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  1. Omigerd. Wait. The Rods went mini golfing on a super bland course. One of the honeymoon pics of Nurthan is them on a bland-looking mini golf course. Someone took all those pictures of them. Not all are selfies. Omigerd. The Rods (Apparently) spent time with Nurthan on their honeymoon!!!! At least, they followed them. Whether the whole thing or just in part. Or they took the kids where Nurthan went after they had gone. Which is twisted. Leave them alone!
  2. Nathan comes from a family where the women were not heavily made up. Nor do they wear multiple modesty layers. He has siblings who are more “mainstream” too. And to be fair, some who aren’t so mainstream. So I’m hoping his thoughts are right down the middle. But chances are he is going to favor a more natural look with Nurie. At least we can hope.
  3. Ok sooooo, don’t want to be too accusatory...but it’s very odd that Jill and OfJill are doing all these SUPER FUN things with the Rodlets while Nurie is on her honeymoon. And where would this money come from? All these things are not cheap. Someone who supposedly doesn’t have two nickels to rub together and just paid for a wedding (supposedly) and remodeled a living facility (I honestly have difficulty calling it a house) most likely would not have the money to do stuff like this with the whole family for a day, let alone a week. Just saying. And to have the family dip into a depression like that is not normal. Not at all. It’s actually super creepy. Miss her, yes. Mourn her? Hell no! I hope beyond hope that Nathan puts his foot down about visits and keeps the Rods at arms length. Otherwise I’m seeing the first of many intrusive visits to Florida in the very near future. And that would be so very sad. Oh, and as a fun aside, my guy lives not far from the Rods (less than an hour away). We were prepping to host some friends for a fire the other night. He asked me to get a cheese and cracker plate started...with cheese that came from the Cheese Barn! I have to say it is super good. But I cracked up the whole time I was putting it together.
  4. My hypothesis: Jill invited the entire Duggar clan. The only members who felt obligated to attend were Anna and, by marriage default, Josh. Because of the sole reason of ANNA DUGGAR being Nathan’s sister. I have a feeling there is still bad blood between the Dugs and Jilly over Jinger’s wedding invite. So yeah. I’m almost certain that Jill is frustrated as heck that the Duggs didn’t show up in full force. Honestly, why would they feel obligated to attend in normal circumstances, let alone during COVID? Honestly, my brother’s brother-in-law’s daughter is getting married. I’m not being invited and I’m more than fine with it. There is enough family and close friends to more than fill the church without me there.
  5. Wait...what? Cheating is immoral and tantamount to lying. Are these the Christian values Jill espouses? And not having your kids’ required homeschooling paperwork completed is inexcusable. Stop shopping at Hobby Lobby for inconsequential CRAP and do what you are supposed to!
  6. Jedidiah Juicyfruit??? 🤣😆🤣😆🤣🤣 Doodlebug, you win the interwebz today.
  7. Ok just a couple of things.., 1. My brother and I used to call each other dingus when we were kids. Our mom yelled at us for saying the word “stupid” so we started using dingus instead. So very time I see the name, I LOL. 2. It would not surprise me in the least if Timbits was courting the Dingus (HEH) young lady. The half a cow was probably down payment on her dowry. 3. Please please PLEASE let the wedding be live-streamed. Nurthan’s nuptials will be what saves the rest of this miserable year from complete crapitude. 4. Sorry if I missed it, but has a Nurthan registry surfaced? It’s about a month out from the big day...grifting enough to equip the Rod house and the Nurthan abode will take time. 5. if Timbits and the Dingus (HEH) young lady are courting, I propose Tingus as the couple name.
  8. This is a GOLDEN opportunity for Jill. If she is stopped by police for allowing the Rodlets to play on CLOSED playgrounds she can cry religious persecution. This is no different than the campground that kicked them out of the pool for swimming in street clothes. They push their way in and abuse things to the point that people have no choice BUT to remove them. And Jilly Bean uses that to her SEVERE advantage by claiming religious persecution. Seriously Jill. Get a grip.
  9. What I would like to know is, after a lifetime of being told that sex is a grievous sin (outside of marriage) and that their bodies are evil and dirty and lead to men sinning, how can these women even WANT to have sex, let alone enjoy it? And the thought of knowing that all 1,000 people at the wedding are thinking about YOUR pending sex life while you are still in church makes me all squicked out.
  10. This would actually be almost a cute theme if done right. I think it will be a showcase of Jill’s preferences with a few items of Nurthan’s choosing. Jill could pull the “I’m paying for the wedding” card in order to get what she wants. I know this is a huge possibility because it happens in even semi-sane families. Including my own. 🙄
  11. I call bullshit on this. Unless they actually did it weeks ago or are eating in the car or at a park, restaurants in OH have been closed for DAYS. Takeout or delivery only.
  12. I thought the same thing re:Cinderella. Despite the fact that the story features magic and spells and all the things “not godly”, it DOES encompass all things these people seem to embrace...keeping sweet, indentured servitude as a birthright, being “freed” once you find your Prince Charming. Not to mention putting others before yourself always. Maybe this is a special magic free telling of the story?
  13. Sorry to be super snarky...Being a pastor in this branch of Christianity must be pretty lucrative for him to have a nice home with a swimming pool and a fishing boat. Most (if not all) of the clergy I know personally are not well off. They are comfortable (Fed, clothes, roof over their heads) but do not live in fancy homes or drive posh cars. Isn’t there something in the Bible about rich men not getting into heaven...? But I guess this goes by the wayside when it’s benefitting the Rods. And as far as them repaying their hosts for their hospitality, they sang at their church...isn’t that enough?
  14. What the HELL is this child dressed in????? Is that a hair shirt under a summer dress??? And a baby bonnet? I agree with the others who said she looks like a (demented) Laura Ingalls! Is she being punished for something? I feel like this is a still from the set of a horror movie. People Under the Stairs 4: Children of the Stinkbus. Maybe someone told her that she is as pretty as her mama, so that had to change, pronto! This poor girl. She just spent two (?) weeks in the Florida sun and still looks like she hasn’t seen daylight in years.
  15. Ok so I’m confused on timelines. When was the wedding? And are the Rods still sponging off visiting the Kellers? If the wedding and this beach trip coincided, And the Kellers attended the wedding, why did Nurthan not attend? Would’ve been a great photo op, Nurie with Anna. Holding the latest Maddition. I think there was a major opportunity lost by Jill not insisting that they all attend crash the wedding. That was some major Anna face time lost!
  16. Ahhhh the sign of a top restaurant...fried gator in a plastic basket. I wonder how many Michelin stars it has? Seems as if the Keller’s are paying for a lot this trip.
  17. You don’t go in a ministry trip to enjoy yourself and partake of local customs. That’s religious tourism. Which is what these folks did. A missioncation. Imho a mission trip is what my friend’s family does with their church. Go to a place in need of help and HELP. Build schools. Replace roofs on homes. Make a difference. These yahoos do nothing but hand out booklets and have fun in the name of Jesus. If that’s what they are after, just freaking admit it. At least that would be less like lying. Seriously, these people wouldn’t know a “servant’s heart” if it bit them in the butt.
  18. Even at Bob Evans. My boyfriend and I ate there last week. It was $30 for just the two of us (and we didn’t eat all that much).
  19. IF she can become pregnant, as skinny as she is. Seriously...I’m hoping those two kids spend their honeymoon stopping at every donut shop and roadside food truck from here to wherever they are going. And back again. And speaking of honeymoons...I wholeheartedly believe that Jill and David will “surprise” the happy couple while on their honeymoon. At least. My bets are on them actually tagging along with the newlyweds. Or Jill demanding her own second honeymoon at the same time or shortly after.
  20. I thought I saw somewhere that Jill’s dad is in the septic business? Maybe he inspected it for the short term and is going to put in a bigger one this spring. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Jill and Co. aren’t above drifting from family IMHO.
  21. Wow...it seems as if the girls got all the looks in the family and the boys got the shaft. The majority of the Not Nuries are absolutely beautiful IMHO and would be breathtakingly so with the right coaching. Adolescent awkwardness aside, these poor boys don’t have a chance. Not even Timothy, who I consider to be the most handsome of the bunch. So here’s what I’m wondering...with Nurie marrying into adjacent fundie royalty, and the upcoming nuptials, it’s apparent that the parents had a LOT to do with this arrangement. So how will the boys find their helpmeets? Their lives are so insular. They go nowhere but to churches and “dates” with their parents. And they already snagged themselves a Keller. Marrying another child into the same family would be creepy AF. I seriously doubt any of the other royals would entertain a merger between their children. The Duggars are radio silent on the Nurie acquisition and that speaks volumes. And forget the Bateses...they aim higher than even the Duggars. I know there are other fundie families out there but there is no opportunity for them to meet...
  22. David didn’t think he deserved the tin cup or thought it was stupid? You decide.
  23. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought this, LOL! While I love the smell of a print shop or a freshly printed brochure, there’s a limit to my appreciation. Within 30 minutes of being on a press check I am ready to go lol! And that’s with adequate ventilation! I just can not imagine living above a print shop, breathing in all those fumes, 24/7. Even if Shrek only runs the press once a week, the equipment still smells! Oh I will certainly report back if and when I do see them! More like when, all things considered.
  24. Ok. So can we revisit the new Rod house? There are a few things I’ve been mulling over: 1. My significant other lives near Wooster. I looked up the new Rod house on Zillow (based on the info here and other places) and it’s not a far drive from his home. Close enough that when I’m there, it’s a pretty good chance we will run into them at the store or a local “good” Olive Garden. WHYYYYYYYY?!?! 2. In my profession I work closely with printers. I frequently visit print shops of all sizes and volumes. There is a definite...odor. Shrek has a small offset press, one that requires the use of ink (not toner, as in a desktop printer you may have in your home). If you have never had the pleasure of smelling offset ink, it’s, well, reminiscent of the smell of those old black permanent markers. Only stronger. The kind of smell that permeates everything and makes your chest warm and your head swimmy. The newer soy-based inks have a slightly lesser smell but there are still VOCs being let loose into the air. It’s not something you want to be around for extended periods of time without proper ventilation. That being said, living above the shop is going to prove to be a stinky and possibly not so healthy proposal. Unless David installs some heavy duty exhaust into the shop, the Off gassing from the ink will go up through the floor and into their living area. I see a lot of upper respiratory infections in their future. Or worse. I have friends in the industry who have serious health issues from years of breathing in ink fumes. I hope for the kids’ sake he has an exhaust system planned! 3. And honestly, opening the doors to the garage for exhaust is not an option. To properly print offset, the paper must be completely flat. As in no waves or curls. Wavy paper results from humidity and temperature fluctuations. Printers have equipment to monitor humidity in their closed production floors so that the $$$ they spend on paper is not wasted. David could potentially lose all of the smiley face tract paper if he kept the big door open for even just a little while.
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