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  1. David didn’t think he deserved the tin cup or thought it was stupid? You decide.
  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought this, LOL! While I love the smell of a print shop or a freshly printed brochure, there’s a limit to my appreciation. Within 30 minutes of being on a press check I am ready to go lol! And that’s with adequate ventilation! I just can not imagine living above a print shop, breathing in all those fumes, 24/7. Even if Shrek only runs the press once a week, the equipment still smells! Oh I will certainly report back if and when I do see them! More like when, all things considered.
  3. Ok. So can we revisit the new Rod house? There are a few things I’ve been mulling over: 1. My significant other lives near Wooster. I looked up the new Rod house on Zillow (based on the info here and other places) and it’s not a far drive from his home. Close enough that when I’m there, it’s a pretty good chance we will run into them at the store or a local “good” Olive Garden. WHYYYYYYYY?!?! 2. In my profession I work closely with printers. I frequently visit print shops of all sizes and volumes. There is a definite...odor. Shrek has a small offset press, one that requires the use of ink (not toner, as in a desktop printer you may have in your home). If you have never had the pleasure of smelling offset ink, it’s, well, reminiscent of the smell of those old black permanent markers. Only stronger. The kind of smell that permeates everything and makes your chest warm and your head swimmy. The newer soy-based inks have a slightly lesser smell but there are still VOCs being let loose into the air. It’s not something you want to be around for extended periods of time without proper ventilation. That being said, living above the shop is going to prove to be a stinky and possibly not so healthy proposal. Unless David installs some heavy duty exhaust into the shop, the Off gassing from the ink will go up through the floor and into their living area. I see a lot of upper respiratory infections in their future. Or worse. I have friends in the industry who have serious health issues from years of breathing in ink fumes. I hope for the kids’ sake he has an exhaust system planned! 3. And honestly, opening the doors to the garage for exhaust is not an option. To properly print offset, the paper must be completely flat. As in no waves or curls. Wavy paper results from humidity and temperature fluctuations. Printers have equipment to monitor humidity in their closed production floors so that the $$$ they spend on paper is not wasted. David could potentially lose all of the smiley face tract paper if he kept the big door open for even just a little while.
  4. Jumping on the Nurie/Nathan baby name bandwagon: Nyoo Testament Keller Nonookie Tillmarriage Keller Nearlya Duggar Keller Notnurie Keller the possibilities are endless!
  5. Some of these at-home businesses are more time consuming than working outside the home. My cousin sells Scentsy and she is CONSTANTLY working. Whether it’s parties or posting on social media or placing orders, it takes a LOT to keep her little business going. It amazes me how, for as hard as Jill is working her Plexus crap, she doesn’t see that as work. Maybe because she is “working” from home (or the stink bus) and not going in to an office every day? Same skewed logic may apply to her love of her female realtor. No set hours every day and she can show houses around her other duties at home? Still a TON of work and a CAREER.
  6. It will probably be like Josh and Anna’s where the church ladies cook and provide all of the food pot luck style and the church provides, well, the church. Apparently Nurie already has her dress and will probably wear shoes she already has. Or borrow a pair from someone else. Jill, as her matron of honor and cosmetology certificate holder, will do Nurie’s hair and nails. And possibly makeup. So the only REAL expenses I can see are flowers and a photographer, which she can possibly grift or provide free advertising in exchange for services. She does have a “presence” on SM after all...
  7. Why do I think of Cynthia from Rugrats whenever I think of Nurie dying her already-damaged hair blonde? Sweetie, no.
  8. I just can’t. Intimate touching????? Omg I’m so skeeved out. Whyyyyyyy does Jill have to post every little thing about this couple? They have no privacy. If my mom posted on SM that my boyfriend and I were waiting till marriage to smooch, let alone do the things that lead up to the horizontal mambo, I would be HUMILIATED. These people are so fixated on sex that they can’t see straight. You can have sex and “intimate touching” but only under pre-approved and closely monitored circumstances. A.K.A. a “godly” marriage. That’s so creepy. My boyfriend is not a PDA person at all and won’t do much as put his arm around me or give me a kiss on the cheek when other people are around. BY CHOICE. Privately, he is the exact opposite. Because PDA makes him uncomfortable, not because someone else told him it had to be that way. So I can’t imagine what it feels like to be constantly watched and every move scrutinized for unapproved touching.
  9. I have no words for how GOD AWFUL that poem was. Seriously GOD AWFUL. Don’t give up your day job, John. Oh wait...
  10. Just a thought, but I’m anticipating a move to Florida so that they can be closer to Nurie when she marries Nathan in a couple months (no evidence...hypothesis based on observed fundie trends). When they added the patio they probably didn’t anticipate Nurie landing a man. So they need to sell quick so they can find a “beautiful Florida home” like the one she photographed and posted on her blog. 🙄
  11. I’m letting my geek show... on the topic of the Spider-Man costume...does Jill even know who the character is? Since the Rods are so anti-pop culture I figured that they would have no clue. Maybe David does, as he had a life before Jill. But I would think that as Peter Parker was studying SCIENCE as a student and his transformation was due to SCIENCE and was made super on a genetic level by said science, Spider-Man would be off limits. That, and every other super hero as they all have powers and are not “of god”. Think about it...Batman is a wealthy socialite who loves his women. His money made him who he is. Iron Man as well. Wonder Woman would be just a flat-out no-go as she was made from clay and brought to life by the gods of Mount Olympus. And she was raised to be a female warrior in a polytheistic society that has no male headships. And don’t forget Superman, who came from another planet and was able to do all sorts of godlike things due to his parentage. The list goes on and on.
  12. I was JUST going to say this very thing. Jill could take the girls over once a week to “fellowship” and help out. It seems like Amy and her headship put their collective feet down and limited visits after what I imagine to be frequent Rod invasions.
  13. So the thing about Tim leaving Moody is supposedly financial. Jill claims that they did not know the cost went up each year, even though it’s CLEARLY spelled out on their website. I think Tim had academic trouble and left. Or wasn’t able to pay for it all on his own. Financial issues with colleges can be overcome with financial aid and working with the school. But seeing as grants and student loans are seemingly not allowed in their circles, grifting for tuition is the only way to afford it. And Jill couldn’t grift enough to cover the cost. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  14. ”Popping in” on someone usually denotes arriving without notice or very little notice. So yeah, having 14 people show up at your home and being unprepared for it would put someone In a state for sure. And if I’m remembering correctly Grammy Rod isn’t exactly fundilicious. Or at least not as fundy as her son and his family. So being bombarded with all that is surely not easy. Especially when you aren’t used to the noise. And they ordered pizza. Which most likely meant Grammy Rod didn’t have food in the house or wasn’t about to cook a meal for 20 people. I wonder how much involvement David’s family actually has with the Rods. You don’t hear much about either set of grand rents. And it doesn’t appear that they visit much on holidays or vacation.
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