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  1. Remember when this house that was for sale, vandalized, and inhabited only by 20 year olds for many seasons was actually owned by Jim's company and was a job benefit?
  2. To me, "buddies" is coded to mean white, childish, fratty-type dudes. I didn't read it as a dad thing as much as I did a jab at him and his friends. I'm also only going from the clip and y'all's discussion, not the primary source.
  3. I had a problem with a country challenge without even mentioning rhinestones. What’s more sparkly than sequins, Helen? Rhinestones. Women pay hundreds of dollars for rhinestone platform flip flops in Texas. I have a beer koozie with rhinestones. I feel like Fabio would be able to use them with classy restraint and that little detail would push it more country than his little well-made romper. And yes, legit cowboy boots would work with either outfit. Again, here in Texas, cowboy boots are popular with everything, but a lot of college-age women wear them with white or denim short shorts for goi
  4. Why why why doesn't Brandon know the difference between a newspaper article and a Doogie Howser (M.D.) journal entry?
  5. Junior-high me is so jealous of that girl's bangs. I thought so too, but IMDb tells me she was in two tv episodes and one TV movie. Unless she was my neighbor at some point I guess I'm just adding her into the 90s brunette category.
  6. Mark Ruffalo is the poor man's Paul Rudd.
  7. Baby-Voice Kelly drives me crazy. I know you're rife with challenges right now, but I keep thinking I'd love to hear 5 ways Cool Kelly would hate Un-Cool Baby-Voice Kelly (or 5 times she'd punch her, something of this ilk.)
  8. I'm an H-less Lea, but yay! Thanks for using my topic. Also, I would never skydive, and if forced to I'd have to go with MacGyver for obvious, death-defying reasons.
  9. I'm going to have this song in my head all day.
  10. This may be my favorite mini topic ever. 1. Shotgun -Leslie Knope. There is no way we're getting lost, theme playlists, thoughtful presents, sugary snacks, and glorious factoids. 2. Joker in the back - Jake Peralta. I'm surprised how much I love Andy Samberg on this show. I love that he's incredibly goofy but also kind and great at his job but not infallible. 3. Getting kicked the hell out - Faith. I can't imagine being stuck in a confined space with her (and surviving). She'd be carving into the back of the seats with some giant knife and messing with Peralta's head. She would be super e
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