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  1. I'd heard before that Belushi was a dick to women in comedy. And while I think Gilda Radner was the funniest of the first season's female performers, that doesn't mean the rest were slouches. Jane Curtin is very funny, and so is Laraine Newman. I still remember their sketches vividly, and they still make me laugh.
  2. I think Chase and Murry are both extremely funny comedians, but (probably) horrible assholes to deal with IRL. With everything I've heard about both of them, I'm fine just enjoying their movies and never being in the same room with either of them. Dare I ask how the women have been treated on SNL? I'm sure they've been treated with nothing but the utmost respect. *sigh*
  3. I wasn't sure who Chrissy Teigen was until I googled her yesterday (I'd heard the name, and I thought she was married to John Legend, but I had no idea who SHE was). Anyway, I will never understand how adults can bully children, and yes, Courtney Stodden was a child when Chrissy targeted them. They might have looked like Pamela Anderson, but they were sixteen, and was clearly being abused/taken advantage of by an adult man who should have known better. Telling a teenager in that situation to "take a dirt nap" is reprehensible, and so very ugly. I'm so over women judging other women (as Cou
  4. Harry and Meghan might be lovely people, or they might be horrible people, but I don't know, and I never will know, so I'm just going to say congratulations to them for their new baby daughter. I'm sure they're elated to have her in their lives, and to see Archie as a big brother. Hope everything goes well for them.
  5. Once she is grown, Carly will probably feel pressured to have a relationship with C&T because of the show. If she refuses, she'll have an army of C&T fans descending on her through social media, telling her what an ungrateful brat she is for refusing the people who sacrificed SO MUCH for her. What I hate about the show and everything that came after is how it really didn't give Carly a real chance to make up her own mind. Throw in the fact that she has full blooded siblings, and it gets even more complicated. Poor girl.
  6. Cate needs to work this shit out privately. It's clear she never wanted to give Carly up, and is still clinging to this idea that she is still her mother. She has so much pain inside of her, and it's so sad.
  7. I'm sure if Jenelle did lose the ability to walk, David would be an excellent caregiver.
  8. What are the odds that an eleven year old Ensley will be called a liar in court the next time her scumbag parents get their kids taken away? The cycle continues.
  9. That's exactly what she wants. She wants the hatters to comment so she can argue with them, and feel validated that she is a famous person that people care about. It's much easier to do that than...I don't know...get a job, help people in any way, or raise children that will become productive members of society. Why bother with that shit when you get that high from fighting on the internet? That's Jenelle. She will never have awareness, and she will never get help for her issues. Ever.
  10. Oh, please. David doesn't know how to love anyone, just like Jenelle. Jenelle knows something real was captured on camera, and she's trying to do damage control to salvage her "brand" and keep those clicks/views coming. Fucking gross.
  11. Ensley is four. I know kids just say things, but seeing as how Psycho Dave has admitted to killing the family dog, I don't think it's much of a stretch that he would shoot some baby chicks for fun, or as a form of abuse against his family. Can't wait to hear how Jenelle spins this, if she speaks of it at all. God, that house must be a horror show for everyone, but especially the kids.
  12. I saw Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, Mank, Nomadland, and One Night In Miami. I'm surprised ONiM wasn't recognized, more. I thought it was pretty good, and I thought it had Best Original Song on lock, but oh well. MRBB was okay. I thought Chadwick Boseman was hands down the best thing about it, but other than that, it was pretty boring. I am disappointed he didn't win, but hey, it's hard to compete against Anthony Hopkins. I didn't see The Father, but I've heard he's amazing in it. Mank put me to sleep, but I really liked Nomadland. It was a sad movie, but there was also a lot of ho
  13. So, it's bad to give your kids much needed vaccines, but it's perfectly fine to inject a bunch of shit into your face until you look like Michael Jackson on a bad day? These bitches.
  14. Everina

    Author Antics

    Apologies if this has already been mentioned, but has anyone heard about Gabbie Hanna going after Rachel Oates for critiquing her poetry? It's a lot like the Lauren Hough thing. Gabbie puts work out there, and throws a shitfit when someone gives it an honest, constructive critique and calls it "bullying". Then she encourages her 3M fans to go after a much smaller YouTuber. Crazy.
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