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  1. mousewithachainsaw

    S01.E05: The Chickening

    I'm slowly working my way through the first season. The show really is something special. I can't see how this kind of story should have worked but man Piper's face when she sees the chicken in the window while she's on the phone - ha! And what a bizarrely cute song there at e end credits.
  2. mousewithachainsaw

    S01.E08: The Heap

    I feel the same. I've very conflicted.
  3. mousewithachainsaw

    S01.E01: I/O

    Interesting. I wonder then what's preventing more women from entering. Are men just jumping at the opportunities like hot cakes and taking most of them? Where before maybe it wasn't seen as something lucrative or trendy as it is now.
  4. mousewithachainsaw

    RoosterTeeth: Achievement Hunter

    Not a game per se but honestly I could talk about these guys and their videos forever so I hope it's okay to create this topic. Anyone have an opinion about who had the better GTA V heist (so far; Ray is still left, right?) I'm going to go with Michael because I like how he planned for no one to make it. Icing on the cake was that he let Gavin live as well.