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  1. I’ve never seen even a preview for "The Glory That Was."
  2. So maybe we should have our own Primetimer Awards: LOCI Edition, with categories like creepiest episode, most evil perp, most deranged perp, most sympathetic perp, most annoying victim, funniest scene, best episode, worst episode, whatever. Like the old TWOP Tubey Awards. Anybody interested?
  3. Well, now I can’t stop thinking about it! I guess Butch was giving it to Rose to give to Jenny and she was ... giving it to the homeless shelter? Buying sweet pickle relish by the barrel?
  4. Compared with when the odious Bishop, who left a hole you could drive a truck through: "You’re under arrest. For murder."
  5. Count me in as being dissatisfied with Goren’s protection of Melanie, but Carver’s dressing-down Goren was inappropriate. I’m not a lawyer, so somebody please tell me: Did Goren do something unethical? It’s his job to get a confession out of a suspect, and the priest knew he was screwed when he heard her name. Also, Eames is senior partner and she went along with it, albeit with misgivings, so what’s Carver all over Goren about it?
  6. So, who thinks Tori went ahead with her wedding anyway after one of her bridesmaids got murdered in a fleabag motel? 🤚🏻
  7. So in "Last Street in Manhattan" the soulless Stephanie Miller tells the detectives that she "doesn’t set up one client with another client’s castoffs." So this means she has this database of stunning, cultured, sophisticated, accomplished, educated, desirable women, and if she introduces one of them to a client and they don’t get married, the poor babe is deleted from the database forever? No second chance with the next guy who might be her soulmate or even "short-term companionship?"
  8. I don’t know how she did it, but they make a point of her having been a former cop. She would know all the tricks.
  9. Re "rising sophomore" — I live in northeast Ohio, pretty close to Shaker Heights, and I first heard that expression about three years ago. I was startled when I heard it on the show. It is definitely not a regional thing. They got it wrong.
  10. Well, the part about Goren coming back, it made no sense in the first place for them to have coerced Eames to fire him just because he had "become a liability." Cops have unions and representatives. The only concrete thing they had on him was the shove he gave somebody in the hall, and he was provoked. They don’t fire a decorated detective for that, without hearings, even if the brass hate him. Suspended maybe. It would have been plausible for them to have explained that the union filed a grievance and he got reinstated with the provision of the psych evals.
  11. I thought David was going to ask Alexis to be best woman.
  12. I just saw that promo again just this second. I think it’s pretty recent. Have you seen the promos for L&O and Criminal Minds where they dub goofball lines over scenes from the shows? Usually the characters are trash-talking each other about whose seasons and episodes are the best and who has more lines. I’d love for them to do that with CI and Goren and Logan.
  13. HA! Watching "Suite Sorrow," in which rich hotelier Nan Turner is murdered in her bath by a surfeit of Botox, and on comes a commercial for . . . Botox Cosmetic™, to get rid of those pesky wrinkles and laugh lines. Forever, as it happens.
  14. I like to think Goren kept in touch with him, as he did with Wally in "Probability."
  15. My schedule says it doesn’t start till October 14. It must be earlier in your area.
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