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Spoilers: Hasty Puddin'

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Episode titles courtesy of harleyquinn.tv (the same folks who do supergirl.tv and several other sites):

  1. Till Death Do Us Part

  2. A High Bar

  3. So You Need a Crew

  4. Finding Mr. Right

  5. Being Harley Quinn

  6. You're a Damn Good Cop, Jim Gordan

  7. The Line

  8. L.O.D.R.S.V.P.

  9. A Seat at the Table

  10. Untitled

  11. Harley Quinn Highway

  12. Devil's Snare

  13. Final Joke

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I am so confused how the show went from where it was at the end of this last episode to where they are going in the promo but I can't wait. Also can never go wrong with Michael Ironside.

added: okay just read the episode description for the next episode and it makes a little more sense.  

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This interview mentions the next episode, Bachelorette:


Nrama: One of my favorite episodes of Batman: The Animated Series was “Girls Night Out”. Will we see your version of that on Harley Quinn?

Schumacker: In the second season we have a bachelorette party that is Ivy, Harley, Catwoman and I don't want to give away - there's one character I can't say. And then one of Harley’s childhood friends who's just like a normy from like back home, her friend Jen is on Themyscira because of some villainy had been turned into a resort. It’s a girl's weekend out, let's say.

Halpern: It’s might be our favorite episode, actually.

Schumacker: It's so funny. Sarah Peters wrote that episode. She's a hysterical comedy writer. Um, yeah, it's fun.


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