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  1. JoshH

    S08.E03: Bread Week

    Fun fact, this is one of the few shows we watch as a family. Everyone enjoys it. My son (6) was SO excited when Julia made that snail. He obviously didn’t get the phallic reference, he just likes snails and the whole mushroom thing and thought it was very, very cute and was always excited when they would cut back the snail. Then it was time for judging. Then they cut a hunk out of the snail and bit into it and he. Broke. DOWN. He immediately started bawling and we had to stop the show for like 10 minutes while we hugged him and consoled him. Parenting. You have to do in the strangest places.
  2. JoshH

    Finding Our Way Through Lost In Space

    You guys are blowing my mind with worlds colliding and stuff! BobServo on Twitter is a guy named Bob Mackey. He hosts a podcasts called Talking Simpsons (an ep by ep granular review/behind the scenes of every Simpsons) that ALSO drops on Wednesdays that I was JUST listening to right before I plugged into EHG. Every week I do this, to the point where I associate the podcasts, so hearing him named dropped on EHG made me feel surveiled. Tara, you’d like him. He’s also a giant pinko leftie ?
  3. JoshH

    S05.E03: Super Duper Store Night

    @Joe Reid - I've never known anyone outside my hometown that remembers SuperDuper supmarkets. Excitement! re: kittens; my son loved them, so I could throw no shade. But also... what?
  4. Noooooo! Joooooooooooe! I made an account here just to protest/mourn/express feelings about Joe. I'll miss you, Joe! It was Linda Holmes' reference to your L&O draft that got me listening ,and now with the Star Trek draft we lose an MVP (sports terms, amiright?). What upheavals are planned for your NEXT draft?! Perhaps you could draft the ultimate garbage show from all of Hannah Barbara's stable of misfits and Joe could come riding back triumphantly on the back of a Great Dane? I'll miss you, Joe, and your cutting edge game theory banter over on Show and Yell nee Again With This.