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  1. I would guess he stays on campus getting all his shit done until he’s ready to come home. That’s probably why he leaves early too.
  2. A mix of both. If the kid doesn’t want to potty train, there’s no way they are going to be “forced” in it. We started several times with my oldest and it never clicked with her until she was about 3 years, 4 months. Once she figured it out she never looked back and never had any accidents because she was mature enough to know what she was doing. It could be that Izzy can pee in the potty but not poop regularly yet. Our pediatrician said not to push pooping in the potty because constantly holding it can screw up their gut in the future. Americans potty train way too early because
  3. I truly believe Austin and Joy were horny for each other and got married on the sole premise that the other one was hot. They both never gave any consideration to what life would look like when they aren’t having sex and that’s why their personalities don’t mesh. Joy also had a throwaway line earlier in the episode where she said that they are making sure to get alone time when Gideon is sleeping. I’m not sure if they weren’t fundie they wouldn’t be tied together by at least a kid or two. I don’t particularly see Joy sticking to a strict birth control routine.
  4. Meagan is Austin’s sister. The midwife was named as Lucy Ferguson in an earlier episode. She wasn’t mentioned nor did I see a glimpse of her during the first 19 hours.
  5. Cathy is an accountant. I don’t think she would have necessarily mismanaged the money and she has since remarried. If she kept that money separate to go straight to the boys and managed it so they didn’t have full access at 15 & 18, then I suspect she/they are doing okay. Dan certainly didn’t make enough at that Boy Scout job to support himself long-term and no one knows what he’s doing now. There’s $$$ somewhere.
  6. After seeing the whole season now, I didn’t see any mention of Joy’s “professional” midwife at the first 19 hours of labor. I get the feeling the midwife showed up, felt the baby was breech, tore Jill a new one and demanded that Joy be taken to the hospital ASAP. I have my doubts that a real midwife would have missed the breech, but I can absolutely believe Jill would. Josiah and Lauren’s house looks like it was originally a house then converted into some kind of medical facility. Probably a rehab center of some sort.
  7. Daddy Dillard was active law enforcement when he passed away. I would expect that he would have life insurance as part of his benefit package, a pension, and private life insurance. His pension payout could have easily cleared half a million dollars if he had been on the force for 30 years. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Cathy had been carrying a million+ private policy on him. The Dillard’s wouldn’t have been able to claim wrongful death against the department for extra $$$ but private donors may still have contributed as well. Derick also may have been able to tap into extra scho
  8. At this point, the Swanson’s are definitely angling for their own TV show. That family is just straight up weird. Plus I’m sure Dwain has been on TV more then all the other in-laws combined. The last time I checked Dwain didn’t own any property in Arkansas so I would guess that house is rented. I can’t imagine they would give up 100-year family land in Georgia to live close to their daughter’s boyfriend.
  9. Interesting... guess Jill screwed something up or JB said no.
  10. I don’t really follow any other TLC families/shows (The Little Couple is my other) but have any of the others started straight up shilling while their show was on the air? I wonder if Jill is still shackled by a TLC contract. Some will have non-competes that can last for a long time. Depending on how things are signed, she may not be able to get out of that albatross until the whole family is done.
  11. I believe Derick said on a Twitter reply that they wanted to homeschool but not use the ATI teaching tools. Miss Cathy has also been a huge proponent of homeschool on Twitter and was commenting/talking to people individually about programs she recommended. I suspect that when the time comes Miss Cathy will be taking the front seat on teaching and not Jill. I kind of get the feeling that she wants to help “raise” Izzy and Sam in a way that she “failed” her boys because she worked during their childhood.
  12. It wasn’t a mission trip. Ben and Jessa were in San Antonio for one of their speaking engagements. The person tasked with babysitting them ended up working/was otherwise busy so he told them about a bible study Jeremy was hosting that night. Jeremy and Ben became friends and stayed in touch. At some point Jeremy met Jinger over the next year. Ben invited Jeremy on the Duggar’s mission trip (presumably for Jeremy to get to know Jinger more). Then after the mission trip Jeremy asked JB to basically court Jinger. They are kind of sketchy on the timeline but it seems like Jeremy and Jin
  13. Street clothes have too much cotton in them. Our city just invested several million dollars into renovating the city pool after the cotton fibers destroyed the filter. They put out lengthy PSA’s about the danger of cotton in pools and new rules that don’t even let people be on the pool deck in cotton. People were pissed but the lifeguards + city officials have held firm all summer.
  14. They could have been holding onto the picture for awhile, but this was posted 1/3/2018. It’s the same hair and outfit both had at the “anniversary” dinner.
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