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  1. I just came on here to ask what I missed with JJ and Lani to make her so frosty to him. Now it makes sense... Horton Christmases always get to me, so I enjoyed today. Speaking of, didn't Gabi already have an ornament? Either via Nick or Ariana? Also, have Valerie and Julie acknowledged one another? I noticed Valerie's nod at David's ornament, but wondered if I missed something more substantial.
  2. So, everyone in the house knows now that Abby is alive, right? Why is she hiding in the damned attic? Pull the blinds and let her roam the house freely! It's not that hard to hide when someone comes to the door. I do it all the time when the door-to-door religious people come knocking. The only pairing that worked for Lucas has been Sami. BD isn't unattractive and he's decent enough of an actor, but there's just nothing there, romantically speaking. Whether Adrienne chooses Justin, or herself, or her tumor (or whatever it is) ...I don't care. Just stop subjecting us to her and Lucas.
  3. Sometimes Maggie annoys the crap out of me, but I liked her so much on Monday (or was it Tuesday? I watched both episodes last night in a codeine-induced fog) Also, her hair looked good. Still big and poofy, but slightly less so than normal. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the whole baby thing, but why is Chloe doing this without Nicole's knowledge? I mean, yeah, Nicole wants a baby, but who just surprises their BFF with a baby like that? (She did plan to give it to Nicole, yes? And now she's not because of Deimos?)
  4. Oh, Sweet Jesus, that's ridiculous. I mean, I expect ridiculous, but still.... I'm kind of glad I missed all of that. Thanks for the fill in!
  5. So, I've missed the last several weeks worth of shows. I'm planning on catching up w/this week's episodes tonight, but can someone fill me in on what the hell is going on with Theresa?
  6. I don't want Deimos to be full on evil, but I would prefer what you suggest to what we're seeing on screen. Good Deimos is fine, Saint Deimos is a little hard to take. Gray Deimos would be best, though., and when you have someone who could pull it off as well as VI can, it'd be a shame not to give him some good, layered material. (they're capable of writing that, right?) It's been a hugely busy and stressful week or so for me, so maybe this is just the mental exhaustion talking, but I really enjoyed this past week. An umbrella story with freaking Orpheus? Hell, yeah! Loved Kayla and Marl
  7. Every time I start to see why so many of you dislike Julie, she says something like "Nobody counts Andre" and my love for her is reaffirmed. And with one eviction phone call, Kate has reclaimed her love to hate status. She's a horrible person, but one that I can watch every day. It wasn't like that when she was pining for Deimos or, even worse, Cleetus. (Clyde, whatever...) She's best when she's being a straight-up witch. A few days late, but Sonny is killing me. You really can't believe that Victor would kidnap Tate? Really? You're not confusing Uncle Vic with someone else, are you? Becau
  8. What a missed opportunity when Deimos showed up at the police station and asked Roman if he was not accustomed to people returning from the dead. Botox aside, I don't know how Roman kept a straight face when he answered "No". Real life is keeping me a little too busy, so I'm FFing through anything outside of the Tate-napping and all things Nicole/Deimos/Dario. I worried for a minute that they might be chem testing Nicole and Eduardo, who seemed a little *too* interested in the woman his son is chatting up. I'm paranoid, right? Because as long as Dario is bringing the pretty and Eduardo is
  9. I like Dario. Maybe it's the way my ovaries do little somersaults when he's onscreen or maybe it's because he's into Nicole and not just because she looks like a dead ex. I'm not sure of the reason, but I like him. I don't mind him gawking at Bianca, because, well, she's pretty attractive and he's human. And I don't mind that he holds his leaving the family against Eduardo. In a land where people are forgiven way too easily, I like a little well placed grudge.
  10. When Belle asked Marlena if she was talking about Belle's cheating, divorce, and moving to Salem when she said Claire was going through a difficult time and Marlena flat out said "Yes, I am", I think I yelped out loud. And though I was never on board with the idea that Marlena's cheating w/John created the monster that became Sami, I thought they might allude to that in the follow up scene. No such luck, but I did like Marlena giving it to Belle straight.
  11. I cannot stress enough how important it's been to me to lower my standards for this show. In many ways, I've practically done away with any standards and expectations and have embraced this show for the complete mess that it is. I will always miss the Days that hooked me as a child and, along with the Bronte sisters, gave me really skewed ideas about love and romance, though. So I guess I'm back to hating Kate. It's definitely to LK's credit that I've bounced back and forth with her character over the years. But ever since Clyde, I haven't been able to get past the desperate way that she's
  12. I was so excited to hear that conversation. Not that Rafe had any real words of wisdom for Aiden, but I loved the acknowledgement. And then there's this. Why lie? Hope knows what kind of people the Dimeras are. They force people to do awful stuff all the damned time. It's like I tell my daughter, if you do wrong, I'll be less mad at your wrong-doing than I will be about the lie you use to cover it up. She's 10 and gets it. Why doesn't Aiden? And yes, in the real world, agreeing to kill someone would be a very big deal, but not in Salem. I like Aiden (or maybe I just like DC), and I bel
  13. I don't do that, I think I generally refer to that person the way the person I'm talking to would refer to them. OK, since that makes no sense, as an example: if I'm talking to my cousin about his mother, I don't say Aunt Carol, I say "your mom". I call my inlaws by their name, but I say "your parents" when I'm talking about them to my husband. It's still silly that I've only heard Claire say "Grandma Hope" once so far, though.
  14. My bar is obviously much lower than most of yours are. I'm totally willing to drop inconsistent, or outright horrible, character choices if made by a character I like. I'm okay with Aiden agreeing to and then backing out of killing Hope. Even at the time, he played it as a desperate move, and one that he was horribly conflicted by. People attempt murder without a thought all the time on this show; I suppose I appreciated that Aiden at least felt like he had no other choice (as ridiculous as that is!). I have a tougher time getting past Chase's rape of Ciara in terms of any Hope/Aiden reunion
  15. Didn't Janice's birth mother regain custody? I was a little kid when this happened, but Maggie drunk driving with Janice in the car was one of the first stories I have a real memory of. It's fuzzy, but it's a memory.
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