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  1. She worked for Pompeo. That should explain everything.
  2. This person today. The one I never heard of either. NO!
  3. Yes! Loved him on the West Wing and Psych. Wish the series was still on.
  4. Unless I missed it, did anyone say something about Meghan and what she contributed to the show? Each time someone has left, they always say individual goodbyes. They must all be ecstatic that she will be gone. It will be so nice to watch without yelling at the TV.
  5. I wonder how many of her rants are based on her husband's statistics, and if their dinner discussions are about how many topics shecanjam into one response.
  6. Her response is always that she doesn't care what anyone else thinks, which is why she wrote the twitter response to Mary Trump. With a really sour look on her face, she managed to say how many "beautiful" things are in her life, so she doesn't have time to worry about what people say. All those beautiful things in her life sure have made her one angry person.
  7. I mentioned it to one person yesterday. She was a little upset. Not on here yet, so I kept hoping today really would be her last day, but from these comments, apparently not.
  8. Thank you! She is more insecure than I thought she was.
  9. It was so irritating when she did it in the studio, and it's more annoying this way. Nobody seems to tell her, either. Thank you!
  10. The question I really wish she would answer is why she CONSTANTLY looks to her left. Is she looking at a monitor? Someone telling her to smile? Why does she do that?? Nobody else does, and they are all in the same situation except Sara, since she is on the set.
  11. I'm only 20 minutes in watching, and my blood pressure went up each time she went on her rants. It will be a pleasure to watch a program with women feeling free to express themselves without censoring themselves for a spoiled child. Her anger infects the mood whenever she opens her mouth. When she's not there, everyone seems so much more relaxed and the audience feels the same.
  12. They must have made a pact to ignore her rants, and to just count the days until she is gone. Lots of tongues being bitten.
  13. Has she ever had to apologize for anything she has said? I don't remember any time when she had to correct her misstatements/lies.
  14. She has such a great show now, though. They did her a favor.
  15. YES! Show will be on here in a few minutes but just saw on Twitter that she is leaving! Had to come here to read the comments first!
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