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David Alexander: Guerilla In The Midst

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David may be segregated up to Camp Melanin, he may have only been a full HG for a grand total of five hours, he may be out of the game for now, and he may only have a 1-in-4 chance of ever returning, but at the moment he seems to be getting a good handle on the game, accomplishing small victories before melting into the surroundings and preparing for a bigger battle. 

Like the Colonials against the Redcoats, like the Partisans against the Nazis, like the Viet Cong against the US military, David has hopes he can eventually triumph over what seem to be overwhelming forces.  I wish him (mostly) the best.


Okay, I'm obviously also making my own pun here, but that's for other threads…"for now", at least.  

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1 hour ago, Nashville said:

Biblical reference - David the young boy vs. Goliath the giant.  
Which in BBComicLand apparently translates to David growing into Goliath.

Ohhhhh, I missed the "growing into" snap. Thank you! 

I saw "hero," got confused/annoyed, and gave up. 😁 

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