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  1. If they didn’t make me Ill before, they certainly do now. I feel as if Timothy is a ticking time bomb. He has no life in his eyes…no light. He is just not there. Those horrid excuses for human beings beat the life out of him as a child and continue to do so as an adult. And they saw to it that any future success would be beyond his reach by not properly educating him and squashing any chance he had at continuing his education. And let’s not forget the girlfriend he apparently had at one point, very shortly before he was asked back into Best Mana’s loving arms. He is trapped. We can only h
  2. Personally, I would be HUMILIATED if someone (not family) bought all of my children shoes and clothing. I would take that as an outward sign that I’m failing as a parent and others see that. My mom would buy my kids their school shoes but it was because she liked doing it and it was meant to help me with one less thing on my very lengthy to do list. Not because I couldn’t.
  3. The Keller genes run deep. The littlest pecan looks JUST like grandpa Keller. Is this the one they squeezed into the back of a toy dump truck for a photo op?
  4. She probably thinks that she is above all that because social media is a technological arm of their "ministry" and she is "leading people to the lord" and "prasing JeeSAUCE" with every post. I have an hypothesis about the Kellers. I think that they were so happy to get Nathan married off to ANYONE who would take him that they overlook a LOT of what Jilly Bean does and says. I'm pretty sure that their reputation has been severely tarnished in IBLP circles, what with Josh-U-ah's antics with other women (all Anna's fault, as per their belief system...never mind the guy is a fre
  5. Is she modeling the same footwear as MeChelle Duggar? I didn’t know that Jilly is missing a back muscle too...what a coincidence!!!
  6. The baby trains will never stop until they have to. And even then, they still try. There seems to be a certain glory in this belief system associated with the idea of martyrdom via childbirth. If they are told that they need to chill out on having more kids for their own health and safety, they would rather die trying to have more than to give it a rest.
  7. So yeah...on the topic of Janessa's third birthday at Chuck E Cheese...this always was a "thing that makes me go HMMMMMM". Isn't the whole premise of Chuck E Cheese basically gambling, but geared towards kids? Hear me out. So you convert real money into chips/tokens in order to "play" a game. You test your skill/luck at said game and you could POSSIBLY win tickets, which can then be converted to overly priced prizes. If you hit big, you win big. Sounds a little like Vegas Jr. to me. So some of the games are guaranteed payouts, such as the games geared towards younger players. Oth
  8. I remember seeing some not-too-long-ago pics of them eating dinner out. There was a photo of Janessa eating her dinner off of a napkin that was lying open on the table. No utensils, no plate, using fingers. And I remember fruit or veggies (carrots, maybe?) being involved. But again, is this a matter of Jill infantizing Janessa or something much bigger, like developmental issues that they can’t ignore or pray away?
  9. So many questions!!! 1. If Timmy is at this fundie hookup event, why is the light on in his trailer? 2. Who is taking care of Tim’s dog (already asked, but asking again for emphasis)? 3. If this is a Cleghorn daughter, and the Rods just met them, why are they attending the wedding??? Isn’t that incredibly gauche to attend the wedding of someone who you just recently met? And were the invites willingly given or were enough hints “dropped” that one was reluctantly given? 4. Whyyyyyy is Renee wearing a modesty t shirt under her dress??? Girl, that neckline is high enough..
  10. Of course she did...just as I feel she writes Nurie’s pregnancy updates.
  11. Do tell...so maybe Jilly’s “pink drink” is actually powdered drink mix...OR she actually drinks the crap herself and gives the Rodlets the lemonade and tells them it’s Plexus. They don’t know the difference and it’s good grooming for future Plexus customers/suckers.
  12. He looks like he is still ON the horse. Those are some seriously bowed legs. Photoshop is a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands...
  13. I’m absolutely shocked that there are no Nurie updates. No fruit comparison pictures. I wanna know if the Baby nurthan is currently the size of a cherry or a plumb!
  14. I took a stab at deciphering this post. ”I can’t believe that I have a 21-year-old child and I’m THIS YOUNG LOOKING! I was too busy doing prep work for my upcoming superspreader conference (ROOMS ARE STILL AVAILABLE!) to wish him a happy birthday so I suppose I will now. Timothy, I love and appreciate the money you bring in and I’m glad you made the “righteous choice” to listen to your father and me, dump that heathen, brazen woman who lured you into her web of deception, and come home where we can run your life. Your father and I will find just the right woman for you...one who will w
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