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  1. ”Popping in” on someone usually denotes arriving without notice or very little notice. So yeah, having 14 people show up at your home and being unprepared for it would put someone In a state for sure. And if I’m remembering correctly Grammy Rod isn’t exactly fundilicious. Or at least not as fundy as her son and his family. So being bombarded with all that is surely not easy. Especially when you aren’t used to the noise. And they ordered pizza. Which most likely meant Grammy Rod didn’t have food in the house or wasn’t about to cook a meal for 20 people. I wonder how much involvement David’s family actually has with the Rods. You don’t hear much about either set of grand rents. And it doesn’t appear that they visit much on holidays or vacation.
  2. For them to realize that there are many valid ways to worship would mean that they would need to understand that theirs is not the only way. Which goes against everything they believe in. I grew up Ukrainian Orthodox (still believe but got a bad taste in my mouth from some of the ways my particular church was run). The church I attended as a child and teen taught a very specific class to high school seniors as part of the church school curriculum. The course was all about world religions. Over the course of a school year we studied about all of the world’s major religions, noting the differences and similarities between those faiths and Orthodoxy. It was really interesting and I learned a lot about my own faith by learning about others. Too bad the Duggars would not dream of opening this up to their family. What a shame that they can’t even enjoy a church service that is basically THEIR denomination with a little more joy in it?
  3. Have there been any Nurie updates? Seems like a lot of radio silence...
  4. Some fun “senior trip “. Renee was brought along to watch the baby while Jill and David go off and play. And Tessie came along as an accountability partner. I swear these people are as transparent as a window.
  5. Who is the preteen with the prematurely receding hairline? The one entertaining Garrett?
  6. Yeah...so I’m thinking they are following Nurie for sure. I’ve thought from the start that this “courtship” is really an agreement between Pa Keller and Of Jill. What better way to grow a “printing ministry” than to hitch it to Pa Keller’s inmate god-bothering brigade? So yeah, pawn off Nurie, build a printing for Jesus empire, and live life swimming in the ocean in jean skirts!
  7. They just look emotionless. Like someone said, dead inside. He smiles with lips but not eyes. This is not a happy man.
  8. I severely gave birth to two HUGE children blessings from the lort. Via natural cesarean, of course. Attempted at home but I couldn’t make my own first incision (midwife was trying to explain to my husband her qualifications. With neither blessing did I ever even remotely entertain the desire to hold myself like that in public. Except to pee, because both kids liked to sit on my bladder and I had to lift up my belly to go. 😂 So I agree with whomever said they look like they have to pee.
  9. So has anyone stated what Nameless Keller Kid does for a living aside from god bothering inmates? As an aside, Pa Keller is a professional prison god botherer. I don’t know that he has a full time job aside from that. Shrek has a printing press dedicated to all things tracts. I think that this The REAL courtship announcement 😂
  10. I predict a spring wedding. Right around Easter. Jill is getting her Duggar adjacent status and is gonna want to milk it for all it’s worth. Go fund mes, trying to sell the rights to wedding pics...it’s going to take some doing. J-rod is probably over the moon. Finally she will be in the big leagues! Can’t wait to see the Frankendress!
  11. So what is the core curriculum for someone attending RFHS? Grifting 101? Intro to interpreting Bible passages for your own benefit? English 101 (focus on proper use of the words “sluttish” and “severe”)? I would really like to know how actually educated the alumni of RFHS are. And if they have any real skills that will help them when mama and daddy grifter go “home” or can’t grift anymore? Because I don’t see any of them convincing some poor sucker to marry into that train wreck of a family and financially support the Rodlets.
  12. Way to go, Marjorie! I shudder to think she narrowly escaped the Duggars. Instead of a diploma she would be working on baby #2 or 3 and pining for an intellectual outlet. Or at least conversation that does not revolve around tater tots or Jesus or include the word “sweet”.
  13. I think this whole “spreading the word” thing is actually an extension of an overgrown ego. And when you turn them down and they get angry...how dare anyone rebuke my attempts to “save” them? One thing I always wondered...how would they know that they aren’t god bothering one of their own? Is there some sort of secret handshake or something? A code word?
  14. Omg I just got god bothered on the train home from work! A guy thrust a pamphlet at me and mumbled “read this”. I politely declined. My first thought was “Omg the Rodriguii do this same thing!!!”
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