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  1. LOL! Yes, it was all the fault of his FANS! Poor martyred Jared! Of course, since he was completely aware of the shitstorm he provoked -- and we know he was because once the attacks on Jensen, Robbie and others really got going, he sent out that hypocritical little tweet saying, "please, no hate on social media!!" -- he could have clarified immediately for these fans what he supposedly "really wanted to say". That is, if he was actually at all concerned that his "tone" had been misunderstood. Oh, but I forgot, he "tries to avoid social media". 🙄
  2. So then if they did a story of the earlier adventures of Bobby and Rufus, that would mean re-casting the roles with younger actors. The idea of seeing those two characters played by someone else doesn't interest me very much. Unlike say, the roles of John and Mary, which have already been played by different actors, my enjoyment of the characters of Bobby and Rufus was tied to seeing them played by Jim Beaver and Steven Williams. Not just because of the fact that they are both very good actors, but because of the way they played off each other and the on-screen chemistry they had. To be h
  3. Thank you for your service, PA! To be honest I don't see how anyone for whom any violation of canon makes watching a show a complete "no-go" could ever have watched Supernatural in the first place, at least not after the first season or so. I'm not saying that it never bothered me -- it did, sometimes a lot -- but I still watched. (It's funny, but for me it was the little things that really drove me crazy for some reason, even if it was something that didn't really affect the direction of the story! Like, did they ever visit the Grand Canyon or not?!) Actually, though, I don't con
  4. Obviously there are two sides to the story, and we have only heard Jared's side. People who want to defend Jared are leaping to a lot of unwarranted assumptions and conclusions without really knowing the whole story, but I guess for them it is only Jared who deserves the benefit of the doubt. I doubt we will hear Jensen's side because he is not going to discuss it on social media. Bickering on twitter is not his style. Personally I think that if the whole story did come out, it is possible that what we learned would not be complimentary to Jared. It occurred to me, anyway, that it might b
  5. I remember Jensen saying a few months ago -- maybe in March -- that Chaos Machine was working on an exciting project connected to Supernatural. He said that he didn't want to give away too much at that time so he didn't give any details. But I remember seeing something about it on Twitter. So I am surprised to see Jared saying that this was absolutely the first time he had ever heard anything about this. Why did he not ask Jensen for the details back then? Or does he not listen to what Jensen says about his new projects?
  6. Thanks! That is an interesting discussion in the video. And Jensen is of course, as always, so gorgeous and charming! The movie comes out on June 22nd, and I went today to Amazon to pre-order a copy. I noticed that it is already listed there as a Best Seller, ranked #10 in Movies & TV, and #1 in Anime Movies & TV. I know that those rankings are always changing, but still I was excited to see that! Here is one of the reviews of the movie from a couple days ago: Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One Review; "Jensen Ackles Proves To Be A Perfect Pick For The Dark Knight" .
  7. Who is saying he didn't? I see no one here who is saying that Jensen didn't always give 100% or do his best with what he was given. I like this! 😊 I feel this way also, that Dean isn't really dead! I also agree with what you say about how this is Jensen's way of dealing with it. He didn't say this was the ending he wanted for Dean; he said that in his opinion this is the reason the writers chose to do the story the way they did. Jensen sees acting as a story that he has to make sense of, we have seen him do this before, like with the way the writers depicted Dean's relati
  8. Yes, the "Tell me what hurts" is what got to me as well. ❤️ Briana Buckmaster said the same thing on Twitter, and added, "I'm gonna start answering the phone with that." 😄
  9. A couple of my favorite "HappyBirthday"s-- Chad Lindberg (Ash) tweeting with updates about how Harvelle's Roadhouse was jammed packed with a party for Dean: "Harvelle's Roadhouse Update: Dean is now standing on the pool table singing Bon Jovi's 'It's my Life' at the top of his lungs." LOL! https://twitter.com/ChadLindberg/status/1353449806849433600 https://twitter.com/ChadLindberg/status/135355089471804620 Felicia Day doing a little video as Charlie, wishing Dean happy birthday: https://twitter.com/NudelmanNitzan/status/1353496125232308225 (Sor
  10. I'm looking forward to Jensen being on "The Boys"! I think he will be awesome! Does anyone know when they might start filming?
  11. In these quotes from the interview, he wasn't talking about Sam's feelings or opinions. He was talking about what Dean wanted and felt, and what Dean's life meant to him. Not from Sam's point of view, but from his own point of view. Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I disagree that Jared's opinion in this case is somehow more "valid" than anyone else's.
  12. Okay, I have not read this interview, but I can't understand calling Dean's death "a great success story". It still make me so sad to think of Dean losing his life when he had sacrificed so much and finally reached the point where he was free to decide what he wanted to do next. Even with everything he endured since he was a child, he still found a way to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Like in the last episode, where we see him hugging his dog and going to the pie festival. Dean was always bursting with life! He was willing to die to save those little boys from the vampires, but that doe
  13. Of course he did! As you say, what a weird comment to make. And it's even more bizarre that he includes Ruby as someone Dean "wouldn't have wanted his little brother to marry" because she was "someone in the life". I agree, it does make it sound like Jared didn't even watch the show. Uh, maybe Dean wouldn't have wanted Sam to marry Ruby because she played him for a complete fool and used him to free Lucifer from the Cage. Not to mention the small fact that she was a demon who was animating a corpse! To me it just sounds like Jared wants to make the fact that Sam stopped hunting into
  14. This fan quoted Jensen as saying "And that's very common, editors will trim up things to speed up a scene, to the point, they call it taking the air out of the scene. Taking the air out, and they'll kind of condense it and it'll be a concentrated version of that scene that was filmed." He said that's why he gave one of the crew members his phone to record the scene as they were filming. Because he wanted to remember the scene from Jensen's perspective, "and not Dean's perspective that's on the screen, because that will be a highly edited version with music and visual effects and special effec
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