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S02.E01: Somewhere Magical

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Ella seizes the opportunity to work as a personal assistant to a writer for "Superstition," her favorite TV show; Ella's fantasies begin to collide with reality in unexpected ways, in both her creative life and love life.

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It was interesting to see what they kept from S1 and what they changed. It was fun to see some of the actors from S1 in different roles (Sasha, Shira, Kevin/Dale).

Even though we're only one episode into the reboot, I feel like Ella has been reshaped into someone who is more generic/less quirky. The way they are setting this up, I suspect that Ella and writing fanfic is supposed to be a replacement for Rebecca and musical theater in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

In S1, having the characters sing made sense since they were in a band and were often rehearsing/performing. Doing away with that element and having Ella sing at work is another thing that is giving me CXG vibes, like Ella is off in her own little fantasy world.

I enjoyed seeing the Superstition actors while Ella was working on her fanfic. Even though it's Ella's fantasy, what Kayla/Therese said showed that Ella still has a sense of awareness.

I love the way that Ella proved her worth to the head writer, mostly because it's obvious that fans are often much better at continuity than the writers are. It drives me crazy when shows contradict themselves simply because they were too lazy to have someone on the staff look at what has already been established on the show.

Musical shows are a rarity on network tv, so I'm happy to have this on my tv!

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The song she sang over the copy machine was so catchy and terrific.  It could be a radio hit.

I never even heard of this but I took a chance based on the mention here on PrimeTimer and watched it and honestly that song was enough to rope me in.  The same way that for the first three seasons Nashville always had at least one really good song per episode.  Guess I need to watch the first season on CW Seed.

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