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  1. raytch

    S07.E20: 'Til DeAth Do Us Part

    Lmao my thought exactly. I have to say though, seeing the old scenes in the extended promo reminded me that this show was actually fun and exciting once upon a time. Also, ETA: the music in the extended promo reminds me of the Battlestar Galactica theme every time Head Six appeared to Baltar.
  2. raytch

    S07.E19: Farewell, My Lovely

    You guys! Ok so I've been lurking around here since I stopped watching the show shortly after the time jump. I knew the show had become ridiculous but I had no idea how much. I saw the episode that had Wren a few weeks back and then yesterday I watched this episode. You deserve a standing ovation or something for sticking with this show! I'm gonna watch the finale just to see how they wrap things up, but man this has got to be the worst penultimate episode I have ever seen.
  3. raytch

    Kingdom (US)

    Oh man! I'm bummed to see that there aren't individual threads for each episodes anymore. I'm surprised this show isn't getting the attention it deserves. It's very well thought out and I enjoy watching it every week. I'm not into MMA fighting and I don't know the first thing about it, but I'm always surprised by the ending credits of every episode. The story just kind of flows throughout the hour and I'm never sure of what's going to happen. Nick Jonas has come miles since the pilot. His face after he realized that he was drugged, raped and being paid off to stay quiet is gut wrenching. Christina's assault scene was extremely difficult to watch and man that dickhead had it coming, I cheered when she beat him up with his stupid award. His reasoning that he stopped because he couldn't get an erection and thus he did not rape her and thus it's all okay was unbearable. I terrified the shit out of you and had every intent of sticking my dick up your ass while choking you with your bath robe belt but then didn't so it's all good. I'm surprised the storyline got resolved so quickly, I wonder if this is the end of it. Also, Nate hugging Christina was such a sweet moment. I knew he wouldn't tell her about his own assault, but just having him show up instead of Jay and seeing them share some screen time is meaningful enough, because you know that the whole time Nate is thinking about it. One thing I didn't understand is Nate calling Will and giving him his number. Does he have a plan to use him to get to Bob and kick the hell out of him like he promised he would? Or is he developing some Stockholm syndrome? Will is as bad as Bob really and Nate shouldn't be having any of it. Jay just about broke my heart in every scene this episode. First with the housekeeping, which you can tell is the first time he experiences it. Then the way his face falls apart when Nate tells him about Christina, then with Christina in her room, and eventually when he goes back to the hotel and finds the room clean and that Ava ordered food for them. It seems like depression and sexual assault are the main themes this season. Alvey, Ryan, and Jay (well at least this episode) are depressed, and Nate, Alicia and Christina have all experienced varying degrees of sexual assault during the past 3 weeks. I'm not sure where they're going this but I'm definitely looking forward to find out!
  4. raytch

    Pretty Little Liars in the Media

    Hahaha well if Noel Kahn is coming back so am I! He is a ball of sex. How Aria chose Ezra over him is beyond me. I think they might try to reboot the show with a new set of liars. If that's the case I'm so not interested. I'm happy they are bringing back some of the familiar faces but I'm more than ready to say goodbye to this show.
  5. raytch

    Pretty Little Liars in the Media

    @Lii my you're on a roll with the snark!
  6. raytch

    The Originals in the Media

    Oh damn I already forgot that she's with Stefan! I really wish these 2 stayed friends, they had such great chemistry back then...
  7. raytch

    The Originals in the Media

    I think it's the very reason they took her out of the equation. Klaus my be truly in love with her but let's face it she never stood a chance with Caroline. Also, both shows haven't been doing great with the ratings so it makes sense if they use TO to end TVD on a high note and boost the ratings for TO in case they get another season past season 4...
  8. raytch

    The Originals in the Media

    Is anyone else thinking that if season 8 of TVD will be the last, they might be setting up some crossovers when TO comes back in the fall and maybe moving some of the TVD actors to NOLA once the show is over? I'd be cool with that, especially if it means Caroline gets to go there and maybe be with Klaus? He did say that he intends to be her last love...
  9. raytch

    S03.E17: Behind the Black Horizon

    Hahaha one of the few moments my avatar is in sync with my face! But seriously does this mean TO also had a time jump of 3 years?
  10. raytch

    S03.E17: Behind the Black Horizon

    What? More crossovers!!! Yes bring it on show!
  11. raytch

    S07.E16: Days Of Future Past

    Hey,they can't use X Men as an episode title. J'accuse!
  12. raytch

    S06.E20: Hush... Hush, Sweet Liars

    Right here with you!
  13. raytch

    S06.E20: Hush... Hush, Sweet Liars

    Honestly Mrs D having a twin makes the most sense. If it's the twin we saw dead in veronica Hastings yard and Jessica is still alive it would make sense that she'd come after the liars because last we saw of her, she was intent on putting Spencer in jail, and she was the only one who loved Charlotte and cared enough about her to avenge her death. As for the killer, I have no idea. I still haven't watched since episode 12 but I've been reading heather's recaps at autostraddle and it's been more than enough to keep me in the loop.
  14. raytch

    S06.E20: Hush... Hush, Sweet Liars

    Maybe he can slip into a recreation of the Great Gatsby while he's at it too!
  15. raytch

    S06.E17: We've All Got Baggage

    Lii, your comments are everything! I'm still not watching bur please keep them coming!