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  1. neptunewaves

    S09.E15: The Calm Before

    I jumped ship when Shane bit it and it was that Governor/Tara episode which convinced me to give the show another chance. She deserved so much better, man. Fuck it, I am out.
  2. neptunewaves


    It took me a couple episodes to get warmed up to Bean but, once the trio dynamic fell into place, it was true love. "Swamp and Circumstance" aside (man, did that one ever drag), the series got progressively better with every new episode and the final three were pure, unadulterated awesomesauce! I love the little clues spread through the series (remember Elfo's dad trying to give him The Talk back in the pilot?!) and the endless callbacks to previous episodes; also, how every single character is so awful yet somehow charming at the same time? Even King Zog has his moments!) I wish they would officially announce the second season airing date already! A few things about the finale... I think it's safe to assume both Oona and Derek (locked up in some tower for protection by Zog) escaped Dagmar magic goo. I wonder if they will reunite with Zog as the dysfunctional family unit they are to get back at Dagmar/rescue Bean. Luci knew whoever bottled him up and wasn't particularly surprised to see him in the castle - then again, it's hard to tell with Luci. The first to come to mind was Big Jo, but the more I think about it it doesn't make much sense? He seems to be working solo, which would put him at odds with the Enchantress/Maru and whoever Dagmar's loyalty lies with. The witch's ex and that one Cremorrah's warrior knew Bean - could they be in Dagmar's side? Or maybe Dagmar truly belongs to Maru and corrupting Bean was always part of the plan? I feel like we have to separate sides - good and evil if you will - vying for Bean's magic (she's totally a witch/demon's spawn) and the lady shipping her with a bunch of demonic creatures might not have her best interests in mind! (All this to say it wouldn't make sense for Big Jo to retrieve Luci from the chaos unless he was working with the Maru people, which he's obviously not.) Oooh, finally someBODY make it to mermaids island! Do merfolks grant wishes in this universe? The heck could they possibly want of a dead non-elf corpse! You wouldn't believe how unbelievable DEVASTATED I was when I saw Pendergast turned into stone. And now he and Odval will be MIA for most of the second season. Sob.
  3. neptunewaves


    I just finished the first season and, man, they really didn't give the killer's reveal that much thought, did they? Cameron couldn't have possibly tampered with Justin's cocaine and arranged for Robin's flowers to be delivered at the right time, nevermind the only way for him to know his victim's sins would mean Alan Henry kept several crimes from the police for decades yet didn't mind getting all gossipy with his son. No real motive, either. Guess we are to assume Sarah's return triggered Cam's latent sociopathy and he decided to adopt Tom's killer persona just because! That said, I thought the finale was glorious. I was tempted to ditch the show after the first episodes (the writing was so-so and everything felt too derivative and on the nose - do you still hear the lambs, Clarice?), but Katie McGrath and the guy playing Tom somehow developed a rapport towards the end (too bad it lasted all of two episodes) and we finally got some stakes. (Where was that chemistry before? I feel robbed!) I almost couldn't believe they found the cojones to go there with Sarah but oh boy the let's-torture-the-shit-out-of-Cam scene was so dark and well done IDGAF however implausible it was for the cops to buy the self-defense shit when Cameron had more stab wounds than she and Dylan combined. Heck, I doubt the cops particularly cared, either. Sarah got sick of running and they made damn sure to show us how deliberate her decision to regain control of her own life by taking revenge on her own hands was by having her ditch the police call/run routine not once, but twice. Going through what Sarah went through should change you and I am glad the writers allowed this Final Girl to be rougher around the edges. There was some nice deconstruction going, between that and her just standing there allowing Tom to give his life for her. Sarah is one heck of a survivor, but she's not a heroine. And that's ok. I thought they had Cameron and Sarah having sex (no "making love") to further drive home (to us viewers and Sarah) how emotionally detached he was. The directing of this episode was top notch. The focus on Sarah when Cameron is dressing up, Cam laying next to her completely oblivious in his own mania as she bleeds out and then Dylan holding Cameron for her... Very powerful imagery all around. Also, I hated Dylan's guts all season but that single scene when he tries to remind her she's not killer but helps her anyway because he realizes it's what Sarah needs totally sold me the couple. What can I say, the family that slays together stays together.
  4. neptunewaves

    Who, What, When, Where?!: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I don't see how anyone can see or read any interview where she talks about Raniere and somehow miss she hasn't been thinking straight for a loooong time. Honestly, it surprises me they are prosecuting her as an "associate" giving Raniere absolute control over her social and professional life, nevermind her physical well being. Raniere has been staving her to death for more than a decade now and, having gone through anorexia nervosa myself, I can assure you she's extremely lucky to still be able to stand on its own. Organ damage is irreversible at this point. Ironically enough, jail time could potentially ended up saving her life. Kristin Kreuk? Not even in the same league. Allison was easily one of the most talented people working in Smallville, right after John Glover and Michael Rosenbaum. It's a fucking disgrace this monster somehow convinced her she needed to "find herself" outside of the industry (AM has been consistently working since she was a toddler) because her work in Wilfred was terrific.
  5. neptunewaves

    S08.E16: Wrath

    So... that's it? After two and half years of character development and having Tara begrudgingly come to trust him, the one character they actually managed to successfully redeem is forced to ride off into the sunset, never to be seen again? What the everloving fuck, show. (On the plus side, now he can finally go find Sherry and luckily never cross paths with these lunatics ever again, so... yay?) I don't think any of us genuinely believe they would kill off Negan. Hell, I knew the fucker would live even after Rick sliced his throat. But as sure as hell wasn't expecting Rick to unilaterally make the decision of sparing him without at least consulting Maggie and Ezequiel? That was NOT his call to make and I will be 1000% behind Maggie, Jesus, and Daryl (has everybody suddenly forgot he wants him dead as much as Mags because he STILL blames himself for what happened to Glenn? He's been reaching Shane levels of frustration with Stupid Rick since the beginning of the season) if they had half a chance in hell of bringing down the Ricktatorship. Alas, this show will never have the balls to go there. I like the pretty ex Savior. Dunno why people are pitting him against Jesus in the race for Maggie's affection since last I checked, Jesus was gay? And speaking of the gay, will Cyndie be a regular next season? Surely they wouldn't keep having Tara make eyes at her for naught? Where was Carol???
  6. neptunewaves

    S08.E15: Worth

    The better Negan didn't win. I am having trouble following Dwight's thought process. So, he wants Negan dead? There's an armed group of gentlemen here in a reasonably good position to make that happen. But he sells them out because... No, really, WHY? Rick and his merry gang are NOT his friends. The fuck he cares if they have a better fighting chance against Simon or Negan. And OF COURSE goddamned Laura just arrived from her half-season long (did she crawled back to Sanctuary? Stopped here and there to chit-chat with Aaron?) time-out to bite him in the ass. Still, I hope he makes it! I am running out of actors I actually enjoy watching here! Eugene, my spineless man, you can't keep blaming people for the shit you do and then act all surprised and offended when they lash out at you! I am actually surprised by Rosita's restraint. Did we really just spent fifteen minutes on Aaron harassing the poor Oceanside folks and wrestling walkers in the mud? And you people complain about Tara.
  7. neptunewaves

    S19.E15: In Loco Parentis

    Thank goodness someone else saw it, I was starting to feel like I was taking crazy pills! It might not have fit the current legal definition of rape, but there were definitely some dubious consent issues at play there, nevermind the fact they were both highly intoxicated. His recounting of what went down that night was really sketchy, to top it off. Having said that, no, "everything that happened" wasn't Mia's fault. You don't get a free pass for murder just because somebody wrongly incriminates you in the death of your neighbor. And, frankly? Comparing the fallout of a false accusation to what rape victims have to live with is insulting.
  8. neptunewaves

    S08.E12: The Key

    Negan's pie hole being shut down by Jadis of all people was the highlight of the season (gee, can you imagine just how annoying his neverending babbling must be to her?). Now, where is my epic novella about Lucille's beau meeting his gory and very graphic demise at the hands of The Woman? It really says something that Nana Doubtfire's Big Lipped Alligator Moment somehow did more to advance the plot than Rick and Negan 89443948th piss contest. Steven Ogg continues to be the better Negan. It's too bad Simon's days are numbered, I still miss Jayson Warner Smith's Gavin.
  9. neptunewaves

    S11.E05: Ghouli

    Oh well, as if I wasn't already having enough of a hard time trying to give a damn about William (having skipped the Duchovny-less seasons, I never even had a connection to his baby self), they go and turn him into the biggest douche that ever douched. Toying with both girls then setting them up to either accidentally injure themselves wandering in the middle of the night in a run-down wreck of a ship (one of them FEEL through the floor!) or kill each other in a panic. As a "joke" (you goddamn psycho, you). WTF, show. For a second I totally thought he orchestrated the whole thing to force the girls to make the choice for his sorry ass by unknowingly eliminating "the other"... THEN he lets Scully cry her apologies over his "corpse" for like an hour, does not shed a single tear for his just brutally murdered parents AND KEEPS LYING TO HIS GIRLFRIENDS (whom, for some reason, do not beat him to a pulp once they find out - it's Stockholm Syndrom-ing his loved ones another of his powers?). Cancer Man IS his father, alright. What a mess of an episode. You should have gotten a dog, Dana.
  10. neptunewaves

    S11.E01: My Struggle III

    Nah. Last season's episode only happened in Scully's head. They went full Final Destination on our asses. And I would believe even amongst the most hardcore MSR fans, the major source of outrage here is - yet again - the ultimate violation of Dana's body autonomy (with a side of letting Mulder believe he has a son just for kicks). I know that was the final nail in the coffin for me. CSM seems pretty confident Scully will choose William over Mulder. Personally, I am not so sure. If/when it comes down to it, I think it's more likely Mulder will sacrifice himself AGAINST her wishes, whoever William's bio daddy is.
  11. neptunewaves

    S01.E10: eXploited

    He only was exposed because Pulse was there to neutralize mutant powers; Marcos, John, and Clarice were also briefly depowered. The more I think about Dreamer's death, the angrier I get. Just how incompetent is this Campbell guy supposed to be? Did he even know what she could do? What's there to gain for murdering the one mutant who could potentially execute their brainwashing program ten times more efficiently they could ever dream of (no pun intended)? I swear Trask and the Sentinel get stupider by the second. And nope, still not feeling an ounce of pity for Jace and his racist ways. "What have you been doing in our little girl's name?", indeed. WHY did Esme spare him??? This show would benefit greatly from an Ames White type of villain. Someone unabashedly evil yet smart enough to no pull a Campbell in an asinine attempt to inspire fear. Too bad Martin Cummins is already taken. I hope Lorna go berserk when she finds out about Dreamer (I know John will be too busy wooing Clarice, gah).
  12. neptunewaves

    S01.E10: eXploited

    So Johnny can have yet another loved one go after him in their now literal zombie state? Fingers crossed it will happen right after he acknowledges his feelings for Clarice!
  13. neptunewaves

    S01.E10: eXploited

    I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, I still can't believe they killed Sonya off in such an unceremonious way - she was my very favorite right next to Lorna and Marcos, dammit! (Couldn't they have taken one of the Struckers out instead? We have like four of them!) I Imagine they figured they did not longer need her now that they have the Stepford Cuckoos (!!!) and best get her out of the way to advance that Clarice/John thing they hinted at several episodes ago (because God forbid they write a proper falling out of love arc without throwing the third wheel under the bus) but still. After that, I was actually cheering Esme on as she unleashed the Five-In-One's (Three-In-One?) fury on Turner's men. Figures Jacey boy encounters an actual terrorist when he finally decides to do the right thing. So what, are Esme and her sisters taking Fenrir to whatever remains of the Hellfire Club? All I see now when watching Lauren and Andy together is struckercest. Thank you, Internet!
  14. neptunewaves

    S01.E09: outfoX

    Yeah... you may want to avoid the #struckercest tag. I love that Lauren is feeling the power rush even more so than Andy. I would have personally gone berserk on the building as soon as Clarice and Sonia were out, but you do you, Andy. I can't believe they captured them all. Good lord, I sure hope Esme is a mole for either Trask or Jace boy because everything she does is so ridiculously shady I am honestly surprised they didn't have Dreamer do a full number on her to figure out what's her game. Also, are we sure Esme was just eavesdropping on Lorna's nightmare instead of actively causing it? Her tapping onto Polaris memories to adjust her approach and convince her to go ahead with the mission didn't seem born out of sincere anguish or desperation, to the point I am not even sure we are supposed to be buying there IS a family to rescue here? Could be a ruse, could be Skyler's shitty acting. Marcus visibly rolling his eyes when Esme interrupts them is my default reaction to the character. The bedtime scene - nightmare aside - was hilarious, what with Marcus sleeping thought most of Lorna's rampage, even when she bumps into him! A light sleeper he ain't. I wish we could get more slice-of-life moments from these two (and Sonia and Clarice and John) instead of spending so much time with the Struckers. :/
  15. neptunewaves

    S07.E06: Mid-Western Assassin

    Oh Meadow, you sad couch potato. She knew Kai was using her, she just didn't care. What else has she going on for her by that point? Even Harrison was done with her. Yeah, how dare Allyson respond to pain like any functioning living creature would when Ivy would have creepily cherished every single contraction! *gags* You know, every time I think there is no way Ivy can get any worse, she goes and beat all odds. Just how old is Ozzy? I remember Allyson confiding to Rudy how just being with Ivy help her get over her phobias and embrace life and now it turns out Ivy deary was faking it the whole time. Gah! What kind of narcissist sociopath does that?! ALLY DID NOTHING WRONG IN THAT FLASHBACK. "My baby" is just a manner of speaking. Ozzy likeness to Ivy is no coincidence - they must have used her eggs and had Allyson act as a surrogate. They are both Ozzy's biological moms. Ivy needs to stop projecting her own insecurities on Allyson and take some goddamn responsibility for her own shortcomings and royally fucked up thought process. And hell, for someone who doesn't want their child to suffer, Ivy sure is putting Ozzy through a truckload of traumatizing shit. You would think Allyson just dying would be a lot easier for him to assimilate in the long run than having her mother committed for mass murder, yeah? Speaking of which- "fuck you" indeed, Rudy, no more gaslighting for this gal. I love the glimpses of the true Allyson we get here and there- now, this is a woman who wouldn't go down without putting up a fight. Ironically, had she reacted like she has been doing since her phobias set in and trust the good doc, they couldn't have framed her for the shooting. I don't think that was on anybody plans, it was more of a bonus. Anyone else got the impression Rudy was just trying to do some damage control instead of actively helping Kai and Winter there? Dammit, Sally! I liked you so much better than half the cast already, why did you have to go and fall for the lethal turn-your-back-on-the-easily-accessible-from-the-outside-windows trope! Oh well, we'll always have that epic City Council Meeting Room takedown. I didn't realize I was watching the censored edition until Ivy came out running out of nowhere after Meadow took her brains out. Thank you kindly to the poster who shared the uncut scene, now it all makes a bit more sense. (Why did stray bullets always miss bad people? I certainly wouldn't have minded if Ivy took one for the team.)