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S01.E05: Episode 5

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Oh, Aine. She was having such a good time with Bradley, Matty, and Poppy and then everything snowballed (seeing Tom, running away from her new friends, sleeping with Freddie). I hope this is just a temporary setback because she seemed like she was really doing better.

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Jealous Etienne aww. Richard cannot possibly be so clueless about people!

Fucking Freddie. The bartender was fantastic.

I was so confused how the roommate entered into the equation. Does Aine know Poppy from school or something and that's how she became roommates with her brother? I loved that whole family and how they backed Aine - they seem like solid friends.

Loved the hand hold gesture by Richard. Of course.

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I didn't think this show would have enough viewers to have its own thread. Overall, I like it. I like Aisling. But it feels rushed. I can definitely see where her comedy and her personal beliefs come into the writing. But otherwise, it feels like a lot of similar dramedies with an element of mental illness. I don't think it's that funny but I also think it's not trying to be that funny. It's not constantly throwing jokes at you. It's more like a regular drama that's occasionally amusing usually because Aine does something charming or wacky. The stuff with her mom felt very rushed and like it shouldn't have been confined to one episode in the first season of a show where we barely know the characters and only have six 22 minute episodes to get to know them. I don't know how to feel about Freddie. I can't help but like Chris Geere after watching all of You're The Worst but I also think he's turning up the charm here. You totally get why she's drawn to him. Etienne is very cute and his accent is adorable but I don't think I care as much about Richard as I'm supposed to. In the Bridget Jones Diary where Freddie is Hugh Grant and Richard is Colin Firth, the bad boy is definitely winning. I need more episodes to care about Richard. He's a bit too dull. Without Etienne, he wouldn't be nearly as compelling a love interest, even with little to no competition.

I go back and forth on the depiction of mental illness. Aisling is a good actress. But the depiction is somehow both underplayed and overplayed. Like some things are very relatable but then she also just collapses in the bathroom listening to a Bebe Rexha song. I feel like a lot of this show is about creating moments. Out of context, they're great. But actually watching the show, they don't hold that much weight because there isn't enough time to develop the storylines. 

I do like Aine and Shona's relationship. That was established well from episode 1 and has remained consistent. 

The actress who plays Poppy is incredibly charming. Her mimicry of Emma was brilliant. I rewatched it a bunch of times.

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