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  1. Oh, I just assumed she would return as Troia tbh and she totally should. Dick had his "grows out of the sidekick phase, finds new purpose, gets new name and costume" bit maybe next year Donna gets to do so for herself. and maybe this "growth" lets her be allowed to use her full powers from now on. Like in death they got "unlocked" somehow. I don't care how they did it, but they better get her powers right somehow. And I totally cheered when I saw Krypto too. heh. Karen is a good choice for Barbara Gordon but probably would never happen. I can fanwank legal troubles get glossed over by Bruce's help and maybe some hacking etc somehow, though for all we know next season they will get mentioned. I do have belief (after the Elko reveal) that some of the stuff that were left unanswered, are required too much of suspension of belief may have an explanation come S3, but we will see. I must say, I think this episode there were times actors failed too. They had scenes where it felt like they were just reading the lines rather than emoting in any way. BUT it is probably a writing problem largely, when the dialogue feels offf and doesn't roll, not much actors can do about it. I think with Rachel stuff we can just assume the Amazons did make her an offer to come along off-screen and she is just finalizing it with Dick. As for the blob thing, it really confuses me. We know Kory landed here on a spaceship, so this is her, her own body, I would say. She and the guard both knew each other and how each other looked (were not surprised at the form the other took) so I would say it was always their own bodies. The blob thing seems to be something Blackfire does, though how I have no idea. And last time it seemed to me it was only temporary and the host body was meant to perish quite quickly. This time, she just took over and went off. If the blob is some parasitical part of her, does this mean her real self is still up in space? And the human she took over wont have her powers? Because honestly, the human really shouldn't be having her powers unless she somehow teleported her entire self through the blob somehow. It is very confusing.
  2. I have mixed feelings about this... The good: Dick/Nightwing. From suit to the action to Dick actually being smart and getting things done and being there when needed. Him apologizing to Gar and owning to his mistake in leaving him alone. Felt like the Nightwing I know and love! Bruce. Love him messing up Mercy's plans and OMG the smiley emojis(. this Bruce actually has a sense of humor (though might be a tad influenced by his villains lol) and TIME for his kids (well at least his possibly favorite kid) and shows he cares and even helps out the Titans. Take note comics writers! Loved the talk between him and Dick. He is great. Jason showing up for Donna's funeral. Awww... Elko. The reveal it was Rachel's doing all along. awesome. Donna actually showing some power. She was able to stand her ground against Superboy for a while (which does make one wonder why she did so pourly against Deathstroke though) AND I think we actually saw her show some superspeed at the very end, which was weird. The bad: the resolution to both Deathstroke and Cadmus was very rushed and lame. Which makes me think in S3 or onward they will reappear but honestly Titans thinking Deathstroke was dead for sure was stupid. They didn't even really CHECK in any way. Dick just looked down and said "yes" lol. Did they just leave him lying in the street like that and went on to the carnival? and never bothered to check again? Dumb dumb dumb. And Cadmus's brainwashing shouldn't have been so easy to break. Although it was nice and made sense for Rachel to be able to reach Gar and loved that Dick figured out how to save Conner we should have seen them doing checkups on them and trying to undo the damage because what Cadmus did was also something physical. The way it is, I feel they might snap back at anytime. Especially Gar. Wouldn't listen classical music around him! Donna's death. Easily the dumbest death ever. Really, show? Deathstroke didn't kill her. Superboy didn't kill her. Falling debree electrocuted and killed her? Seriously? Who did the actress piss of so much? (though guess Rachel will just revive her for S3 so guess no one, they just needed their promos to say "a titan will fall down as another rises" and needed it to be not permanent),, The Questionable Jericho/Rose. So, will they always be a dual act? Or will Rachel came in S3 and fix that situation too after reviving Donna. Because if so they are getting very close to overdoing the Rachel trick where she just fixes everything. But I feel it is a situation that DOES need to be fixed somehow. Was the Amazon whose hand Dick was shaking supposed to be Diana? if not, where the hell is Diana? Blackfire... Err, kind of convenient of her to come down to earth to mess with her sister when we know Kory didn't have the means to go back home and Titans aren't likely to be able to space travel. I am sure saves the show budget too. But really, why would she even bother? But not going to judge too harshly yet, guess s3 will explain it. I am guessing she might be facing resistance to her rule and came down to earth to kill off Kory to put an end to it all. and I still wish Hawk and Dove to have their spin-off and be gone from Titans. But must admit at this point I like Hank better than Dawn. The guy can at least self-reflect and be humble and isnt always "me, me, me, I am great and wonderful, how dare you not listen to me/disappoint me/disagree with me".
  3. I say let Rachel loose on her, tbh. Especially after the "horrific becomes our new reality" speech. See how she likes that particular horrific reality... Agree it shouldn't be Gar, it tortures him to know he has harmed someone. Don't need to add to it. Or even better, let Krypto blast her to oblivion. That way no one runs the risk of feeling guilty about it, and Krypto IS one of Mercy's victims too, so there is poetic justice in it still...
  4. Yes but not sure she was aware everyone was leaving by one by or that they wouldn't reunite immediately once they calmed down. She always had a foot out the door so Jericho story gave her the perfect excuse to bail. Was she really that instrumental in the Titans breakup after all? All she did was do some of the pranks that they all blamed Jason for with no good reason or proof at all, a Jason they knew full well was rather traumatized btw! They were simply horrid there and it had nothing to do with Rose, it was their own rottenness. And still don't know how and why Deathstroke knew about the soda thing with Donna but there was absolutely no reason for them to think Jason would have any such knowledge. In the end, the reason they broke up was their overreaction to Dick's confession, which is mostly on the original Titans and them jumping at the chance to have a scapegoat. They never seemed much into the idea of reforming the team and seemed to look for an excuse to call it quits anyway. So, don't think Rose gets any blame (or credit, as it is) for breaking up the Titans. They did a fine job of it on their own. Actually, come to think of it, does make sense for Rose to be more interested in helping Titans out than Jason would be. Titans have been simply horrid to Jason so he has every reason to say eff them and want nothing to do with them. He can make up with Dick once he has calmed down, but the rest treated him horribly and he owes them nothing. Rose on the other hand, probably feels guilty and if she is also turning on her father, especially after finding out the truth about her brother's death, she may be interested in joining forces with Titans and helping them against Deathstroke.
  5. Neither do I. Dont care for cage fighting, dont care for Hawk's sex problems, dont care for his drug problems. So was kind of zoning out during his scenes. Faux Hawk and his problems with his step-parent and how he is practically homeless and all alone at the age of 16 was much more touching for me and got more of my empathy. Oh and I found it pathetic that Hawk had himself being announced as "undisputed leader of the Titans". He is such a loser. And says a lot about his problems with Dick. It was nice to see Donna and Dawn actually manage to track the Cadmus guy down and be useful. Esp love that lasso got to shine. I was getting very upset when that idiot Dawn was trying to talk Donna into taking down Cadmus on their own just because she doesnt want to face her ex (and for some reason they were ruling out the rest of the Titans without even trying). Which is even more stupid and reckless than any one of them trying to face Deathstroke alone. Thankfully they got to their senses (or at least Donna did) and called the rest of the Titans. Jason being played is bad, but on the other hand he shouldn't have been as gullible as to pour his entire heart out to basically a stranger he met 2-3 days ago just because she is pretty and has sex with him. It is not like Rose hasn't been shady and cold and rather closed off. Rose being more "Titans need us, we need to help them" than Jason was weird. Rose, btw, is an idiot. She has a loving mother and stepfather. A nice life. And she left it all behind for an asshole of a father she barely knew who she knows is dangerous and showed no real love to her at any point. The fact he showed up to ruin her prom alone says a lot. And her prime date got stood up. She paid for that by losing an eye so far and was actually ok with even that till she fell in love with Jason, really? I am guessing her "leaving Titans" had to do with realizing her father has been playing her and not wanting to be a part of his plan anymore after finding out the truth about Jericho's death but might be giving her too much credit. I think show does a good job of showing Bruce cares for Dick and tries to take care of him, even from a distance. And he knows Dick well. Hallucination!Bruce is more a manifest of Dick's self-hatred and doubts and fear of letting Bruce down and not being good enough. And Dick probably does judge Bruce a tad unfairly as kids tend to do with disciplinarian and demanding parents that are not easy to live with. Loved the suit people being pissed off that Dick burned the suit and them calling him drama queen. Lol Also glad that it turns out Jericho's mom purposefully said "they" and lead Dick to the room Slade is in, in an effort to get Dick clues in and get him to help save Jericho. She was trying to enlist the heroes her son believed in and wanted to be part of. Also glad Jericho has no bad feelings regarding Titans and doesnt blame them despite 5 years of Slade trying to influence him. Instead he has seen the real truth about his father and agrees with Titans - he needs to be stopped at all costs. Cant wait for Slade to be taken down. He is a horrible person and father. Poor Gar. I hope Mercy suffers a horrible death for everything she did to him and have him do to innocent people. Loved Kory and Rachel scene. Kory is just great.
  6. I still say there is no way they will make it so obvious who is the fallen Titan in the promo (would be very unprofessional) so all those clues are a misdirection.
  7. Connor is there next to Kory. And Hank is at the very end. I highly doubt they would really give a clue on who the fallen Titan is on the promo, people have noticed Donna's lasso is near the casket, so there are definitely clues to it being her. But I think both are just visions of Rachel. My candidate for the fallen Titan is Hawk, unless they are still going for the spin-off, and he gets his "focus" episode right before the finale to make his death even more impactful. Of all he feels the most expendable character for them and then we are left with Dawn who probably sticks around as has no where to go and we have ourselves some relationship drama between Dick-Dawn and Kory for s3 I guess. (and if not him, Jason but too early for Jason to be killed off. Really doubt they will be killing a female character, esp with S3 getting a Kory focus feel Donna would be there. Rachel is a possibility only if it is a bit of a fakeout and she gets "reborn"/revived come beginning of next season, end of episode because "supernatural parentage!").
  8. Ok I am excited. And Nightwing looks badass! 🙂
  9. It sure was leading to that, and as Dick's arc that is perfectly fine. The problem is not giving the others their own arc and something to work with. Been a rather mediocre season for most if not all of the rest. At the very least Kory & Connor could get some more spotlight I think what with his being the season Connor got introduced and Kory lost her parents (but her arc is being built to be the next big thing in S3 so there is that). But they didn't get enough. (still doing better than the rest). I get that it is not always easy to give enough time to every single character and there will be characters one focuses on more, and as "lead" Dick will probably always get better treatment than most (and as a fan I can live with that lol) but they do need to do better than this. Rachel taking more of a backseat was understandable as she got the spotlight last season, but the rest needed more, especially the original Titans, and mostly Donna. Hawk and Dawn got more focus than her I think, but it was not interesting and repetition of the same, to the point I actually do not look forward to the Hawk episode at all. Lost me at the "cage fighting addict" thing. Donna really didn't get anything. Her love story was rushed and over in a bit. As was her "stuck between duty and love" stuff (if one could call it that, it definitely didn't register through much) or "vengeance" bit. This show doesn't give its characters enough time to show their emotions and depths and inner struggles - except for Dick and his Ghost'Daddy. As for putting the Nightwing reveal at the end of a Hawk episode, it does injustice to both, so hopefully not going to happen.
  10. They better NOT be revealing Nightwing suit in an episode dedicated to and featuring Hawk.
  11. I have no idea what they are doing with them either. I believe they had a considerable fan following last year which gave them the idea to do a spin-off. I was neutral regarding them. But this season has been really bad for them. They basically suck the fun and energy out of any scene they are in lately, so hard for me to imagine they could carry a spin-off on their own, they are simply not interesting and layered enough. First three things that pop to mind when I think of them is judgemental, whiny and depressed. That is a very bad combo. The only enjoyable scene with them was them singing and that is more on the actors than writing. It is a general problem with the writing for the Original Titans too. We know Dick loved the Titans and cared for it a lot and it shows, but feels every other member could have cared less for the team back then, and could care less now. That was an epic fail of an approach to doing this. You are writing a super-hero team show, you want your audience to love the team and feel excited about it, and you achieve it through enthusiasm of the characters where they want to be together and together are able to do great things. Here, we are in season 2, and most of the characters are going around acting like being part of that team was and is the worst thing ever , and except for a few personal shining moments, as a team, they don't come off as that competent... I am at a point where, next season, I want Titans to be just Dick and the "new" generation who are excited about being a Titan and being part of a family, and don't want any of the Originals involved, because they so clearly don't want to be there. Sometimes I feel at the root of their anger at Dick lies the fact that he got them involved in Titans in the first place. Like he was this needy kid who wanted a team, and they were just humoring him, and ended up suffering for it so are now pissed off at him... It is sad, though, I wish Original Titans team was half likeable and rootable. The reason it is worse for Hank and Dawn is probably because this season there is just no saving grace to them. They are constantly a let down.
  12. I didn't mean *I* see Dawn as the mother hen, I do see the show trying to go there with her but they are failing miserably, that is what I meant. Kory definitely fits it better, she actually sticks around and has their backs and tries to take care of them all, for one thing. lol
  13. Not sure show Dick/Dawn can work at all at this point, so hopefully they won't go there. Actually if I am lucky, no Dawn next season. Dawn and Hank clearly have no interest in being a Titan and I can't take another season of their reluctant, judgemental, whiny existence within this team. They aren't happy as a Titan and they spread their misery. Dawn in general doesn't seem to have that great relationships with the women in this show? Don't think they were that close with Donna, they probably never saw one another after the split. She doesn't talk to Kory. Cant remember there being a really memorable scene between him and Rachel (unlike Kory and Rachel who are obviously close). Dawn's world exists of the boy she is currently dating. And I think she is supposed to be somewhat the mother hen of the group, thinking of the safety of the young ones first and feeelings and morality etc but that doesn't really come across much. Would like Gar to have some focus, but hate the idea of him spending many episodes not being himself but some spy/sleeper agent Cadmus lobotomized to ultimately betray the Titans. I would like an "in-control of himself" Gar getting some spotlight, be it dealing with the aftermath of the experience with Cadmus and their experiments on him or something else. Besides "someone from the team betrays them" plot is so played out.
  14. Rachel's dream aside, the rest was him hijacking TV or Radio to implant in them the idea they should go to Elmo or whatever it was... Rachel's dream happened on its own IMO, as in she sensed she had to go to Elmo, as that is where Titans would be meeting. Or Bruce got a telepath or something to put the idea in her brain. Of course it was all a bit too dramatic and one does wonder he could probably simply call like a normal human being and set up a meeting with them the normal way. Doubt they would decline. The problem for me is, Donna and Dawn do not have the knowledge we have about Dick's and Gar's situations. All they know is Dick is locked up in prison, which may be his own doing, but Rachel is seeing dreams of him dying -killed by Deathstroke no less!- so he is possibly in imminent danger that he is not aware of. And that Gar and Superboy are missing and need to be rescued. Bruce just gave them a speech on how important it is for them to be together and work as a team and pretty much told them to rescue Dick (pretty sure he was doing his magic with the diner TV). Donna, even before Bruce's speech, was desperately trying to reach Dick as she knew his help was much needed to find the lost the boys and rescue them. So, as far as they know, Dick is in danger and in need of help AND Gar & Superboy are in danger and in need of help. Of the two, they know exactly where Dick is, and have good reason to think it is Deathstroke going after him to kill him. So, going to his rescue as a team would take what, a few extra hours? And with Dick back in the fold, their chances of finding Superboy and Gar would be increasing. Instead they abandoned him once again, split from the team to go look for Superboy and Gar on their own. In doing so, they pretty much abandoned Rachel and Kory on their own to deal with Deathstroke -and they didn't even know Kory was going to help out, it very much seemed like it was going to be Rachel on her own!- If there is one thing these people should know, it is you never ever face Deathstroke just on your own... So, it wasn't a carefully thought strategic decision, it was a decision made with a "he wants to rot in jail, fine by me!" attitude, just because they are upset with him over Jericho and the fact he got himself in jail in a stupid effort to pay for his "mistakes", a state of mind they very much had a hand in putting him in, btw. They have a problem with Dick's self-hating and self-punishing, but don't have a problem with putting all the blame on him all the time, completely ignoring their part of it all. It bugs me on so many levels. Worst friends ever, if they can be called that.
  15. The blabbering idiot of a psychiatrist one-night-stand pretty much said so too..
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