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S01.E03: Episode 3

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Aine's awkwardness when she thought Richard was inviting her to stay for dinner reminded me of Bridgette on SMILF. When he laughed and she pointed it out, I laughed too. He didn't seem capable of even smiling let alone laughing, so I guess they're making progress.

Poor Aine. She must be really lonely if she's making up a rat infestation just to have an excuse to spend time with her sister. While I like that Aine and Shona are close, I felt bad for Shona's boyfriend because I can't stand when people talk nonstop during a show or movie. STFU, people.

The date mix up was the kind of contrivance I expect from a sitcom, but damn. I get why it happened  since Shona mentioned their cousin and then the guy she wanted to fix Aine up with back to back but ugh.

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I love Tobias Menzies SO MUCH so I live for all his scenes. The opening bit where he's pulling the Post-its off everything, and then suddenly realises what he's doing and tries to hurriedly put them back before Aine and Etienne come inside... Awww Richard is terribly bland and yet trying. Aine does such a good job of rolling with whatever awkwardness comes her way, but to be fair Richard genuinely didn't seem to be rushing her out.

I love how Vish includes Aine and how they are comfortable together, crushed in on the couch. Then how Aine busted in on him having a poo - died!

That murdered nun documentary is AWFUL, also. I mean, it's a gutwrenching story.

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Clarifying "awful" in relation to the documentary
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Aine really is wound up tight.  She needs her meds adjusted.  It’s a wonder she doesn’t have IBS or something.   I guess it comes from insecurity.  Richard was lucky to have an intelligent, witty woman dining with him and his son.  He knew that, why didn’t she?  

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