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  1. Yeah Dean had Sam to focus on, as in "save him or kill him" after John's deal, I actually think that's worse.
  2. I liked the monochrome look of Jensen's outfit, I think it looks very stylish while still being unique due to the shirt.
  3. He looks amazing. I just love that he goes bold with his fashion choices because he can pull them off.
  4. You left off the rest of the sentence where in that is exactly my point. I literally say Dean asked someone instead of reading it in a book. Sam is acting as if because Dean didn't read it in a book, he asked someone instead, it's it's somehow LESS than reading it in a book. I'm not sure what you are disagreeing with here or how this has anything to do with Dean lying. Sam IMO was an ass for making a "stupid joke" about Dean because Dean asked someone instead of reading it. It wasn't meaningless brotherly teasing, imo, it came across as genuinely thinking Dean was somehow stupider for asking someone who was more an expert as it were. Which isn't unusual for Sam but this was an early instance of it, because a little more than half way through the first season.
  5. Every time Sam asked one of those questions or made one of those remarks about books it was presented as some sort of mockery of Dean's "smarts". Nor do I think Dean's answer to his question where he called someone else really say anything about his reading. Sam was being an ass even asking the question - as if Dean if didn't read it in a book, it was a "lesser" way to find out the answer, like calling someone who was more of an expert on the matter and actually discussing it with them is not as intelligent or as good as finding it in a book. I remember back at that time, in Season 1, there was definitely some criticism of the presentation of that line because it was so ridiculous to act like Dean asking someone else who could give him the answer was a "stupider" option, because that is what Sam's implying when he doesn't believe Dean got the answer from a book by saying "What was the last book you even read?". Who cares how Dean got the answer, he got the answer, it's not less intelligent to ask someone who knows about these things than it is to go scrounging around books to look for the answer.
  6. Back in the day I actually thought Michael and Dean could work out a sort of host/angel symbiotic relationship but unfortunately Dean had everyone telling him he'd be a failure and doing everything they could to talk him out of it, including beating him up.
  7. Real estate records are public, there are some fans who are always checking that stuff and saw they sold the house. Then that information gets around. Actually, this may or may not be related, but apparently a new law went into affect in Austin and it was going to raise the property taxes on the lake front properties MUCHO. Supposedly there was some old law still on the books where lakefront properties didn't pay property taxes(or paid minimal taxes) and that was changed, so they could have sold for that reason, the taxes were going to go up exponentially.
  8. Hey maybe that is why we've had all the idiocy of people acting like a guy who looks like Jensen Ackles(aka Dean) is somehow ancient and ugly - maybe THAT was Chuck and now that he's weak and vulnerable, it's going back to normal, which is to say, people NOT acting like Dean looks like the Cryptkeeper. :)
  9. Oh my gosh yes, talk about CUTE! But I didn't notice she was the Armorer so that's awesome, having a role on this show and while not a big role, it's an important one.
  10. Yeah I read the description and thought it sounded cool. I'd never heard of either Jensen or Jared and I remember when I first saw Jensen in Dean's first scene I was absolutely floored that someone that beautiful existed and somehow I was not aware of him before that. LOL I literally remember thinking simultaneously he had a manly voice(which now he sounds like a baby in the pilot but watching at the time it was like "gee, he sounds like a grown up, for a WB show") and "how did I not know he existed before this moment"? Within minutes though I was just thinking Dean was a really interesting character and I wanted to know more about his world. He was just really believable and then there was a scene in the bridge where Sam says something about not even remembering Mary and Dean grabs him and pushes him up against the bridge and you expect some angry or growled out line but instead Dean suddenly pulled himself back and just said really quietly don't you talk about her like that, or something along those lines. It was just really intriguing because it gave me the feeling that he was used to taking care of Sam. It was an unexpected way to play the scene. I feel like Jensen with his acting laid down so much of who Dean was, even without the dialogue, etc and Kripke in an early interview during the first half of season 1 basically confirmed that when he said the writers were inspired by Jensen's performance into what made that "screwed to hell psyche". Right from the start Jensen made Dean feel like a real person, IMO.
  11. I think that is exactly it. He's not doing it because he's got something better lined up( like a cheating spouse who doesn't leave until they have another relationship going on the side they can jump right into) he's doing it because I think firstly the quality of the show itself and secondly the lack of respect with which he was treated by those running the show (and IMO the dropped storylines and unwillingness to give him any guidance when he asked for it is showing a big lack of respect) finally made him say enough is enough. I think if it was just one or the other he might have decided to keep making it work but with both those things, that was the straw.
  12. Radio Company's album made it onto some Billboard charts! Pretty darn impressive. https://www.nerdsandbeyond.com/2019/11/19/jensen-ackles-and-steve-carlsons-radio-company-lands-on-multiple-billboard-charts/ #1 Heatseekers album chart #5 Emerging Artists chart #2 Rock Album Sales Chart #2 Top Independent Albums chart #18 Top Rock Albums Chart #151 Billboard top 200
  13. I am SO proud of Jensen and Steve. Awesome. (However I feel like I've gone back in time looking at some of that chart why are Simply Red and Wham up there? Did something happen recently to get people guying them, in a movie or did someone die this week?)
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