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  1. Before Randall even said, I knew he would go down that route. I was so angry and disappointed. I hate where the character is going. I've never liked the political storyline anyway. Just like most of the users have said, he is at his best when he has a storyline with his daughters or his siblings. Justin was wonderful in that scene. My heart broke for him. Now that he's getting more serious material, he's really shown what a good actor he is.
  2. For me Kate Walsh was annoying. I haven't seen her in a lot of roles anyway. I'm not sure what it was, but she just irritated me. It may be too early to declare this, but Aiden Gallagher is the break out IMO of the show.
  3. I go back and forth on liking the sisters. That's a good observation about the current shows. I haven't seen B&S but I've always like family comedy/dramas. I've seen a lot of the West Wing. But I stopped watching after some of the main characters left.
  4. I just finished episode 5 and I'm really enjoying it. Who's everyone's favorite character? Even though he's in love with a mannequin, I really like Number 5. Unfortunately Robert Sheehan does have a type casting problem. But he plays the character well, and I will say he's quite entertaining. Besides him and Ellen Page, I haven't heard of any of the other siblings.
  5. I completely agree. When the show first started I didn't really like him that much. But he's had good growth and I like the path that he's on. Yes, Kevin's siblings have been dealing with the same issues over and over. It is annoying, but I think the show does that because that's how it is with some people. They can't seem to get over or work through their issues. Sterling is a wonderful actor but I don't think his character's story this season is award worthy. I'm more interested in Beth and his daughters right now actually.
  6. Me too. I'm still invested and can't wait to see what happens every week.
  7. Seeing Rebecca and Jack in their early years was really moving. I enjoyed watching them slow dance and getting to know one another. I wasn't surprised that they slept together so quickly. The both of them seemed to be quite attracted to each other from the start. I've been on the fence about Zoey and Kevin, I was nervous about what Beth told him. So I figured she would end up hurting him and he would relapse. Not to mention I wasn't sold on Zoey yet. After this episode I'm glad to see she has strong feelings for him. My hope is she will continue opening up to him and their relationship will grow stronger. I forgot to add that I feel like they have a nice chemistry. Better than him and Sophie. I was never really sold on them.
  8. I'll admit I wasn't looking forward to this episode because of Toby. I've warmed up to him some. But that's only because the writers toned him down. After watching it I was pleasantly surprised. I did enjoy it. Also kudos to the casting director because little Toby was a perfect match. I'm glad we're getting to see Kate and eventually Randall be their spouses' rocks. After seeing that Beth is going to be going thru something. I have a even stronger feeling she is the mystery in the flash forward.
  9. It's getting better in some aspects for me. The season has started off a bit slow, so I'm hoping it picks up soon. When it comes to William, I do like his character but I feel like we've seen enough of him. I was surprised when he popped up a few times. I didn't think he would at all this season.
  10. Growing up I was a Kate and a Randall. Ironically enough, I was a preemie baby. All throughout school I was the smallest and shortest kid in my class. I hated how I looked. Unlike Randall, I wasn't adopted. But I have awful anxiety. Me! I'm interested.
  11. This episode was a bit lackluster for me. I still enjoyed it, but something was missing. Flashback Jack/Rebecca: Don't get me wrong I adore them as a couple. But I liked seeing more about their individual stories. It was so sweet that Jack got his mom away from his abusive father. I could of sworn Rebecca had a sister? Didn't they mention her a few times in the last two seasons? Or am I just crazy? Lol. Kate: I did like seeing her interact with her younger selves. It was cheesy, yes. But I didn't mind it. If she doesn't end up pregnant, I wonder where they will go from there. A surrogate maybe? Randall: I've loved him since from day one. But I was rolling my eyes when he announced he was gonna run. He has no experience in politics. I got a deja vu moment from Parenthood, when Kristina ran for office. Kevin: Just like the majority on here, having Kevin look into Vietnam was pretty interesting. So far this season, that's the only thing I'm looking forward to. Besides finding out who her is. When he isn't in a relationship, I really do feel like Kevin gets the best stories. Since he felt like he wasn't close to either of his parents, having him dig into the past on his father makes it even better.
  12. Milo really did find a gem in this show. I've been a fan ever since Gilmore Girls. I've been so happy that he's back on tv. He really has found an excellent role. I don't know if he'll ever be able to top it.
  13. I completely agree about Kevin. When he doesn't have a love interest storyline, he's more interesting. Also I feel like the actor does his best work when his character isn't involved with someone. I'm not sure if I want him single when the show ends. Maybe in a committed relationship, but defiantly not married. Kevin doesn't seem like the marrying kind.
  14. You Kate fans out there, what do you like about her? I've always struggled to find something. I want to like her, but there's something about her that just doesn't work for me. Kevin and Randall have flaws but I've come to really love them. Help me out.
  15. I didn't even notice that Beth doesn't have many scenes with her two younger daughters. That's something else we need to see. Maybe she helps Tess deal with her first crush, or a mean girl at school. I'm pretty sure we are going to see more about their life together this season. I'll admit I'd like to see how their first date went. Good ideas!
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