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  1. Anybody heard of a premiere date for the last season? I'm too afraid of spoilers to check Reddit
  2. I was watching Dances With Wolves recently and when Graham Greene is trying to get Mary McDonnell to remember her English so she can translate, he says "Kiksuya yo!" which instantly reminded me of this, the best episode of Westworld.
  3. Gen X is just a bunch of lazy slackers! Like, you know, whatever! Michelle McLaren directed many episodes of Breaking Bad which had the character "Don Eladio" so maybe that's where that name comes from. I hope Brooke lays down the law with Grandma next week about honking the horn during Laila's session.
  4. There were two things that made this season excruciating to watch. Number one, the choice to withhold so much information from the viewers by keeping our perspective with characters who don't know anything. And two, the whole head fake with Zeke secretly being on Eldia's side. There is just no way to square his previous actions with that idea. What is Eren really thinking? We still have to wait a long time to find out. I'm guessing that he intends to do what he said he would do from the beginning: drive out all the Titans. He has knowledge that he's not sharing with anyone (although his f
  5. That's why you can't read or watch anything that even mentions Attack on Titan. It's just luck that some troll hasn't found this thread and posted all the spoilers
  6. I also thought Mare would be more concerned about her daughter not answering the phone the day after another teenage girl was found murdered. Especially when learning they had been in the same place.
  7. I'm gonna guess it's the new cop who put on a big show about being afraid of blood
  8. No, that was Sasha. I can buy that Zeke's plan is what it is. What I can't buy is that anyone else would ever be on board with it.
  9. My thoughts on the conclusion of the first half of the season:
  10. Now that I think about it some more, Zeke's actions make more sense if acquiring the Warhammer Titan is an essential part of his plan. So I'm going with the real plan being to unite all Titan powers in one person.
  11. You are correct that it doesn't make sense. Zeke should have defected as soon as he learned that someone named "Eren Jaeger" had the Founding Titan. At that point, he should have realized that his father's mission was a success. Also, at that point ALL of the Titan shifters except the Warhammer Titan were present on Paradis Island. Zeke had Reiner, Berthold, Ymir, and Pieck under his command and could have just delivered them to the Eldians easily. Granted, he was also unaware of the political situation, since Reiner and Berthold ran off before the coup. From his perspective the royal gover
  12. That was anime time, in which a character can think an infinite amount of thoughts in an infinitely short timespan.
  13. I've wondered the same thing about the Female Titan. Maybe a male who possessed it would just not be able to transform at all. The 13 year lifespan is supposedly because the original Ymir only lived 13 years after gaining the Titan powers, so it is a kind of curse. Eren has been in possession of the Founding Titan and the Attack Titan since he inherited them from his father. Marley's intelligence-gathering and general strategic abilities are highly questionable, starting with their decision to send four 12-year-olds unaccompanied on a mission to commit genocide. I almost wr
  14. That reminds me - don't forget to watch all the way to the end of the credits
  15. He's a child soldier who was manipulated into committing genocide. Kind of like Ender, although Ender didn't spend three years living with his victims before trying to finish them off.
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