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  1. Amarg4387

    S01.E13: Three Sentences

    Oh my Lord, I don't think my heart could handle an episode like that. I think that is highly possible.
  2. Amarg4387

    S01.E06: Career Days

    I was skeptical about Mandy playing this role at first even though I love her but wow, I think she's absolutely killing it! Especially in the episode where Jack's drinking is addressed. Randall and Beth are one of my favorite TV couples ever. Milo is also killing it as Jack and does have such great scenes with the kids. I'm still warming up to Kate's character. It really broke my heart when she looked at the tag on her clothing and then at her mother's. I can definitely relate to her the most but I'm wondering where her story line is going. I'm totally annoyed with Olivia and thought her funeral crashing was super unrealistic and inappropriate. I'm liking Kevin more and more as time goes on. I love that he is struggling to be the best he can be and not settle, he is learning to believe in himself and see what he is really made of. I really loved the closing scene he had with Randall's girls last episode and the conversation he had with William. Speaking of William, I find it so interesting that Randall is above average intellectually, makes me think that William was also gifted. Unfortunately for William, he probably didn't have the money or means to continue his education and then turned to drugs. I really hope they explore more about Randall's mother, it'd be awesome if it turns out that she is still alive even though it looks as if she has passed away after Randall was born. Still very interested to see what happens with Jack's death and how Rebecca ended up with Miguel. I also can't wait to have a scene with Rebecca and adult Kate and Kevin. Can't wait till next week!
  3. Amarg4387

    Little Women: LA

    So over this show! I honestly think Tonya is the worst. She is rude and mean and just an ugly hearted person. And there is no way these women would still be getting together and going on trips if it wasn't for the producers on the show. I wish they would quit forcing all the drama. I am sick of shows always showing women hating on and competing with each other. I also cannot stand Traci anymore, no one is copying you, ya crazy! Worry about yourself and not what Christy is doing. Geez.
  4. Amarg4387

    S02.E07: Citizen Ship

    Maybe this is an unpopular opinion but I hate when there is a character that you never see! There are exceptions like Howard's Mom on Big Bang Theory, because at least you can hear her and she has some awesomely funny things to say. Melody doens't bring much to the show besides having the Bevers connection. I think it would be more funny if he was Abbi's ex-step brother (or 3rd cousin or something) that her Mom forces her to help out and give him a place to stay. The family guilt would be the reason she never truly kicks him out. I also think we will find out soon that Bevers doesn't really have his own apartment and that's why he is always at Abbi and Melody's apartment. Unless I've somehow missed something.
  5. Amarg4387

    S02.E07: Citizen Ship

    Me too! Makes it more realistic plus her character paid a lot for it! Girl wants to get some good use out of it! I have also noticed that Ilana has reworn items. I'm excited for tonight's episode, last week's just wasn't my jam so hopefully this one won't disapoint!
  6. Amarg4387

    Big Women: Big Love

    It seems like most of the posters here pretty much hate these women. I enjoy the show, I stumbled upon it by accident and have been watching it every week ever since. Here's my take on the women. Personally,I love Mar, she is my favorite...I think she is funny, pretty, and a compassionate person who would make a kickass friend. I am proud of her for dumping Richie and I hope that if Adam is completely out of picture that she finds someone awesome in the future. I also don't hate Jenn, at first with the voice I was like "are you kidding me with that shit?" but I actually think she seems like nice person with a great sense of humor. And I do think she is giving a varity of guys a chance, you all have to remember it's a two way street and a lot of these dudes (guessing the drunk one who dropped and broke a glass) are just trying to make their way on to a reality show. So she is only picking from a pool of guys who show interest in her first, most likely. I think she seems pretty fearless and confindent when it comes to dating. I applaud her for that. Plus i loved the comment she made to the waiter who brought her fruit when she didn't ask for it. Like he was doing a great service to her by inducing a 26 year old women to the first fruit of her lifetime. lolz. Ok, all I'm gonna say about Jessica is that she's extrememly stuck up and such a snore. Get her ass off the show asap please. Sabrina is my second favorite, she seems to really have her shit together and is really confindent in herself. I hope she can find someone since Kareem bailed, and to be honest I don't think he was right for her anyways. And onto Kristi, first of all, she did absolutely crack me up with her "patatas and cheese" high kicks but she seems to have some real issues here. First off, I don't think she realizes how much she drinks. Even after meeting Jefferson, it seems like drinking is their favorite hobby. I know I'm only seeing a small part of her life on a reality show mind you, but I'd tell her to lay off the booze for a while. I felt really bad for her during the seminar because it seemed that she really realized how being the one night stand girl is what she is becoming, no problem with that only for the fact that she actually wants to find love long term instead of just sex. I hope she ends up getting therapy and working on herself before she starts seriously dating again.
  7. Amarg4387

    S04.E04: Cubbies

    By far one of the worst episodes I have seen of this show. This season has been a disapointment so far!
  8. Amarg4387

    S02.E04: Knockoffs

    Edible Arrangement is such a Lincoln move. I want to marry him. I am so with you. Lincoln forever.
  9. Amarg4387

    S02.E04: Knockoffs

    This episode was amazing. Abbi coming out of the bathroom with the strap on on and saying, "Bend over" was so amazing, I had to rewind it and make my Husband watch. And then Ilana screaming that it was the "BEST DAY OF MY LIIIIIIFFFEEE" at her Grandmother's Shiva. Too amazing for words. Oh and how much of a baby is Jeremy, fuck that dude. Only complaint about this episode, no Lincoln. You all know Lincoln would come to Ilana's grandma's Shiva. He's that type of friend, plus he's totally in love with Ilana. He would have probably even made a dish to share with the family.