rachel) struck me as being very smart. 5) Finally, I think Wendy and the kids almost HAD to come back: they are a family, after all. Maybe they'll wind up dying together. Or walking into the lake and ducking underwater...
  7. viamber

    S01.E01: Sugarwood

    Ok, the daughter looked EXTREMELY androgynous to me. A mixture of Cate and Claire. Wouldn't it have been interesting to have her be in transition from male to female? And have the conversation be "Mom! I can't leave town! What about my appointments? My hormone treatments?" And she looked waaayyy older than 15!
  8. viamber

    S01.E03: Part III

    So what was blonde dominatrix doing to poor Bill? My t.v. was too dark...seemed like he was in agony. Something anal?? Thanks!
  9. viamber

    S04.E22: Army of One

    Hey, what happened to the black Chief of Police, Crawley? I don't remember her being written out of the picture like Kim Burgess was. I miss her!
  10. viamber


    Anyone else find it odd that Steve hasn't learned Spanish in his time down there in Columbia? Seems like a tremendous disadvantage given his job and how not only his partner and team speak the language but so do the sicarios! Why isn'tbecome a it a job requirement before getting hired to become a DEA agent? Oops! *why isn't it a job requirement*
  11. viamber

    S07.E15: Something They Need

    What does CDB stand for?
  12. viamber


    Can't figure out how to highlight what I want to comment on from a previous poster so I'll just say this: YES, straight men do watch the Bachelor!!! They're looking at all the female contestants who are usually quite alluring. Now if he was watching the BACHELORETTE that would be a different story...all those dudes...
  13. viamber


  14. viamber


    Umm...what is "THATHN?"
  15. viamber


    Does anybody know who the actor is portraying the guitar player that Mavis is representing? Seems like he may also be her boyfriend? Thanks.