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  1. sluggish neko

    S02.E03: Ouroboros

    Oh hai, cool Asian airplane lady! ...And bye! Seriously though, I don't think the Abigail needs any more teenagers... Then again, Chris is now an expert on mercy killing (guess it runs in the family). He could've taken care of the injured airplane kid easily.
  2. sluggish neko

    S01.E18: One Begets Technique

    I was so hoping to see Neal and Peter show up when they needed help with the stolen paintings. This show really needs a dose of Neal Caffrey's breezy banter and stylish fashion. Everyone looks like they dress to match the fluorescent lights. At least Jane got a brightly colored knock-out dress. I kind of enjoy Dotcom's stream of snark, but in this episode it was too much. It was way too obvious they're forcing the Jane-Weller-Ally triangle. Whatever. At least Dotcom got beat up and shot so for those who found him annoying, there's that. Anyway, I tune in mostly to see Oscar and he wasn't in this one, so meh.
  3. sluggish neko

    S02.E01: Year of the Monkey

    I didn't like the cheesy narrative recap either or the equally cheesy recap scenes mashed with the red forest imagery. It was probably only there to remind people what happened in season one, which I admit was really complicated. It just could have been written better... I'm still convinced that Cassie got brainwashed by that weird tea and red forest weirdness. How else did she get so comfortable with killing people when she was so anti-homicide? She sure adapted to the post-plague future fast-- quickly allying with Deacon, who btw was totally flirting with her, killing by neck stabbing, blowing up the blue fanatics, saving Jones, and taking back the time machine... while recovering from a bullet wound. She's turned awesomely kick-ass very fast. Glad to see Ramse and Cole working together instead of being archenemies. The actors have an easy chemistry as brothers. I never bought that Ramse would turn against Cole for a son he doesn't know well and condemned to grow up in a bleak future. It's more believable that Ramse would resent Cole for abandoning him for Cassie, a stranger he considers a ghost who died long ago. I loved the absolute delight on Jennifer's face when Cassie showed up and started blowing the bad guys away.
  4. sluggish neko

    S01.E18: Soon

    I finally caught up to the latest episode of this show and wow, these flashbacks are getting tedious. They made sense in the beginning when Alex was trying to figure out which one of her classmates was the terrorist, but now there's a bunch of new classmates doing dumb stuff that takes away from the present story line, which is moving oh so sloooooow. Alex loses Simon (who didn't have to go to the drop point with her in the first place) and replaces him with Caleb (who's a double-agent for Ryan, I'm guessing). And she got Raina in trouble cuz why not? She's already gone through Nathalie whom she got exploded and Hannah whom she got suspended. That's it. I can see the wheels spinning in the mud of the plot. ITA about Iris though. You don't blow the cover of an undercover agent! Isn't that FBI 101? And when Will got beat down, it was Shelby who rushed over to him. Where was his so-called friend Iris? It's no wonder she didn't get security clearance. I'm tempted to drop this show, but the Haas soapy family drama, especially with Marcia Cross & Mark Pellegrino playing the parents, keeps me entertained. Plus, Simon is so darn likable. I'm still hoping for him to get together with Raina... when all the Alex craziness is over. Then again, if either one is the terrorist, my ship is sunk. Oh wells.
  5. sluggish neko

    S02.E02: We All Fall Down

    I get it-- Nick's allergic to shampoo, but can he at least tie that mess back? It's driving me crazy! I'm convinced zombie Nick would have better hair. Doesn't it bug Daniel on a professional level? He's a barber and yet both teenage boys have way too long hair. It was kinda fun watching Daniel annoy Strand with his hovering, but everything else in this episode bored me. I'm not watching this show for apocalyptic philosophizing or stargazing. Bring on the pirates!
  6. sluggish neko

    S02.E01: Monster

    Is it too much to hope for pirate zombies? pirate ninja zombies? I dunno about Travis. Wasn't he the one who told Alicia to listen to the radio? I know he was just trying to get rid of her so she won't go on and on about saving random people but it ended up causing more problems. And it didn't stop her impulse of wanting to rescue random strangers... who are probably pirates in disguise. I kinda like Nick as comic relief. Somehow his hair looks even worse this season plus he's still wearing the old man jacket-- now splattered with blood! b/c that's ZA fashion. He also gets cool points for the boat motor zombie kill-- which was at least something I haven't seen yet. Thank god they dumped the corpse. For a while, I thought we were in for a ZA version of As I Lay Dying.
  7. sluggish neko

    S06.E14: Twice As Far

    Right? I was wondering how they could let their ONLY doctor leave on a supply run. Not only that, she has NO experience in the scary zombie-infested outside world. That's just dumb. It would have made more sense if Dr. Denise ran away and they had to go fetch her back. Rosita and Daryl should know that she's too valuable to allow outside. Does living in Alexandria make you stupid? I think that's the real reason Carol left. She came in all BAMF going undercover and then taking out those Wolves like no one's business and then after a few months in Alexandria, she's all I can't kill anymore, boo hoo. I thought the groups were a little too casual while they were out too. Sure, they may be confidant around the zombies, but they know that there are dangerous humans around. Every time Denise wandered off to do something stupid like investigate the zombie behind the door or let the zombie out of the car, I kept thinking that Rosita and Daryl needed to put her on a leash. And then when she was shot through the eye with a crossbow, I thought, hey, you know what? Dr. Denise saved Carl from a bullet through the eye. Too bad she couldn't save herself from a crossbow through the eye 'cause... it's difficult to cure stupid. Seriously, she shouldn't have been out there in the first place!
  8. sluggish neko

    S06.E13: The Same Boat

    Didn't it seem that Maggie got more information out of that interrogator? It was more like Maggie was forced to listen to the angry girl's therapy session-- lost a finger, tattoo is for my father, lost a boyfriend... blah, blah... Maggie's all, compared to the Governor, this interrogation's a cake walk. I was expecting Maggie to take her out right then and there. ETA: When did Maggie get so bloodthirsty-- kill, kill, kill? Did I miss something?
  9. sluggish neko

    S06.E10: The Next World

    Oh hey, Rick finally made a smart decision! Good job Rick. And Michonne is Caaaarl-approved too. Then again, getting bamboozled by Jesus? Not smart. Even if his mind was filled with thoughts of getting mints for his girl Michonne. Aww, Daryl is going to be heart-broken. He offered Rick candy and soda and got stuck with Jesus instead of smooches. It was nice to have an epilogue for Deanna to verify that she's truly dead. (You never know with this show. A horde of zombies doesn't necessarily kill a person anymore.) Wish they left out the sulky Enid and moody Carl scenes though.
  10. sluggish neko

    S06.E09: No Way Out

    I never worry about Glenn now. He apparently has zombie immunity. Yes writers, I'm still bitter about that. Having Michonne stab Ron with the katana and eliminating his whole whiny family only partially makes up for it.
  11. sluggish neko

    S06.E09: No Way Out

    So Daryl finally did what should have been done in the very beginning when all the walkers were gathered together in a pit AWAY from the town... create a huge zombie bonfire. And Rick's plan? Go out and kill as many zombies as you can-- with no other strategy or plan. He didn't even count on anyone helping him! How long will it take for these people to realize that he's not a good leader? Srsly. I vote for Daryl as the new leader. Did you see how he solved that Negan gang problem? Sheer elegance in its simplicity. Rick's plan: sheer stupidity in its simplicity.
  12. sluggish neko

    S06.E07: Heads Up

    Hey TWD writers, I really don't appreciate being trolled-- that goes for Glenn and for dangling Spencer (literally!) above a zombie pit death he totally deserved. That being said, Rick really should have turned Alexandria into a giant dumpster because zombies apparently lose interest in those real easy and wander away. Glad that they finally let Steve Yeun out of Schrodinger's Box... so there's that. Don't fight it Enid, everyone joins the Glen fan club sooner or later. I was kinda hoping that Morgan was going to see Denise... as a psychiatrist. Cuz he needs one and she has to be a better one than the goat-keeping one who starved a man to death.
  13. sluggish neko

    S02.E05: Chapter Twenty-Seven

    Wow, just the presence of Britney Spears turned the show into a cartoony mess. Not even the antics of Xo and Alba high on pot, which was oh-so-charming, could make up for it. And lookie, it's the return of jealous, angry jerkface Michael. I can understand his anger. Rafael does have a track record of ruining his life, but fisticuffs that close to a baby is a definite no-no. And then Rafael turned out to be innocent too! That makes Michael not only an ex with anger management issues, but a sucky detective. Being terrible at his job is a category he really doesn't need to compete with Rafael on.
  14. sluggish neko

    S01.E07: Go

    Why Alex dragged Booth away with her also boggled my mind. The obvious thing to do would be to run and abandon Booth so that Vasquez can get him the medical attention he needs. The dude is still recovering from another bullet wound. Plus Alex is the one they're after and she'd move faster without Booth as deadweight. Still, Booth getting shot repeatedly amuses me. Alex probably took him cuz he's a bullet magnet. Considering how often Alex is wrong about who framed her, I liked how Vasquez snarked about how Alex is always right because of her so-called intuition in the flashback. Yep, it's working real well for her in her current situation. It took me awhile to figure out which twin is which, but now that I know Raina is the one Simon likes, I can identify her by the hearts in Simon's eyes.
  15. sluggish neko

    S06.E05: Now

    Of course the kid refused to come down. He knows Jessie's cookies aren't as good as Carol's. Duh. At first I was surprised that Spencer was actually being reasonable at the food store and then he turns out to be a drunk and a thief. Figures. These Alexandrians can't do anything right. They can't even kill themselves correctly. At least Nicholas shot himself in the head-- he just should have just done it much, much earlier. And Deanna is already acting zombie-like while still human. Greeeeaaat. How much more obvious is it that they're all going to be zombie chow?