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  1. RevmodDon

    S03.E11: The Book of Dougs

    It occurred to me this morning that, if Micheal's current theory is correct, every time Chidi blamed almond milk on his failure to make it to the Good Place, he's been a little bit right.
  2. RevmodDon

    S04.E07: Mr. Santiago

    No Marcus, Holt's nephew?
  3. Now it's going to be that much longer before I can see Rachel Bloom doing Broadway. It's fine - I'll wait. I may have screamed aloud at seeing the news. Second season, please.
  4. Think about the list of nominees in this category: Jamie Lee Curtis, Lily Tomlin: completely showbiz royalty. Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Emmy and GG winner many times over, for two different shows. Two new faces, one already awarded last year, working on tiny shows for CW. The CW has good reason to brag, and I sure hope they do, in the form of promoting the hell out of CXG.
  5. RevmodDon

    S01.E05: Josh And I Are Good People!

    The new songs seemed kind of uninspired, it's true. But the use of overture versions of previous songs to score the rest of the episode made up for it somewhat. Also, Tim "watching my long Os and pretending not to like hockey." And yes, the close up of "Iggy Izsnailia". And all the snail names. So, there was stuff.
  6. RevmodDon

    S01.E01: Josh Just Happens To Live Here

    The next woman on Nipsey's "Bitches to apologize to" list is Destiny. I'm so pleased there's more for me to find on repeated viewings, particularly if we end up with a smaller collection of these than we might like.
  7. RevmodDon

    S01.E04: I'm Going On A Date With Josh's Friend!

    We saw David Hull as a relatively minor cast member of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying in 2011, and he was the only random member of the company who really made an impression. Enough so that when he showed up in West Covina, I figured out that we knew him from somewhere, and Mrs. Revmod placed him shortly thereafter. You can see what I mean. On a stage dominated by Daniel Radcliffe, he draws the eye: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNTeeHhpxBE (Song starts about 1:15 - I'm sure there's a way to embed, but it's escaping me.)
  8. The best thing about the music is the surprising variety of it all. A Fred and Ginger number paired with a Britney-style oversexed pop song? Last week we got a Broadway anthem and a boy band number. And it's all so unbelievably catchy.
  9. RevmodDon

    Kroll Show

    Pardon, but I can't approve of this eight, when the clearly American "Loo-tenant" was allowed to stand unchallenged.