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S01.E03: We Broke

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After Ainsley’s mother cuts her off, Ainsley struggles to save her business. Maya attempts to find a job, but realizes it may be harder to escape her past than she anticipated. Duffy and Tabby’s new relationship hits a bump in the road. Kash’s acting ambitions are derailed by a family emergency.

Dropping on Hulu on Wednesday, July 31, 2019.

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Yay, Andie MacDowell!

It was hard for me to feel sorry for Ainsley being cut off. Girl, you are 30 years old and your parents (1) pay for your gorgeous house (2) pay the rent for your store and (3) just spent a fortune on your wedding. Maybe it's time to start paying your own bills.

Oh, gawd, Ted Mosby fancies himself a novelist.

Quentin seems like a nice husband (yes, he's snobby and elitist, but so is Gemma so they're a good match). I guess it's a good thing that he's a master calligrapher too so that he could finish all the thank you notes that Gemma promised she would write for Ainsley. Subjecting himself to the horrors of shopping (shirts that other people's bodies have touched!) in order to cheer Gemma up was sweet. I'll be sad if he's really dead (and the one funeral in the title).

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