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  1. It really hurts that they couldn't finish off Reiner and Zeke. I think about this a lot.
  2. Teenagers rebel against their parents under normal circumstances. Sandy has traditionalist parents in a time before Dr. Spock or psychology-based notions of parenting. He is also being actively recruited by a political organization designed, as Herman pointed out earlier, to separate children from their parents. From these other adults who aren't his boring, restrictive parents, he gets praise, freedom, encouragement of his talent, exciting opportunities, the promise of a new life. Taking advantage of the biology of adolescence is what makes these programs so insidious and why it's possible to, for example, convince comfortable middle-class teenagers to abandon their families and join ISIS.
  3. This is so, so, so stupid. I gave up when people started throwing rocks and punching each other after getting their files. It was like when Dewey Cox performed a pop song and the high school auditorium started rioting.
  4. Along with Big Little Lies, HBO is cornering the "clusterfuck show, great theme song" market.
  5. Getting stuck in a simulation is also the plot of several Star Trek episodes. Maeve even called it a "charade", one of Picard's favorite words.
  6. I liked this season except for anything having to do with Larry (or Richard) dating, having sex, or sexually harassing someone. Leave the sex jokes to Leon.
  7. I liked the first episode, but not this one, and it seemed to have JJ Abrams' fingerprints all over it. A bunch of stuff happens which is confusing for no other reason than to make the audience wonder what's going on, and then meaningless *reveals* happen. Wink-wink references. Mysterious new characters who promise answers but ultimately tell us nothing we don't already know. Going back to an island. Looking for someone, thinking we found them except it's not really them so we're going to keep looking.
  8. Go watch a movie called L'Auberge Espagnole, and when you're done with that try Russian Dolls and Chinese Puzzle. That should keep you busy for a while. No need to drool all over this message board.
  9. I was really happy when that intro started, complete with the original song. Brannox is like a black hole that sucks all the fun out of the show.
  10. I really enjoyed the first episode, but Brannox is really boring so far. Except for the scene when he was yelling at his parents.
  11. 30 years ago on SNL, Mike Meyers did a sketch about having to get consent for every little thing on a date. It is a dumb, overplayed, unnecessary, unfunny joke.
  12. "My husband was 100% not the murderer who brutally killed a child the same age as my children and is still free to kill again because he wasn't my husband." "That creepy man wasn't real honey, go back to sleep."
  13. Another Rain Man character here to save the day by being endearingly autistic. At least Jeopardy didn't come on while they were in the bar. Other irritating cliches: "You're on leave, stop working!" Creepy little kid who sees things. World-weary cop with a tragic past. Mom who shuts everything down so the plot doesn't move too fast. I'm afraid this is going to be another mystery that starts great and but gets muddled quickly.
  14. My issue with this violence was that I was only able to see it as a set of choices made by the writers, and thus it ruined my immersion and suspension of disbelief. It's also kind of disturbing that Jamie's depiction as a sex object is so closely connected to the ridiculous amount of torture and mutilation he has been subjected to. It will be impossible to believe that Jamie will be able to go on adventuring and having a functional intimate relationship without years of therapy and physical recovery. I started watching this show for the scenery and because I thought it was nice that the author had created a decade-spanning epic about a fantasy of going back in time and meeting a hunky Scottish guy in a kilt. Not sure how much more enjoyment like that this show has to offfer.
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