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S01.E26: 10 Puppets VS 100 Puppets

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Chiyo uses her abilities as a master puppeteer to allow her to control ten puppets at once against Sasori. However, Sasori has gone a step ahead, and gained the ability to control one hundred puppets at once! Can Chiyo defeat the man who took down an entire country?


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I don't think we can call Sakura "useless" ever again. Or at least for about a hundred episodes. She bashes puppets, manages to (temporarily) take down Sasori, and takes a sword for Lady Chiyo.


Out of curiosity: do any of you guys get haunted by the chattering noise the puppets make? Nah, me neither.

Little Kakashi/Naruto this week, and no Team Guy. Just so y'all know.

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The puppets have been showing up in my nightmares ever since Kankuro first showed up during the chunin exams.


So Sakura busts Sasori into a bunch of pieces. Unfortunately Humpty Dumpty is quite capable of putting himself back together again, with no king's horses or king's men required.


I'd imagine that Sasori is kinda ticked off at this point. Not only is he being delayed (making people wait), but all of his favorite puppets are getting trashed.


I don't think we can call Sakura "useless" ever again.

Don't worry. She'll get back to being useless soon enough.

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I'm pretty amazes that Sasori could attack with 100 puppets, move his flesh tube to a different puppet, and continue to manipulate his original body all at once. That was amazing!

I'm worried that we've seen the absolute best puppet master, and now the show won't include much more of it. I find it pretty interesting, but I can see that it's not everyone's cup of tea.

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