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  1. noveltylibrary65

    S11.E07: From Farm to Runway

    Did I miss Ru's personality chat with Shuga Cain? I feel like she is the most invisible. I wish Brooklynn could've won with that gorgeous dress, but it just didn't match the challenge well.
  2. noveltylibrary65

    S01.E07: Legends in Their Own Minds

    Such an annoying episode, I didn't see anything inspirational in any of them. When that judge said the eye and lip were so amazing and hard to do I was like huh? I see it on youtube everyday. I can't believe these people are the best of those who auditioned, must have been a pretty low count of submissions.
  3. noveltylibrary65

    S01.E14: Tell All

    They are so weird.
  4. noveltylibrary65

    S01.E14: Tell All

    I disagree, saying things like "I've been waiting my whole life for man to say these things" it led us to believe she was interested. I'm mad at her for betraying ME lol Oh brother I thought it was more dramatic than a stupid swear. Thanks! and yes on the hair lol
  5. noveltylibrary65

    S01.E14: Tell All

    I couldn't help but think John Travolta in Battlefield Earth, it was giant!
  6. noveltylibrary65

    S01.E14: Tell All

    Darcy actually looked younger. Botox, fillers, tv makeup/lighting and getting rid of the heavy brows/black hair helped. Of course mentally she's a toddler. Thank goodness someone in the relationship has half a brain about marriage. But what did he say that got bleeped out? It looked like "Booty" ha.
  7. noveltylibrary65

    S01.E13: All or Nothing

    At least it explains why she'd want to hang out with old liver-lipped creeps!
  8. noveltylibrary65

    S01.E13: All or Nothing

    I hate Karine for getting our hopes up that she said no!
  9. noveltylibrary65

    S16.E11: Warrior Fashion

    I agree with Zac that Ayana's look was wacky and not very empowering, it gave me swashbuckling.
  10. noveltylibrary65

    S01.E04: Pop-Up Beauty

    I totally agree, especially in this case where we otherwise wouldn't have been subjected to the weird-ass annoying stand-in!
  11. noveltylibrary65

    S01.E01: Who Are You?

    I watch the girl who got eliminated (Sylvia) on youtube, so I was disappointed she was booted first, but really girl where was your backbone when the 'teammate' completely took over?
  12. noveltylibrary65

    S02.E01: The Heart Attack Is the Best Way

    I am disappointed she has custody, or is even a mother at all. It would be a lot more fun without it. I totally agree, I get pulled out of the story with Lashever and I couldn't figure out why.
  13. noveltylibrary65

    S12.E11: Breast Intentions

    I stopped watching a few weeks ago out of sheer boredom and see I have missed nothing. and I've been watching since day one. Recast everyone!
  14. noveltylibrary65

    S01.E06: Decisions, Decisions

    LMAO! well at least it would explain why the hell she'd be with liver-lips in the first place!
  15. noveltylibrary65

    S01.E06: Decisions, Decisions

    no he said he spent it all.