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  1. In these quotes from the interview, he wasn't talking about Sam's feelings or opinions. He was talking about what Dean wanted and felt, and what Dean's life meant to him. Not from Sam's point of view, but from his own point of view. Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I disagree that Jared's opinion in this case is somehow more "valid" than anyone else's.
  2. Okay, I have not read this interview, but I can't understand calling Dean's death "a great success story". It still make me so sad to think of Dean losing his life when he had sacrificed so much and finally reached the point where he was free to decide what he wanted to do next. Even with everything he endured since he was a child, he still found a way to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Like in the last episode, where we see him hugging his dog and going to the pie festival. Dean was always bursting with life! He was willing to die to save those little boys from the vampires, but that doesn't mean that his death was not an awful thing.
  3. Of course he did! As you say, what a weird comment to make. And it's even more bizarre that he includes Ruby as someone Dean "wouldn't have wanted his little brother to marry" because she was "someone in the life". I agree, it does make it sound like Jared didn't even watch the show. Uh, maybe Dean wouldn't have wanted Sam to marry Ruby because she played him for a complete fool and used him to free Lucifer from the Cage. Not to mention the small fact that she was a demon who was animating a corpse! To me it just sounds like Jared wants to make the fact that Sam stopped hunting into an admirable and praiseworthy choice, something that he "did for Dean". Personally I don't have a problem with Sam deciding to stop hunting if that's what he wanted to do at that point. But I don't see anything particularly "noble" about him doing it, or think that it was something that Dean would have wanted him to do unless he wanted it for himself.
  4. This fan quoted Jensen as saying "And that's very common, editors will trim up things to speed up a scene, to the point, they call it taking the air out of the scene. Taking the air out, and they'll kind of condense it and it'll be a concentrated version of that scene that was filmed." He said that's why he gave one of the crew members his phone to record the scene as they were filming. Because he wanted to remember the scene from Jensen's perspective, "and not Dean's perspective that's on the screen, because that will be a highly edited version with music and visual effects and special effects and all that stuff." It's always interesting to me to hear Jensen talking about acting!
  5. Just to clarify, the fan who asked about this scene at her M&G with Jensen, and who then transcribed his answer, didn't include anything about Jensen saying that lines were cut. (She has since deleted the transcription from Twitter, but I had saved this part because I was going to comment on it.) He said that "some of Dean's reaction of what I played into Dean, they did not use." And added that "also some of the stuff Misha played into his side was cut." He then said that it is very common for editors to condense a scene in this way into a "concentrated version". The way he talks about stuff they "played into" their characters, that sounds like actor-speak for something that the actors themselves brought to the scene, artistic choices on their parts. So unless the actors were adding lines on their own initiative, that's probably not what he was referring to. More likely reaction shots that were not used?
  6. The problem is that these fans have made it abundantly clear, for years now, that getting anything less than full blown Destiel in the end would be considered by them as a personal attack and betrayal and totally unacceptable. I would have been fine with Dean, as you describe, happily greeting Castiel with a hug in Heaven, and then going for a drive, but they wouldn't. They weren't interested in making their own head canon. If Dean saw Castiel in Heaven and didn't echo his declaration of love, there would have been a huge outpouring of hate directed toward Dean, not to mention personal insults and accusations flying at Jensen, just as we've already seen previously.
  7. Personally I don't think that Sam ever really used the name Dean in speaking to or referring to his son; the name was just a way of honoring Dean. In my personal canon, Dean II had a nickname that he always went by instead. That's how it was in my family, when a person was named after an older relative, in order to prevent confusion. In this case, even though the original Dean was no longer around, I do not see Sam thinking of or speaking to someone new by the name Dean, as if he were a replacement for his brother. Even though we only saw him for a moment as an adult, I didn't have a problem with Sam's son. I thought the actor was a nice-looking young man, and he even sort of vaguely resembled Sam. And I kind of like the idea of Sam sharing stories with him about his brother, and Dean II growing up wishing that he could have known his uncle. I don't understand however why Sam's son had to be literally the only person in the universe that Sam had any contact with after Dean died. I mean, I understand COVID restrictions, but not having crowd scenes didn't necessarily mean that Sam must exist in a world that consisted of only him and one other person for the rest of his life. But I don't know, maybe that was supposed to symbolically show how the rest of Sam's life felt for him after he lost Dean. It's almost like the only reason Sam's son was there, was so that he could hold Sam's hand as he was dying and tell him it was okay to go. I guess it wouldn't have worked if all Sam had was Miracle and he had to die holding his paw. 🙂
  8. Well, the CW guy says that it would have to be "connected" to the Winchesters, not that it would have to "include" Winchesters. But if that was the idea, yeah, good luck in trying to get something like that to work without THE Dean Winchester. Obviously they still don't get what made the original show work.
  9. Yes, you might be right about that! And I am okay with it -- I don't necessarily need for him to come out right away and confirm or affirm what MY feelings are about it. Or at least, I don't feel that I have the right to demand that he immediately do this. In a way, I think it is kind of respectful of the fandom for him not to say anything right away. It's like he is giving us our space to work through our reactions without having him direct the response.
  10. It is at about 23 minutes in. Thanks again! Like I said, it helps me right now to hear him saying this. 😟
  11. Thank you so much, pinkchicken! I could not find it and I was starting to think I had dreamed it!
  12. Can anyone help me find something Jensen said about the show ending, I don't know if it was an interview or at a convention or what. But the question was about Dean being gone, and Jensen said something like, "Dean isn't gone. I've got him right here." I really feel like I want to hear him saying that now!
  13. It is hard for me to think about this because there are different layers that I have trouble keeping separated. One layer is what Dean felt about his fate. I think that because he had been hunting and putting his life at risk on a daily basis almost his entire life, he had always expected that this would be his end, and although he didn't want to die, he accepted that his time had come. Which is not the same thing as wanting it to happen; he did not want this to be "the day". For me this is separate from whether or not Dean felt he deserved to die like this. He was definitely damaged by the life he had led and the things that had happened to him, but I also think that we had seen him reject the idea that he was nothing more than a blunt instrument or a killer. Although I agree that he still really could have used some intensive therapy for his issues, I think he believed it when he ultimately told Chuck, "That's not who I am." On another layer is what the episode was saying. I don't know that the episode was necessarily saying that this was the bestest happiest ending ever for Dean; it was acknowledged that this was a sad thing. But Dabb, in the way that the episode was written, completely ignored how horribly and monstrously unfair and awful what happened to Dean was. (I feel like I need a stronger word than unfair.) And the episode did seem to be saying yes, this is sad, but hey, it is kind of lovely and poetic, isn't it? And then there is one more layer, which is the viewers. And I do think that there is a subset of fans (not anyone here) who absolutely are saying "isn`t that the bestest happy ending ever for him, yay". Not necessarily because they think Dean is better off dead or he is too broken to live, but because of what Aeryn and Tessa mentioned, the romanticizing of the idea that it is so beautiful to see Dean die and go to Heaven and wait there for his brother to come join him, because that is Dean's perfect destiny.
  14. I don't think he was "happy" about it. More like resigned to the idea that this would be his end. Like he said to Veritas, "It's the gig.....You're covered in blood until you're covered in your own blood. Half the time, you're about to die." That's what it was like being a hunter. I don't know that he felt he deserved to end like this. On the one hand, I don't think he ever got over what happened when he was in Hell. On the other hand, he didn't seem shocked to find himself in Heaven after he died.
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