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  1. Why is Antonella barely on anymore ? She’s posting a lot of cooking videos , but barely on QVC anymore .
  2. I agree about the artificial scoring ! Buddy’s cake looked pretty bad . It looked clunky , out of proportion and sloppy . The pies looked awful ! Pies are not that thick! And do they not think about proportions and weight before assembling things ? The tiny Jordan sculpture was ok, but so tiny in comparison to everything else . Buddy really has a thing about “Size”, and does not pay attention to detail most of the time . I am sure they have to stroke Buddy’s fragile macho ego or he will thrown another toddler tantrum ! I know Buddy and his equally for obnoxious macho friend will win this season ! They just want to build tension by pretending his big cartoonish cakes are somehow on the level of Charm City cakes , which they are not !
  3. I watched GMF today , I still like Molly but her over the top non stop grinning and now over the top happy stuff is cringeworthy ! As usual , FN takes a nice , likable female cook an and turns them annoying and goofy !
  4. Just when I thought Hoda couldn’t be any dumber , she puts her dirty sneaker in her table in front of her to show Jenna what she had on her feet . She runs and walks though the streets of NYC where the virus is most prevalent in the country and then does that ? And why is Jenna not ever going in and Hoda is in every day ? Is it because Hoda took off six months for her second baby?
  5. Wow, Buddy isn’t the only asshole at Carlo’s bakery! Ralph is also a douchebag! The way he talked to the women decorating the cakes with him was awful . I don’t blame her for telling him to “f” off , but Buddy and his friends are so tacky and classless! I am Italian and Buddy and Ralph make me cringe ! They are the bad stereotype of the sexist, arrogant , a holes ! Buddy sure is trying to rehab his true arrogant jerk personality. I don’t believe he is really a good loser, or that he likes Duff . I think he made such an ass is himself last season with his shitty poor loser behavior thar FN had to pretend he and Duff are buddies this year . They even made an appearance on Rachael Ray’s show pretending they are friends . A lot of parents made comments last year starting they didn’t want their children seeing a poor sport like Buddy , so FN didn’t want him to be himself.
  6. If anyone ever wonder or doubted that Kelly starved herself and has major issues when it comes to her body and looks , here is the daily plan to keep her size 00: Morning Rituals: "I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is, I take a glass of water and I have something called Get Off Your Acid Daily Greens, which is—spirulina, spinach, kale—all ground into a powder that you mix into water. It is for [alkalizing] your digestive system." Pre-Breakfast: "Then I have a large coffee with ghee. I blend it in the Bullet. And while I'm having my ghee, I have my Persona morning supplements, which is my foundational vitamin, my multivitamin, ginger and my probiotic. That's phase one." Breakfast After filming Live With Kelly and Ryan: "I don't have any sort of chewing food before I talk on the air. When we're finished, what I'll have is a green apple cut up. Then I take two tbsp of almond butter and a tsp of cinnamon... I blend it all together and I put the apples in there. And I eat that like a porridge, if you will. That is my first chewable food of the day." Exercise Sesh: "I work out seven days a week. My body wants to work out when I'm at work. Most people that write into our show or DM us, will always say, 'Oh, I watch your show when I'm on the treadmill at the gym.' And I think to myself, 'Yes, that makes sense. Because... I will watch the show and work out at the gym.'" ABC Brunch: "I eat lunch at such a weird hour, it's really a breakfast-lunch. I have a big salad of microgreens with avocado and toasted nuts on top. Sometimes I have pine nuts, sometimes pumpkin seeds, sometimes I have walnuts, sometimes I have cashews. The avocado toast kick of 2015 into 2017, was two years where avocado toast was pretty much the foundation of my diet. And I had it with just about every meal. Sometimes I would fry an egg and add that on top. Sometimes a piece of cheese would accompany the avocado toast. But the avocado toast was a real staple of my diet." Dinner: I have usually a smaller version of the same salad that I had for lunch. And then I have either mixed grilled greens or whatever's in season. I try to eat whatever is in season, in terms of vegetables. Then I have usually some plant protein mixed in there, like a grilled tofu, sometimes I'll have fried tofu, sometimes I have some sort of tahini." First of all , why would anyone want to look like a walking Botoxed skeleton ? Second , an entertainment site promoting this eating disorder is irresponsible. I always thought she had an eating disorder from eay bqck when she was on All My Children , after she had Michael she wasted away , and even said in an interview that she was too think to get pregnant again , and had to gain weight! Now as she gets older it seems like she’s getting more freaked out and talks about botox not stop and has made her diet so ridiculous she probably eats about 300 calories a day , along with hours of exercise every day !
  7. I hate to say this about a kid, but Reggie seems like he is headed to a life of being some greedy Wall Street type who doesn’t give a crap about anyone but himself . Everyone else wanted to help someone with their money and he wanted to invest it ! Nothing wrong with that , but sadly it looks like someone has taught him to be just our for himself . We don’t need more future adults like that ! Hopefully. He will change a bit when he matures . I was happy Grayson won, she added talented and nice . For some reason Valerie was super annoying to me during this show . She just acted way too goofy and her comments about the cakes don’t add much . Duff always gives some good advice. i think Valerie is weird lately . She’s going on Today and crying about her problems and her weight, and talking to some ridiculous “mind coach”!! I guess the good part is that she is nice to the kids , but she’s just seems off lately .
  8. Speaking of her huge open mouth , there’s picture of the whole crew in Orlando and Hoda is front and center with her giant big open mouth smile in front of everyone of course !
  9. Kelly’s weird speech about being thankful was irritating ! The stammering and halting speech to say how lucky she is, was obnoxious . Overall I like Live compared to other annoying morning talk shows . They don’t take themselves too seriously, not a lot of “deep thoughts”, and crying or babbling about their philosophies of everything like Hoda and Jenna oe the others . But, the gushing between Ryan and Kelly is nauseating and so fake ! Never once before Ryan was chosen did I ever hear Kelly talk about how close they were , even when he cohosted or was a guest ! Now it’s like they are in some deep , connected relationship ! Also, the “daddy” talk about Mark as if he’s some Adonis when he’s ok looking , very short and nothing out of the ordinary is hilarious , as was the gushing about her daughter’s singing when it’s nothing special ! Tonight Kelly posted a video of “daddy” working out with oiled up abs ! Talk about nauseating !
  10. Valerie Bertinelli was on whining again about being fat and depressed! Good grief ! WTF is wrong with these women in broadcasting and entertainment??? Do any of these women NOT reveal every freaking feeling or body function to the world anymore ? Women now are acting pathetic ! I’m not saying they can’t share stories , but do they have to cry and blubber on national tv while they are dealing with issues , adopting , going through miscarriages or IVF? Valerie from all accounts had a decent family and did not turn out a total mess like most child stars . Yes, she had to work from a young age, but spare me the tears when she is a multi millionaire, has holidays by the ocean in her very expensive west coast home, has someone else who appears to be a decent husband and was able to get a contract from a food network because of her celebrity that others would love to have that are trained chefs ! I am not saying that Valerie may not have real issues with depression , but she is NOT like us, and like all of the dumbass women who write to the Today show say she is ! She is able to afford the best therapists and not work if needed . BTW, why doesn’t she get a real therapist and privately get help for whatever is going on instead of talking to the flakey , unqualified, “mind coach”? Whatever the hell that is - that St Maria Shriver with the most messed up family recommended to her ??? Is she that dumb? And surprise surprise- stuffing your face on baking competitions and cooking fatty foods all the time will make you gain weight ! I am not saying she may not have depression that causes her to binge eat , but she also needs help through real nutrition counseling , making diagrams with your feelings is not going to make your magically lose weight ! I also notice her “healthy “ recipes are the new no carb but full of fat recipes . A real nutritionist would tell you to eat all things in moderation , and saturated fat is NOT good for your heart . I actually have always liked Valerie , but lately she is annoying and I wish someone would tell her that she needs to get real help and stop with the fad BS ! And to all of the women who think it’s wonderful to cry on the air and overshare, you are making women look like idiots and like they are wreak children . This is not what a professional woman should do and can do in real life , and any women who thinks that they can work in a real job and behave like these rich , out of touch , whiney women, will find out that the real world will see them as weak and unprofessional and they won’t have jobs or promotions ! I wish these celebrities would get help and then speak like grown ups in an informative way instead of making us go though their bullshit “journeys” with them !
  11. OMG ITA! I liked Molly at first but they must be telling her to smile smile smile ! Everyone has to be over the top and fake is one way or another! I still like the show , but she makes me cringe at times with the over done BS!i I will just say that I know most everyone finds their own baby fascinating and beautiful , but I think that not all babies are cute!
  12. She is a total dumbass! I am sure that is why many like her ! She doesn’t threaten them with being too smart ! She does however, know how to promote herself ! Today we can all sleep better know that Hoda’s mom is picking out her wedding dress ! Wow ! We were all very concerned about the wedding dress and plans for a 55 year old woman on her second marriage , who has loved with her fiance for 6 years ! I have a feeling the details of her wedding will be topics on the Today show non-stop and the wedding will be talked about l more then the royal weddings ! I wonder if Hoda will be married during sweeps live , on location during the fourth hour!
  13. I watched a little of Ant and Rick’s New Year’s Eve special . I almost didn’t tune in after I saw Ant selling some magnifying mirror the other night and saying that without it you don’t notice nose hairs that a long enough to braid ! Gross ! I don’t need that much “real” from a host ! Ant used to be on of my favorite hosts , now I can only take her in small doses, and after watching her last night , I figured out why . She used to come across as very sincere and real. Now she comes across overdone, loud , crude and fake . At one point she was talking about dried cranberries as if they were so amazing , it was ridiculous. Even Rick made a comment about her overdoing it with her description! Her personality now comes off as fake as her bad blonde dye job that looks like she has a helmet on her head ! She also now has some weird affectation in her speech and personality that is some annoying combination of Jersey Shore and a valley girl !
  14. Besides Hoda’s giant open mouth smile on multiple pictures of her “magical “ holiday and family , her mom has the fame creepy smile , complete with yellow teeth ! Her sister and noe even her daughter have that annoying toothy smile too ! Yuck ! It’s so funny that Hoda said she was reflecting on “time”, and how time goes by so fast while she was doing her usual philosophical speech! She said this in relation to her babies growing and changing so fast . When she said that I wondered why she doesn’t cut back on her work schedule to spend more time with her kids . After all, she loves such a simple life , she probably could give up one of her multiple jobs and specials
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