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  1. Maybe whoever wrote it was hoping when John came back for episode 300, Dean would actually get to have his own heart to heart with Dad about how he was treated and wanted to use the Bad Boys angle to do it but then naturally it was decided Dean didn't need to say anything and that was a dead end. I mean it did fit with Bad Boys and it would make sense to "punish Dean", who dearly loved his family, by taking away his family, and it's cold enough to sound like something John would do. It could have been things like when Sam ran away, after they found him, maybe John was like get out. Or even
  2. Last golf round of the season, Jensen and Karl(not sure why it's not showing up in the post) so click the link): https://www.instagram.com/p/CTfaIxCvUVY/
  3. Thanks, that's really interesting. I'm glad the issues with TPTB of SPN didn't sour Mark on the whole experience. He was one of the better parts of the show and deserved better from the production and writers.
  4. Hi and welcome! Doing well, thank you. Hope you enjoy it here.
  5. Sorry I'm not one of JP's stans, I don't get gaslit that easily. Your original post is still there. You're so uninvested you just had to make a post all about who supposedly has more pull and who supposedly is more well known to the general audience, . And how Jensen and his wife would love that attention. Sounds pretty invested to me in whose winning to me. See "win" is even in the post: That's a laugh about helping with the PR, Jared's only helping himself with the PR. Jensen and Danneel don't need him. Genevieve needs him, he's the only way her instagram advertising posts get
  6. Yeah no one said he couldn't be interviewed, it was the person coming on and saying "Jensen wishes he could get interviewed..." Jensen is working and Jensen doesn't need to be doing it right now so he's not. And he gets plenty of attention without it. He's also in an ensemble show and I'm sure pretty sensitive to the fact that there are other actors on there who have been there since the start, as he said he knows he was coming into someone else's house, so to speak.
  7. LOL Jensen and his wife don't need it. They have higher engagement rates. Why do all that work when you can get the same amount, if not more, attention posting something on Instagram once or twice a month or when other people mention your name in articles. Kripke talked to Vanity Fair about The Boys and there were literally dozen of articles copied from it with Jensen Ackles name in the title "Jensen Ackles' Soldier Boy central Season 3's storyline", "How Jensen Ackles was cast in The Boys" stuff like that. He's gotten great reviews for the very successful and well reviewed The Long Hallowe
  8. .Jensen is raked over the coals for every little thing. Meanwhile even after he threw them under the bus saying it was THEIR fault for misunderstanding his tweet the fans are still crying about how he's covering for Jensen and poor baby martyr. And no we'd never have known about it if it was the other way around because when has Jensen ever taken a problem to social media? He'd have picked up a phone and texted or called and waited for an answer. Though who knows maybe one day he'll get sick of being the only taking the high road and let it blast. I hope not but I couldn't exactly bla
  9. Yes they were closed(or rather they were not closed, they only did take out) for a while and then, I can't remember if it was late winter or early spring this but by April they were operating at 50 percent capacity, I think they are full capacity now but not sure, however they have so much outdoor seating anyway, it's probably not that hard to keep people spread out and from what I can remember from photos they usually had the indoor tables pretty spread out anyway.
  10. It's not closed to the public. FBBC has been open for months. They have regular trivia nights and live music and regularly advertise they are open.
  11. They probably won't go unless they can manage some sort of private plane(and after what happened to Jensen and some of the others during that Las Vegas trip going to the Con, not sure how they'd feel about that), as I doubt they'd want to be cooped up on a crowded plane even with the extra precautions. 3 kids are hard enough to travel with. As I recall Jensen said he drove up to Canada. But still it would be nice if they could get there somehow. I mean almost 6 months is a LONG time.
  12. Or maybe Danneel will be able to come visit him(not sure what Canada is doing about minors who are too young to be vaccinated?).
  13. Well it's not like he looks ugly lol, he just looks different. IMO as I said it is a really heavy filter which I would never do in a photo with Jensen. LOL If I didn't like how I looked, I'd just put one of those smily faces over my head. :)
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