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  1. I am with others who believe that Lu entered in to this relationship, her engagement, and her marriage with eyes wide open. She knows who Tom is and what he does. I just think that she has her bases covered and genuinely does not care. At this point, she wants the companionship and to be with someone like-minded. If he can still give her what he needs while stepping out with other women, then she's going to be okay with it. What baffles me is why the other women harp on it so much. I don't even think it is really out of jealousy. I just think that they don't understand Lu and why she doesn't clutch her pearls and walk away once she finds out about cheating. Bottom line: Everyone has different deal breakers in their relationships, and some people are not hell bent on having monogamy. Lu will never acknowledge that she doesn't care about monogamy because she knows the viewers will rip her to shreds for having an unconventional view on things, but in her first marriage, her relationship with Jacques, and now her marriage to Tom, I don't think monogamy has ever been there. The other women need to just let it go because I'm tired of hearing about it.
  2. But what is wrong with that? Isn't Ramona often a problem at gatherings? As Mozelle pointed out above, Lu doesn't want her at her wedding. Dorinda didn't want Sonja at the Berkshire's last year because she thought she might be a problem, and Ramona disinvited Sonja to her home because she wanted Dorinda there, and having Sonja there would be a problem. A person being a problem for whatever reason is usually the reason they get left off of some of the invites. I agree with you. The reason the women get pissed off about not being invited is not because they actually feel excluded or care to show up, it's because that is where filming is taking place. If they are disinvited/not included at events, it can jeopardize their involvement with the show because they are expected to be at as many filmed events as possible. They can get fired for not showing up. One example is Aviva, who refused to go on Housewife trips and got fired as a result. This is Carole's party. She can invite whoever she wants. BUT, I also know the real reason Ramona is pissed is because this is where the cameras are going to be on that night and if most of the other 'Wives are going to be there, it is one more instance where she can't get on camera.
  3. sekay87

    S29.E12: Caged

    Shane and Laurel gone in one episode? At least I'll still have either Darrell or CT to cheer on at the end of this. I'm pissed one of them has to go home next week.
  4. sekay87

    S29.E11: The Bloodbath

    MEAN. GIRLS. SHANE. He is my favorite. "You screwed Cory over! You screwed Cory over!" I was dying. I know he probably goes home next week, but if he does at least he went out in the best way possible-stirring shit up.
  5. sekay87

    S24.E04: Week 4: Most Memorable Year

    Heather is almost too perfect. My boyfriend and I watch this together every week, and whenever she comes on, we both agree that she's amazing, but we're bored because it kind of just looks like two of the pros dancing. It's not exciting to watch a contestant's journey when they start out being able to keep up with their professional partner on all counts.
  6. sekay87

    S29.E10: Go Your Own Way

    Mean Girl Shane is the best Shane. I'm here for it.
  7. sekay87

    S29.E09: An Officer and a Gentlewoman

    I noticed the crickets too and cracked up! I rewound it twice just to see CT's "are you serious?" to Johnny. CT has been the best part of this season. Completely agree with this she's been very pushy, especially towards Cara. I do not enjoy watching or listening to her. Was anyone else extremely creeped out during Laurel's walk through the house covered in blood? Agree about Nicole's aggressiveness. It has nothing to do with her being a woman either-I find it creepy when men are this pushy and aggressive towards people they want to hook up with as well. It's a sign of disrespect and a disregard to the other person's comfort level and boundaries. The episode where the champs moved into the house and Nicole pushed herself on Cara and offered her a spot in her bed made me cringe. Cara's discomfort was emanating off of her and Nicole was not getting it. I don't know--she just irked me from that point on. It's too bad because she's a great competitor and I have a feeling she's going to be a recurring cast member on this mess.
  8. sekay87

    S29.E09: An Officer and a Gentlewoman

    THIS. THANK YOU. I find it really offensive that Nicole brags/showboats about possibly "turning" girls and making it a challenge/conquest. I'm all for owning your sexuality, and if these girls are interested in Nicole (the way Laurel seems to be), then they will show her that and respond to her advances without Nicole being as aggressive and disrespectful to boundaries as she appears to be.
  9. sekay87

    S29.E08: A Low Down Dirty Shane

    I'm okay with team members eating each other's food, but those that ate extra stuff should have gotten some kind of immunity or a head start in the race, and those that didn't finish their own food should be ineligible to win. I agree. Shane, for his willingness to eat extra and help the team, should have gotten immunity over Hunter. That is BS. So because Hunter was able to sprint up the hill faster, he was considered the winner? Then why couldn't it be a race where everyone has to eat their own curry and could leave whenever they were done? Doesn't seem right. Also agree with comments regarding Nicole and Hunter sitting on their ass during the puzzle portion. WTF was that? That would have pissed me off for sure. Yes, you have immunity, but you also just cost your team bank account money by not chipping in more. Those 2 should be voted in next time for that garbage alone.
  10. sekay87

    S29.E08: A Low Down Dirty Shane

    "I'm normally inspired and impressed by the people on my team, but in this case I'm surrounded by...losers."-Shane I have missed Shane and Darrell so much, you guys. I can't.
  11. sekay87

    S24.E01: Week 1

    I'll join you at at UO table. I'm disappointed they're going full Erika Jayne with her. I find Erika Jayne funny, but I wish she was just being herself, instead of her persona. My faves were Nick, Rashad, and David. I find Nick inexplicably sexy. And I thought Rashad and David just looked like they were having a blast. Their energy is infectious. I also really enjoyed Nancy and Heather. I don't particularly like Simone's personality and her dance was way too frenetic for me. She will win, which is disappointing, but at least it means Sasha will win. I like Normani's personality a lot and I thought her dance was decent, but I am so completely over Val. He's still hot though lol. I'm with the two of you! I watch RHOBH and I LOVE Erika. There's so much more to her than a raunchy alter-ego. It makes me sad they don't show more of that side of her!
  12. sekay87

    S24.E01: Week 1

    I am not ordinarily someone who complains about people with a dance background coming on here, but I do think it's ridiculous that Heather Morris gets to be a contestant. She's not just someone who had to learn dance as part of a bigger profession, like Simone Biles for example, but she is a professional dancer and was before going on Glee. She was hired on Glee initially to teach the choreography to Beyonce's Single Ladies to the cast and wound up becoming a character on the show. She's phenomenal, don't get me wrong, but it really irritates me that they're allowing someone who looks almost as good as the pros on the show to compete against the likes of a David Ross or Rashad Jennings, both of whom are not dancers but did a great job on their first routine. I'm bummed because she's obviously going to be either the winner or a finalist and her journey won't be as fun to watch because she's so awesome out of the gate.
  13. sekay87

    S29.E07: Achy Breaky Heart

    Also-one more thing. I don't know why the Underdog team is surprised that Shane is a decent competitor. I don't know if they have amnesia or are just too young to have watched, but the Road Rules kids always were better at the Challenge than Real World back when the two used to face off against one another. Road Rules was all Challenges. Shane has been through this experience more than many of the Underdogs. And he's athletic. I don't understand where the "surprise" is coming from...
  14. sekay87

    S29.E07: Achy Breaky Heart

    First of all, well done Darrell. I was so glad that he sent Zach home, although I personally loved/teared up at Zach talking about Knight. That was sweet. And I was pleasantly surprised at how kind and sweet he was to Jenna when she was upset. That being said, #TeamDarrell. I want him to win this thing so badly. I am a viewer who does not hate Bananas and finds him somewhat entertaining, and also have respect for his looking at the experience for what it is-a game-and playing strategically. I never thought what he did to Sarah was that bad, because at the end of the day she did it to him first and their friendship was more or less over. That he put their issues aside to get themselves to the end on last season Rivals was just a strategy and when he saw a chance to take all the winnings, he took it. Ruthless, yes, but not incomprehensible. I would, however, like to see his ass get sent home this Challenge, preferably by Darrell, who I personally feel is the only one who could do it. CT is a beast, but he's not what he once was physically (this is based entirely on what I've seen in more his more recent showings). One final note-I do adore Jenna. I really do. When she first started coming on this show, I thought she was a bimbo and she annoyed me, but her charm has really won me over. She seems genuinely sweet and sincere, and she's a fairly good competitor. I really want her to see her worth and I am disappointed that she's so hung up on getting back with Zach. It's hard for me to say she deserves better because she allows herself to get treated this way, but really she does. She just needs to get some self-esteem and know when to tell these clowns to piss off.
  15. sekay87

    S21.E10: Week 10/S21.E11: The Women Tell All

    Look I like Raven so I'm sure people think that's coloring my perspective but as a women who knows what those looks from a man mean I'm telling you that those times with Rachel, Kristina and Whitney were nothing compared to those caresses he was giving Raven. The only time I saw that look was with Vanessa and Raven. Which makes sense that they're the F2. Sure it's probably mostly physical but I don't think it's fair to say that there is no chemistry between them and just blindly dismiss her. I really don't know why people dislike her so much. Unlike Vanessa she got along great with all the other women. That speaks volumes to me. She strikes me as the friend that everybody would love to hang out with who although is fairly smart needs occasional guidance when it comes to men and learning the difference between being blindly honest and subtlety honest. I give Vanessa her due and although I know she's not everybody's cup of tea why can't people give Raven hers? I agree with you. I'm personally not a Vanessa or Raven fan, but I can sense that he definitely feels for both of them. I do see a deeper connection with Vanessa and him than I do with him and Raven, only because he seems to tackle deeper compatibility issues in conversation with Vanessa than he does with Raven. I think it's blindingly obvious that Vanessa was his favorite from the start, and that she was set to win this fairly early on, but I do also think he enjoys and loves being around Raven. I just see that he considers it a more casual, fun, lighthearted relationship and less something that he says any sort of future with. With Kaitlyn and Andi he took things to a deeper place (particularly with Andi) and he's doing that with Vanessa too. I don't see him getting deep with Raven. That is not to say that Raven isn't great or that her and Nick don't have a connection. I just don't see it being one he sees will last.