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  1. Well at least she gets a nice nearly three week free holiday, I've always thought if you don't win being the first jury member is a great prize.
  2. Well I was wrong, the edit this season has been freaking absurd and some of the voting just plain stupid.
  3. I will fully admit I was a Michelle fan, but this season is really starting to look suss. I don't think I have ever seen a season when 7 out of 8 boots were one gender just by coincidence. Are we missing an edit that production doesn't like because there are 9 guys and 3 girls, some boots made sense but some where just inexplicably stupid.
  4. If she gets to the merge I think Michelle last a bit, nothing about her screams priority target. If gen x get the upper hand from Adam and Zeke Jay Taylor even Will would be targeted first I think. You have an erratic wild card in Hannah as well as a player like David who could easily destroy his own game by playing to hard out in the open. Then you have physical threats like Ken and Chris, if she plays it right Michelle could go very under the radar.
  5. Jokes on us Kristy won the Jury was bitter about Lee's self righteous attitude. Just wow a player that did literally nothing for 55 days wins Survivor, sigh lol. Mind you Lee went to the Amanda school of FTC and sat their apologizing the entire time. While at the same time Kristy concocted the biggest fabrication of strategy I've ever seen at a FTC, and they bought it.
  6. You could watch it on channel 10s official website but you would need to get around Geo-locking. Not that hard and it's free to watch as well. Also if anyone cares Australian survivor just got renewed for a second season.
  7. Yep I just don't even care anymore, lee or el will win and really its Flicks own fault. Had she stuck with Brooke she would certainly have made top 3 probably top 2, but no she had to "make a move" just for the sake of it. The self righteous attitude of Lee and El is a massive turnoff. Kristy is just a flat out moron, zero chance of winning even if she flukes an immunity win. That seems to be a theme of this season, who is the biggest dumbass that can sabotage their own game to the greatest degree.
  8. Mostly it's all kristie and flicks fault, every time their is a crucial move to be made they refuses to make it. Kristie in particular, el would have been gone last episode if kristie didn't run back into camp crying about muh morals which spooked Flick. This episode it's just inept strategy, Kristie and Flick can't beat lee or el in an immunity challenge so unless they force a split in final 4 which they won't because Lee and El will declare one of them as 3rd and whoever they pick (most likely Kristie) will go right along with it. Its really quite frustrating watching peopl
  9. I can't figure out what Flick is trying to do, she can't win from here so is she just happy finishing 3rd or 4th. This is literally it for the other 3, team up to get lee or el out or it's game over. Unless Flick or Kristie think they can win the last immunity lol, and even then they would need to take Lee or el to FTC and they would definitely lose. Nothing Matt can do he needs the two girls to wise up or it's game over for him.
  10. David is reminding me a lot of Todd from China, he got with the strong guy ken=James he has his goat cici=Courtney and now he may have his tactical ally in Jess=Amanda. His staying under the radar most of the time but can make a big move when its on and influences the game.
  11. Their was the idol on exile beach that Flick wouldn't let anyone search for, no one found it and they haven't gone back but technically it's still in play.
  12. Lol that was funny, Flicks time to make a move, the only move she just made was to eliminate any chance of winning a jury vote. Flick cant beat anyone left in the game in a jury vote, not even one. They all hate her which was probably only eclipsed by their hate for Brooke. She also took herself from 2nd in a 4 person alliance to 4th in a different 4 person alliance. Don't get me wrong I love that the game was shaken up a bit, but seriously how dumb is Flick zero chance of winning now.
  13. It's going to be hilarious when Matt gets sent packing, maybe it's the editing but I can't fathom how he thinks Brooke Flick and El aren't in an alliance and that Sam and Lee are closest with each other. He has had multiple chances to really influence the game and just keeps going on with this delusional idea of Himself Flick Sam and Brooke as a final 4 alliance. Honestly if I was Sam and lee I would be looking to get one of the girls out right now probably Brooke as Flick can't win challenges, you can't let it get to 3 v 2 final 5 because if they don't win immunity it's over. But n
  14. Well Kylie I think has got to be close to the dumbest player ever to make it this far into a game before. She flat out thought the original Saanapu tribe was still in an alliance, really Kylie really. Previews making it look like next ep is JL out the door for daring to not just go with whatever the bully three say. Looks like a boring end of the season watching Flick Brooke and El take everyone down one by one while for no apparent reason no one wants to do anything about it. This show has some issues not least of them are challenges that are practically impossible for the me
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