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  1. I was sad for him in that moment 😕
  2. Right? I mean if you have been in at least one relationship before, you had your heart broken. I don't know why it's always painted as this big dramatic pity fest for the contestants and leads. I never got that. Thanks for verbalizing it.
  3. Yeah, the sibling drama was notably missing this season...except for Serena's a bit...but she was just helping her work through her emotions. Very odd, though--the lack of sibling drama.
  4. A lot of contestants do, though. They will say something like, "If your daughter is the one I choose, do you approve of me?" It's pretty standard. I don't believe Rachael was out of line for expecting that. It's just that Matt broke the mold a bit with that, and I think he was wise to. Sorry, had to give you more than a laugh emoji reaction. Lmaoooooo 😭😭😭😂😭
  5. Huh? Rachel keeps saying how much she is falling for him and is scared to lose him. I think she is not that emotive...but the emotions seem there. They are more subtle. I think Matt kinda likes that style, IMO.
  6. I thought it was cute...especially the Q&A 😂 I loved him. How sweet was he? 😭😭
  7. I just wanted to say that Michelle's dad is a freaking GEM. Both her parents were so sweet. I melted. That is all 😄
  8. At least she owned it. I give her credit for that.
  9. 😆😆😆😆
  10. I do NOT like this Jessenia character. Sorry. MJ may not be my favorite, but a lot of the original girls were upset when the new girls arrived and made comments about it. Not just MJ. Jessenia is just trying to get people thrown out of the house at this point. It's getting petty.
  11. Getting a bit tired of the tattletales 😕
  12. I think she was trying to be cute lol
  13. Kit seems a bit too young (personality-wise) for marriage. Idk
  14. Katie is simply too much at this point. What did she have to do with he convo with MJ and Jessenia? Maybe her telling him the house was toxic last week was appropriate, but now she is overstepping. Not a fan. Sorry!
  15. I wrote in my previous post that their bad behavior is uncalled for. I was merely speaking about their FEELINGS and trying to validate them (which I felt was lacking a bit on these threads). Of course they could be channelled better. But even though they are misbehaving, we should empathize with them a bit because of the situations they are put and thrown into--it's all so unnatural and designed to make them upset/frustrated. At the same time, we can call out their bad behavior, for sure. Also, I am still not 100% sold on Katie. Her inappropriateness and rudeness with the vibrator makes i
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